Doves - Snowden Lyrics

I said man, can you help me out?
Bring me back to love
Bring me back to life

Oh why should I care?

I said how, could you keep me out?
Without a wish to share
So without a doubt

Oh then why should I care?

We have been warned
It's a classic sign
It's a wicked mind
With an axe to grind

When is it our, our turn?
So why should we care?

Yeah we have been warned
It's a classic sign
Why should we care?

If this is our last summer
Oh then why should we care?

If this could be our last summer
Then why should we care?

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Doves Snowden Comments
  1. Volnei José Martins

    Que som legal! :-)

  2. Beef Quirky

    Fuck Clockwork Indigo. This song stands on its own. Doesn't need support from some bullshit show.

  3. andrew turvill

    2019 baby

  4. andrew turvill

    Oh why should I care! Has it been 14 years omg

  5. Pete Kelley

    Good song

  6. andrew turvill

    wow 2005, amazing i loved this then.....still do....

  7. Gls

    ♡♡♡♡2019 DOVES♡♡♡♡♡

  8. Richard Harrold

    THEY'RE BACK! Fuck yes!

  9. Gls

    Tan fascinante

  10. Freddy Mack

    Go Liverpool or Chelsea either way let's go

  11. ismael barcenas

    para el amor de mi vida

  12. Orangina

    Coming from Clockwork indigo and i gotta say this is pretty damn good

  13. Carp Ademen

    Epic song.Love the video which looks like an aerial view, then you realise you're looking from a bomber as the bombs fall. Shit the Doves were awesome!

  14. Adriano Gaucho

    who's listening February 2017

    Élwis Castro

    got it wrong, may 27th bro from brazil

    Adriano Gaucho

    Saludos from California..and go Brazil we have to win the world cup in Russia

    Kenneth Hayden

    Adriano Gaucho

  15. Candle Cove

    Yes. Just yes.

  16. Alejandra Matamoros

    por esta canción conocí Doves <3

    sparkle horse54

    buena elección

    César Adrián Cuadros

    De las mejores

  17. Manni Live

    Butterfly Effect

  18. psy-kylo-gy

    Such a beautiful song. One of my all-time favorites ❤️

  19. thesilentHuk

    truly incredible 

  20. MDOY79

    my favourite band

  21. everydayslike420

    This song is about to blow up because of EAE and what is now Clockwork Indigo. #clockworkindigo  

  22. Paul Barnes

    Butterfly Effect. #CLOCKWORKINDIGO

  23. Cristian Dominguez


  24. Damian Bond

    Best song ever.....