Doves - Kingdom Of Rust Lyrics

I hear a sound
A sound above my head
Distant sound of thunder
Moving out on the moor

Blackbirds flew in
Into the cooling towers
I'll pack my bags
Thinking of one of those hours
With you
Waiting for you

My god
It takes an ocean of trust
In the Kingdom of Rust

I long to feel
Some beauty in my heart
As I go searching
Right to the start

The road back to Preston
Was covered all in snow
As I went looking
For that stolen heart
For you
Waiting for you

My god
It takes an ocean of trust
Takes an effort, it does
My god
It takes an ocean of trust
It's in the Kingdom of Rust

In the Kingdom of Rust

I long to feel
That wince in my heart
As I went looking
I couldn't stop
Now I'm
Waiting for you

I know
It takes an ocean of trust
In the Kingdom of Rust

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Doves Kingdom Of Rust Comments
  1. Richie

    Such an awesome record like this only gets 2m views.I'm glad that Borris got in instead of that idiot Corbyn, but only 2m views for this awesome classic. You guys have got a long way to go

  2. Stephanie Rios

    Zombieland pmo

  3. Mia and Cocos Adventures

    I love this song!!!!! It makes me happy

  4. 18Burgie

    Great song and lovely car, the old school fords are great cars

  5. Mark Smith

    Only just heard this song for the first time in 2019... Ive been missing out!!

    Brandon Valencia

    Well welcome and welcome in 😎 better late than never . Coming from someone who found this song out about 6 years ago .

  6. dream catcher

    As someone who lost their own father a short time ago, I found this video incredibly moving, particularly the ending - that look of sorrow resonated powerfully.

    Thank you.

  7. felipe martin

    Zombiland music happy

  8. Nika Maglaperidze

    There's beauty in grief

  9. Administrator

    Kingdom of Rust
    It's an older meme but it checks out

  10. Dave Lister

    Greatest song ever ?

  11. kkajj5

    Zombieland 2019

  12. thomas parker

    This song has never got boring and I’ve known it for about 6 years now

  13. Bunny_ Poop

    0:50 Zombieland

  14. DeadShot_98

    Who’s here after zombie land two

  15. WowJedi

    Zombieland brought me to this beautiful song.

  16. Sona Sierra Grigoryan

    Mr Kamski where u goin

  17. Jimmy McGuire

    i witnessed doves at the Reebok stadium, then came the happy Mondays then came oasis, the best day of my life and i take great pleasure in telling my two sons that fact as often as possible

  18. Davi Stark

    Zombieland 2

  19. Isik Gurkan

    my indispensable song god, it takes an ocean of trust
    In the kingdom of rust

  20. Albert Bryan

    This song played at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights tonight.

    Nida A.

    Albert Bryan they had some references from the movie Zombieland at Universal (this song is featured in it).

  21. Muliviouz

    hello 2019! Zombieland brought me here..

  22. Nick Wrightsel

    Getting all nostalgic before Zombieland Doubletap! Waited 10 years for this

  23. Caporal

    Song perfect

  24. Fabiano Costa

    Zombieland é o caralho! Música linda, Doves é uma das melhores bandas de todos os tempos! Doves one of the best bands ever!

  25. Renea Donald Cobain

    I wish to died

  26. Edson Pacheco

    Every time I go for a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, Doves is the band I'm listening to

  27. A Lone Spirit

    This Feeling....
    Thanks to Zombieland, to able find this song, thank you Doves.


  28. Muhammad Iqbal

    Sad song for missing someone in your life

  29. Mark Bradley

    Beautiful song /tune mellow as fuck.

  30. Kasey’s Cox’s

    Love this

  31. Brandon Matthews

    I'm a scrawny lil spitfuck!


    Who’s here because it’s Manchester Music ❤️ And that’s from a Yorkshireman in Scarbados 👍

    Jimmy McGuire

    im a londoner and i wish we were this cool

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  34. Steeve Daw

    DOVES. The best e ever..

  35. Mark Commodore


  36. Boran ASLAN

    7 sene önce zombieland filminden duydum, lise 2. Sınıfa gidiyordum. Nasıl bir etki bıraktıysa her akşam dinliyorum.içim bi garip oluyor ,anlam veremediğim bir kıpırtı.

  37. Stephen Key


  38. Ralph

    Who’s here after zombieland 2 was announced?

  39. Stephen Key


  40. OnFire Kaya


    Mark Commodore




    OnFire Kaya zombieland 2

    OnFire Kaya

    @Ralph yes

  41. Ahmad Alkhliwi

    Zombieland 😍

  42. Ian West

    Beautiful video and tune. Am so pleased they have reformed. Why aren't they coming to Madrid to play?

  43. Daniel Roberts

    Lmao, I’ve never heard of zombieland before

    Street Halo

    That's crazy.
    It's such a goooood movie!
    2009.. ahh good days!

  44. Dee 4656

    Im not going to play with you in pacficplay land

    I'm not a monkey I'm a scientist

    It Ain't prettier than our friend here enjoying her manwich

  45. MsPudseybear

    I like that song very much. I like the singer's voice. He has a very sad face and at the end I realised why. Almost a movie with music. Fab.

  46. Nun'z

    Naked guys with rocks

  47. Rob Quayle

    Anyone out there still love this. Great song from a massively underrated band

  48. Vinicius Fortaleza

    Quem chegou aqui por causa do filme "Zumbilândia"?

  49. Judge Nutmeg

    No way!!!!!!!!!! Loved this on zombie land. Didnt even know it was them! Quality music.

  50. Squiggles Avatar

    by the 3rd saturday morning, of music tv. it became apparent, this was classic.

  51. Ibrahim Al

    yıllar önce burdaydım yine burdayım ...

  52. TheVimtoMoustache

    Very nice.It's got a "days of pearly spencer" feel to it which is no bad thing in any way,shape or form.
    Doves are very underrated.

  53. ToastyDoasty

    Can't wait for Zombieland Double Tap

  54. ToastyDoasty

    1:45 if ur looking for the zombieland part

  55. Halldor Egilson

    I simply love it. In every aspect a brilliant song.

  56. blood_starved_beast 213

    Zombieland on Amazon prime brought me here.

  57. dillpicklechips

    Always come back to this song when i remember spreading my mom’s ashes in the mountains.

  58. Darren Simmons

    3:31 breaks my heart! He knows what he has to do, yet he's struggling to find the courage to do it!

  59. Bud Evans

    My god it takes an ocean of trust.

  60. Frederick Hunter


  61. Mark Deamer

    It should have been the Granada 2.8 Ghia

  62. Mark Deamer

    I’m not a massive Doves fan but when they get it right they really hit the sweet spot.

  63. aei -

    Neil Newbon is so beautiful in this video, he’s incredibly handsome

  64. Johnny Wragg

    Partly flmed on Marsden Moor (my happy place) about 7 miles from my front door

  65. Dave Lister

    song and band underated

  66. aei -

    I’m here from Detroit become human

  67. Jesse Mason

    This sounds so much like a song Coldplay would have. Can’t believe I’m just now listening to the full song. Love it!

  68. Im from The upsidedown


  69. calloff55

    I got this song from ZombieLand

  70. Sam 7

    This song makes me so nostalgic and emotional. One of my fav songs. Absolutely love the vibe <3

  71. Lola Adams

    " All I've ever wanted was to brush a girl's hair behind her ear. "
    - Columbus ( paraphrased maybe? )

  72. Knight

    Zombie Land brought me here.

  73. adsyoffinch

    I know them roads so well! Heard this song on the van radio the other day whilst coming down the M65 and seeing all the surrounding areas in this video made it uncanny!

  74. Draevo

    zombieland 2 please!!!

  75. Lazaro

    Zombielands whole sound track is good🍃🎧

  76. Mauricio Carrizo

    Todos vinimos aquí por Zombielandia!

  77. Spooky Angie Christmas

    Replay button 0:00

  78. S H

    i've just watched Zombieland

  79. Dave Lister

    Such a good movie ! and all the better with this in it !

  80. Eduardo BØ

    ¿Alguien escuchando esta canción en 2019 y recordando la grandiosa película de zombieland?

  81. Rodrigo Rodrigo

    Alguém que seja brasileiro?


    1:11 zombie land best movie right mext to 28 days later

  83. Victor Kennedy

    Zumbilândia ???

    Wesley Siilva


  84. Victor Kennedy

    Brasil 2019 ????

    Fabiano Costa

    Estamos juntos! 2019!

  85. Ruy San

    Every time I watch this video, makes me wanna cry.

  86. Neil Jones

    Such a beautiful video, keeps you guessing what his quest is, and then, when he throws the ashes into the air of someone who clearly means the world to him, with tears in his eyes, simply awesome..

  87. Dave Green

    We live in the Kingdom of rust

  88. SummerNights & Neon lights

    Good music brought me here.

  89. Purple Strike

    I remember.

  90. cancellara1979

    Hear this any time I am driving through England anywhere North of Manchester

  91. martin grier

    Despite listening to this tune thousands of times I think this is the first time I've watched the video.
    Great video it is too!

  92. Doug Maclennan

    Let's Get this under rated song top of the charts 100 times better than today's crap!!!

    A Lone Spirit

    It deserves so much, just so much...

  93. Darren Simmons

    Amazing song! Heartbreaking video!

  94. John Gird

    Can not get enough of the Doves.

  95. Higor Michael

    Assim que tocou no Zombieland achei muito da hora, bate uma nostalgia e tal, espero que também esteja no Zombieland 2 que sai no fim do ano.