Doves - 10:03 Lyrics

On a fast train
A trick of light
Crossing my eyes
The sky went blank
Calling out your name

Calling out your name

Like the last
Of those fires
You shall burn, into the night

Like a moth,
To the flame
I will turn back again, I'm coming home

Calling out your name

All I've ever known

Distant call
Down the way
Distant train, on the line

I return
To your sign
With the push and the pull of your time

It's all I've ever known

Calling out your name

All I've come along......

Lord, I'm coming home

On the fast train

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Doves 10:03 Comments
  1. Adam

    Just saw this live tonight, absolutely awesome

  2. sheep dog

    230 wow.
    Sweet like a cream puff donut.

  3. Dylan Rafala

    Steven Gerrard

  4. Azz Ladz

    2:00 till the end should be a stand alone song its mega


    Absolutely. Musical Goosebumps!

  5. Jugović Stefan

    A trick of light crossing my eye
    A skyward plane calling out your name
    Calling out your name

    Like the last of those fires, we shall burn into the night
    Like a moth to the flame I will turn back again
    Oh, I'm coming home, calling out your name
    All I've ever known

    Distant call down the wire, distant train on the line
    I'll return to your side with the push and the pull of the tide
    It's all I've ever known, calling out your name
    Oh, I'm coming home

    Oh, I'm coming home

    Coming home

    Jamie Ashcroft

    Lyrically genius love it

  6. Luis Valencia

    Pandora vs tv

  7. stu80577

    Takes expertise to produce something like this, Doves, SubSub, Manc.

  8. TheBosuns

    Musical ejaculation

  9. Keepyoursoulclean

    One person needs to do one. Pronto.

    Muhammud Ghulaam Yaseen

    Two need too do one

  10. Carolina de Coss Henning

    Esa transición del minuto 1:55 al 2:00... me deja sin aliento, y mi espíritu vuela, esta increíble, increíble, ya, esta es la banda de mis 20 años. 

  11. D.W Cinematography

    Top Gear XFR Review :D Such an amazing song!!!! Love you Track ID xD

  12. Keepyoursoulclean

    The most underrated band ever.
    The most underrated piece of music ever.
    I remember the glorious Sub Sub Delta Tapes days, so how they morphed from that to Doves just goes to show how masterful these chaps were.

  13. Think For Yourself

    theyre friends assclown....Doves dont need you fighting for their honor douche

  14. halation777

    The only ends!!

  15. santtu9000


  16. JT Brooks

    TopGear brought me here.

  17. ukhio

    Este grupo mejora y mejora =)

  18. beyou5

    Jimi's voice just seems to get better and better and is just stunning on this track. Followed these boys from the beginning and have too much respect for them. They have stayed true to themselves in the music they make and this new album has just blown me away. Is it possible for them to get any better? I hope so.

  19. Strongbow S.B

    I know its been 8months since you left this message. but can i say something Elbow and Doves they both fucking great. no offence if you don't like Elbow much. But doves i won,t blame ya if like Doves. cos i like doves to.

  20. peter gray

    seen them live in dublin this year and evev though i had shit seats they were amazing and 10.03 was brilliant

  21. easyrider87

    wow! ive had the some cities album for years and have been waiting, WAITING! for there next album and ive been blown away!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. LEBOBSKI25

    hail Doves

    world class band world class songs

  23. Kingjewell15

    what a great band .going to see them at reading hexagon can't wait.

  24. gorey100


  25. mp2611

    i agree man, they are both awesome but i like doves a little bit more