Doughboyz Cashout - Da Mob Lyrics


Cruising down the mile, blowin loud with my rich bitch
steering with my left hand showin how my wrist gliss
Knew that I would come up,
but I didn't think it'd be this quick
Shoutout to them niggas that I used to hit licks with
7 mile better pile, been a man since a child
used to be in school with my hand up a girl blouse
when my daddy when to jail, ain't none of his boys come around
or help me when I was down, so its fuck them niggas now
Lames tryin to steal our styles, imitators everywhere
But they rockin ice that Kid wouldn't let Amari wear
No matter where the fuck I'm at, I hold my chain in the air
They don't like 7 mile niggas, but I don't care
Bitches stare when we in attendance, pockets filled up with spinach
I love my life and all the people thats in it (Doughboyz)
Hold up wait for a minute, I got some shit to explain,
we didn't respond to diss songs cause them niggas was lame

Ain't none of my niggas stravin,
from Crispy Quis to Lil Marvin
If you still broke nigga, you must be retarded
Bronx syle rolex, quick like boflex
A weak nigga grindin, he gets no sex
Old bitch mad at me, she gets no text
She strippin now so tell me whats next
Off to Fedex, 200 to catch
I'm a boss lil dog, go and fetch

Awwww shit fenkell in this bitch (4-1)
Keep the iron so I'm never wrinkled in this bitch
White diamonds looking like a kilo on my wrist
Ice cubes in my chain so I can debo me a bitch
They say we lyin' in our raps nigga tell that to the feds
Haters say a nigga broke bitch tell that to my bread (fuck on)
Ain't nothing change but the quality of ice
And I wear louie every day like niggas wear knives
I'mma cashout rich nigga (bitch)
If I tell my plug send them, them bitches getting sent
It could be just ten or a hundred of them shits
Them bitches getting flipped vacume seals getting ripped

[Delon HBK]
All these niggas hatin' tell me one thing what yo pockets bout
Thats why yo main bitch can't wait till my nigga roc get out
My braclet for your life
My nigga I wouldn't even swap it out
Everywhere I go I put the ave on and shouted out
Made a promise to myself I'm never going broke again
Ride past the club two times and make you choke again
Red bottles snake skin gucci nigga cobra skin
If I don't know nothing bitch best believe I know to win.

[Doughboy Clay]
In a clique full hustlers so getting money ain't an option
Stay going hard even though the feds watching
You say you getting money little boy you need to stop it
Took a trip with Don michaels came back with our apartment
How your ass getting money when ain't no grass in your yard
And you really walking light and you really bringing hard
Im a misbelieveing god nigga dope, gangs and drugs
Niggas fuck with DBC, because they know that we the plug.

[Doughboy Maine]
Brightmo maine
14 carrots not 2 that's just one chain
Bossed down bands two wrist's that just one hand
2 bad bitches 1 me, hotel suite
The night you wish for that's every other week for me
Damn my bitch such a freak well lets do it
It's a bounty on my chains somebody blew it
Let a real nigga do it if u just gon' stand there
These bitches want money and I'm bout to make it rain here

[Doughboy Chaz]
Phone slappin'
Turning down mills from major deals
Iced my rolie out cause I hate seeing stainless steel
Living mob life for real
Fuck models from brazil
My nigga jordan trigga happy, shoot yo ass quick as hell
My daughter stay gucci down, own every pair
Nigga making diss songs don't nobody fucking care
When you own top nigga everybody stare
DBC run the city nigga fuck anybody else
Stack for a feature nigga this ain't no joke
Pull up for a show impossible to go broke
All this ice on me make a bad bitch choke
Every bitch that suck me up gon' choke

[Doughboy Dre]
I got pounds of the reggies balling like a pacer
Henny XO straight shot no chaser
So fuck a hater and fuck a broke ass bitch
Doughboyz Cashout we already rich
Fucking with tip in the A drinking aviaon
So stop playing like you know us you don't know Delon
And you don't know me I get it by the whole p
Bad pretty bitch long hair, she wanna blow me
I blow up by the oz then call a couple thousand
The niggas keep hatin but my money keep piling
And my niggas be walling
My goons be trippin
40 on my hip nah bitch I'm never slippin' (never)

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Doughboyz Cashout Da Mob Comments
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    Lol niqqa Maine passed that ball so smoove 🐐

  3. robert jastren

    A dawg you guys are dope as fuck, those beats were right on even gave me chills, you rap the truth I know cause I spent 25 years in warrendale on Rosemont and Dayton I been every place in these videos, that made me miss home for real, the younger coming up cars voices were amazing. I am for real proud to represent warrendale and the talent there hands in for real

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    3:51 making handshakes

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    How many people were really in DBCO?
    How many handshakes were given in this video?

    Why am I just seeing this video for the first time in 2019?

  7. Devon Jordan

    “When my daddy went to jail, ain’t none of his boys come around or help me out when I was down, so it’s fuck them niggas now”. 👏🏼 I relate 1000% percent. The way he spit it was perfect 👏🏼. Hood classic. Love from Battle Creek Michigan #269

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