Doughboyz Cashout - Bitch Be A Bitch Lyrics

You let a bitch be a bitch, and a ho be a ho [x4]
You got the game fucked up and I'm a let you know
You let a bitch be a bitch, and a ho be a ho [x3]

You know how these hoes be,
Most of them stone cold freaks
I'm iced up and you not, so she chose me
What you the police? Loosen up them cuffs.
Lil boy you must be nuts wifin up that damn slut
But you ain't heard all the rumors?
You don't know by the rep?
Why you trying to keep a bitch that don't wanna be kept
Now it seem like everyday it's something new
Trying to argue over a ho, man wassup witchu?
We beefin over bitches now? What's the world coming to?
You should be proud that a bitch that's fucking me is fucking you
(Man but I love her!)
Shutup, let me talk for a second
Cause all this arguing back and forth is really getting pathetic
At first I only fucked the bitch just to teach you a lesson
Now I'm scared you gone kill yo self how much you stressin
At the end of the day, a ho gone be a ho
I'm on my street lord shit, never love em like my dough


You let a bitch be a bitch, don't fuck up the rules
You put yo trust in a ho, you getting set up to lose
I been fuckin hella hoes since my younger days
I den see it all, heard it all, I know how these bitches play
I know this ho from round the way, that got cuffed by a lame
While she running round fucking every nigga with a name
She a cute bitch, but really she a rat ho
I ain't even get a room, I fucked her on the trap floor
Naw I ain't a asshole, I'm just being real
This bitch out here hoeing, and got her nigga ready to kill
He all beefing with hoods, tryin to claim his goods
I wasn't raised that way, dude I wish I would
I'll let a ho go quicker than a low bow
She fucking withcha enemies, you know that's a low blow
But she really ain't caring, and she had a nigga starin
But she fucking everybody going overboard with sharing


Suck it up, nigga don't be a dumb fuck
Yo bitch cold hearted, nigga so button up
Let her get the wifey role you must be dumb as fuck,
She'll let the crew hit if she get drunk enough
What the fuck, wrong with you niggas?
That's everybody ho she don't belong to you nigga
It was only right to make a song to you niggas
Not a diss, so don't take it wrong lil niggas
I'm trying to put you on some game,
My man say he saw her slanging pussy up on backpage
Give her 20, no prob blow job
An extra 40? She go dumb as ghost ride
Don't stick by that ho side, all she doing is cheating
Only time she ain't fuckin is when she come on bleeding [Ugh]
Don't be a fool,
You hear all the rumors and they true
Let that ho do what she do


You let a bitch be a bitch
I'm a put her in her place
I ain't got time to waste
Bitch I'm on a paper chase
See you chase these hoes,
I chase this bread
I'm at the crib in yo bed,
Getting some head
You a lame
I'm a baller
I prolly get the pussy and prolly won't call her
See I don't trust hoes
I'd rather count my paper,
Show every weekend gotta get this paper
Fuck a hater,
And fuck a ho
I'd rather cop jewels in the dark yeah they glow [Bling!]
Got killas from 7 mile to the Mo
Fucked her on the bed, then we went to the floor
She really ain't shit, but she a bad ass ho [Bad Bitch!]
Fuck with every nigga from the hood that got dough
She wanna fuck me, now she wanna fuck pay
Bitch you don't know Doughboyz don't play?


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Doughboyz Cashout Bitch Be A Bitch Comments
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    I'll let a hoe go quicker then a low bow

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    Long as I live I will never trust a bitch it never fails when it comes to these women

  11. Street Runner

    #2018 R.I.P Roc 💪💯

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    Who listening in 2018?😛

    Joel Sanchez

    Still slapping this till the date💯💯💯

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    You should be proud a bitch fuckin me is fuckin you 😆👏

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    bitch be a bitch is my favorite song

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