Double S - Oluwa Diamond Lyrics

You always get back here
Hey, no, no, no

Yeah, you show me the definition of real women
You might be a freak, but you're still winnin'
Still livin', still givin' me that same feelin'
And you always tell me you don't like how I'm
Still up in the ends, still up in the ends
But I promised already, I won't get caught up again
'Cause I know real life, and I know pretend
Don't worry, my baby, one day I'll put you in a Benz

Your mum thinks I'm lovely, dad thinks I'm dodgy
If only they knew how a brother kiss up on your body
Just cater to me, maybe I could take away your worries
If the feds came, please don't think nothing of me
'Cause I know I ain't perfect
But take time with me, you will know that I'm worth it
I just hope that I can discipline all of my urges
I tell you sweet tings and I do it on purpose

I be chillin' with my bros, smokin' money, yeah
Still takin' out my baby, yeah, yeah
Them other girls up to something but
I know that you want me
You're my diamond, girl
Diamond, girl, oh, oh, yeah
Oluwa Diamond
Oluwa Diamond, yeah, yeah

You're a ten, body figure eight
So fresh, so clean, you should've been a maid
Any time I'm inside you it's like I'm in a maze
I've been amazed, remember days when I wasn't paid
You coulda judged me, instead you prayed
You coulda left me, but you still stayed
Told you one day I'll be rich as Bill Gates
And even if I ain't, you still rate

There's not a lot that are faithful, baby, I'm so grateful
Always tried to pattern even when you weren't able
Told you I got you until we're stable
Any time I see you I'm lookin' at an angel
Go ahead babe, spread your wings
I'll be right behind you like your next of kin
I only treat you like a queen 'cause that's next to kings
And you're all I need in this life of sin

I be chillin' with my bros, smokin' money, yeah
Still takin' out my baby, yeah, yeah
Them other girls up to something but
I know that you want me
You're my diamond, girl
Diamond, girl, oh, oh, yeah
Oluwa Diamond
Oluwa Diamond, yeah, yeah

You got me feeling you, feeling you
Feeling you, feeling you, yeah, yeah
I know you feel that way too
You got me feeling you, feeling you
Feeling you, oh
I know you feel that way too (Sound it)

I be chillin' with my bros, smokin' money, yeah
Still takin' out my baby, yeah, yeah
Them other girls up to something but
I know that you want me
You're my diamond, girl
Diamond, girl, oh, oh, yeah
Oluwa Diamond
Oluwa Diamond, yeah, yeah

Oluwa Diamond
Oluwa Diamond, yeah, yeah

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Double S Oluwa Diamond Comments
  1. L.M.I.C UK

    Big song!

  2. Lasgee Flyguyz

    LOGO never disappoint 🥂🤞🏽

  3. Vic Tøry


  4. kim lloyd-moss

    Like this tune ❤

  5. Fizzy ___

    Her man must be pissed she's in more or less every video loooooool

  6. fantasia243645

    Yes Black beauty promotion! Nice beat as well.

  7. Damilola Olajide


  8. Fares Shamashan

    Why the hell do i see that girl in like every song


    Quality 🧜‍♀️💓

  10. Framzot Ot

    Listen to my new tune I’m gunna be next up💯

  11. Dej

    Big uppp ugandaaa 🇺🇬

  12. Justin Dekker

    1000th liker🙏❤

  13. awais ghauri

    That generation of spitters were so cold man thank god i got to experience that... Ice kid, chipmunk, griminal, lil nasty, double s

  14. Nabiira Nambi


  15. Applemaxx Music & Media

    Great track

  16. Average Vita


  17. Craig Joseph

    Definition in niles 1 am brudda 😀😁😁

  18. savage Mode

    lol this girl is in every video

  19. Entii O

    Moelogo still slaps ❄️❄️

  20. smilinbeats

    Awesome 🔥🔥

  21. Rehma Mukiib

    This heat is sick dope❤👍xx

  22. B - Barnation

    This is a banger

  23. Jus Dylan

    flow farda was always dropping a fire one for the queens


    This is real music!!!! 💯✌🏾👊🏾

  25. Lady Shocker


  26. Rebel

    What happened to the flow farda

  27. Boss

    this cheap beat sounds like it was made on garageband

  28. MixyTV

    Been listening to double s since school and me and him are the age so you know that was back in the day he was talented then and never lost it even through all ups and down I respect him still

  29. info N2S

    That's a yes from me🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥

  30. Jasper Ruddock

    Quality with a old skool summer feel

  31. temile prevail

    That girls curve 👀😂

  32. MrMusicdot

    Cmon double s you're better then this

    Your Greatest Ally


  33. Bobby Black

    Kmt where the lighties at

    Bobby Black

    @Paris Hancock LOL defo a burnt black ting writing off her lips. Go to bed u coward, i like what i like.

    Bobby Black

    @Nikira Carter Im sure if i said where the darkskins at you wouldv'e been nowhere to be found. Smh another insecure black yat

    Nikira Carter

    Bobby Black lmao the defence card you’re pulling is ignorant as hell sis, theres a black girl in the vid AND a light skin girl yet you’re still moaning about where’s the lighties at? And “insecure black tar” lmfao try harder sis x

    Nikira Carter

    Bobby Black ps light skin girls probs don’t look twice at you hence why you’re so desperate to see them in a little music video x

    Paris Hancock

    @Nikira Carter trust me he wouldn't even stand a chance 😭 that's why he's hiding behind a screen fantasizing,,,,in real life he's probably a pussy and can't approach a girl xxx

  34. Mo Ahmed2700

    Can we get up to 1000 subs without any reason on my channel

  35. liam john

    Issa vibe

  36. Viran Pabari


  37. Aisha Reid

    I thought that was Lisahh Mapsie in the thumbnail


    Aisha Reid sameeeee

  38. Omar Iqbal

    Double s man hes back . I remember watching him on channel u . Channel aka

  39. scribbler of dreams

    This girl is really getting her coins because the making of videos I’ve seen her in...

    Fizzy ___

    She's gt a man as well madness never me

  40. Zach Kirkham

    Nice 👍💥💥

  41. Jamster J

    She’s fucking disgusting. Fat bully victim her. Fuck that haaaaa

  42. Acesiz Official


  43. So'L Raze

    Da 1 Ya MAD!🔥

  44. KOTV: music

    The Biggest!!!



  46. DaeSterling

    This girl is everywhere

    joe johnson

    @DVS PDC ramz - sunday, headie one - golden boot

    Thats just off the top of my head but shes in bare videos


    @DVS PDC She was also in Mr. Eazi's "Hollup"


    What’s her IG?

    joe johnson

    @Nina funsizedreee

    Stella Uche

    Dapz like it

  47. monjyoti bhattacharyya

    Fire stuff. Thank you for inspiring musicians like me and others to think and create outside the box. Guys, it would mean a world to me if you can support my music and help me to grow by subscribing to my channel. I am a newbie . Thank you :)

  48. will4424

    Most of the kids who listen to grime now won't even know about double s

    UK Rap G

    The flow farda

    Dylan Hazard

    Grimes dead maybe back then it was popping you wet yute

    Applemaxx Music & Media

    Brilliant- yo look any chance you could check native James 🇬🇧 grime freestyle beat by Westy

    Afro Football

    I knew Double S "From Day" (get it lol).

  49. Yung_Millz


  50. invs ink

    Double s, Chip, Ice Kid, Maxsta, Griminal ... These are the guys who should have took over


    U included Chip.

  51. 100 Music Records

    From Day! Double S has been on it

  52. Ms Brownie

    Had to click to check if that was lisaah mapsie


    Double s was the best No Cape

  54. AMEER HH

    Asking what rubbish is this.

  55. Marley Anderson

    1sts like

  56. Aidon Hook

    Go follow my insta @aidonhook🤪 l&c on m recent


    Double shit

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    I’m first plz see me grm daily


    This is too cold

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    4th view first comment

    Tyronix 05

    @Aryaz Aziz what 4th view cos I'm pretty sure I commented first

  63. Ryan Rahimi

    not even that bad🤷‍♀️

  64. youo euei

    Auto tune on the first word 😫😫awfullll0:01

    Ms Brownie

    jojo is love jojo is life issa shame, musicians think auto tune is music lol

    youo euei

    @GB tru tru g

    youo euei

    @Ms Brownie init🤣

  65. Jordan

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