Double S - Chasing Dreams Lyrics

All these years out here and all the things that we've seen
We ain't just out here creating a scene
But we're creating it seems
In the mind we be changing the scene
We're just young Kings chasing a dream
Getting this cream
Let me take you to the time when they didn't believe
I was focused on the path, when it weren't getting me ps
So even though I'm in designer it's my heart on my sleeve
I went back to myself, I had focus on me
Nobody should have you more than you got you
I learnt that from telling other people I got you
But double I'm a leader I don't care what the boss do
Gotta pay attention other wise it will cost you that's real shit
Seems like nowadays niggas don't like the realness
Sick visions but they let it turn into an Illness
We chasing, but mummy told be patient
It takes time to make greatness

Chasing Dreams
Chasing Dreams
Chasing Dreams
Chasing Dreams

He was just young, living up a next life
Shopping up in Harrods tryna look fly
Pulling up on the block his in a next ride
Selling on the corner tryna get by
That's my bredrin he just caught him a case
Saw the time he was looking to face
Shoulda shoulda saw the look in his face
From dreams that he chased
He used to trap now he's just a man trapped in a cage
Lil cuzzy out here telling me he can't loose
On a mission that's impossible like Tom Cruise
And if that mission don't work then we're on moves
Not cause he hasn't ca he gotta make moves
And I can't really tell him what it should be
I got my own stresses, I ain't got it kushty
And plus My girls saying I don't give her time
Cause I'm out here and I'm just waiting until they give me mine

Chasing Dreams
Chasing Dreams
Chasing Dreams
Chasing Dreams

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