Dot Dot Curve - The Invite (Interlude) Lyrics

"Please enter your [?] "
"First skip message"
-Spanky, [?] crunk ready, let's get grab shit, let's do some shots, [?] me out, alright? [?] call me back
-Ahh, shit, looks like it's time to smoke

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Dot Dot Curve The Invite (Interlude) Comments
  1. Midnight Blue

    I really enjoy listening to this

  2. Chrysteen Byrd

    I can't find 2013 separately, and I really want it downloaded on my phone.

  3. satellitekid1

    intro fucking sweet

  4. McCoyTheBuilder

    How the fuck do you people like this shit

    Holy shit it's so bad

    Azi Azneli

    I could cum into a frying pan and cook it and pour it into my ear and it'll still sound better than this shit lmao

  5. Light Yagami

    Dude can you make a desperate video for 2013 plz

  6. Jules

    can you please upload 2013 seperately? 

  7. Macon Hicks

    u should hav the songs posted individualy

  8. Alice Max

    Fucking Love this shit

  9. Madeline Renee

    Blunts ass and titties

  10. Devin Simpson

    Fuckin' A , I be lovin this shit cx

  11. Mo Idgaf

    I <3 DDC. But I wish their songs had more screams in it, so basically, they should do some songs more like their old ones

  12. Feerk Ross

    Today I climb Little Rascal ;)

  13. Feerk Ross

    In a moment I'll upload Murder machine RE-JUICED and Little rascal!
    Keep watching my videos!