Dot Dot Curve - The Bird (Intro) Lyrics

-Hey, hey, is that-is that? Is that Spanky over there? Hey, flip him the fuckin' bird, dude, flip it, flip him the bird, yeah, flip it higher, make sure he sees that shit, fuck that faggot, he ain't nothin' but a fuckin' douche bag, 'music sucks fuckin' cock, big cock, cock, cocky cock cock! Fuckin' douche! "Oh, yeah, I can rap about weed and gettin' drunk, oh, it's so fuckin' cool!" Fuck him, fuck that faggot, flip him the bird, two birds, make sure he sees that shit!
-Oh, shit!
-Hey, what the fuck?
-Think he really seen it
-Oh shit, he's comin' for me
I fuckin' see that shit
-He's comin'! Oh shit!
-I step on you motherfuckers like a cockroach. Thanks for buying the cd and if you didn't buy the cd eat my fucking dick, hah

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