Dot Dot Curve - Rocket Ship To The Moon Lyrics


Oh my God, it's like when they see me
All they see is my freakish hair and my freakish lip rings
And they're like: "What the fuck, kid? You're a fucking freak!"
And it's like I can't wear some tight jeans
And a tight tee with some high tops and some shudda shades
Without them being like what the fuck, kid? You're a fucking freak!
A freak, you're a fucking freak, freak, freak, freak
Boom boom clap boom, boom clap
Boom boom clap boom, boom clap
Freakish tatt's, freakish dat, freakish this, freakish shizz
Like what the fuck, kid? You're a fucking freak!

I'ma take my rocketship to the moon
Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom!
I'ma take my rocketship to the moon
Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom!

Zoom on my rocket ship
Zoom on my rocket ship
Zoom on my rocket ship
Zoom on my rocket ship

Get the fuck up off my nuts you crazy jealous fucks
They should call you King Kong the way you swingin from my nuts
They should call you Curious George the way you swingin from my nuts
Get the fuck up off my nuts you crazy jealous fucks, yeah
R-O-cock-E-T-S-H-I-P to the M-O-O-N like zoom!
R-O-cock-E-T-S-H-I-P to the M-O-O-N like zoom!
Shoo kid go away, shoo kid go away, shoo kid go away
And never ever come back

I'ma take my rocketship to the moon
Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom!
I'ma take my rocketship to the moon
Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom!
I'ma take my rocketship to the moon
Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom!
I'ma take my rocketship to the moon
Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom! Like zoom!

Boom boom clap boom, boom clap
Boom boom clap boom, boom clap
Boom boom clap boom, boom clap
Boom boom clap boom, boom clap
Boom boom clap boom, boom clap
Boom boom clap boom, boom clap
Boom boom clap boom, boom clap
Boom boom clap boom, boom clap

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Dot Dot Curve Rocket Ship To The Moon Comments
  1. Summer Rayne Spivey

    I'm so embarrassed that I ever listened to this.

  2. Kasey Prickett

    Why did i ever liked this im very disappointed in my past self

  3. Ronnie

    I fuckin love this xD

  4. Kayla S

    A true art form

  5. Gamen Snootdroop

    100 Gecs.

  6. Crystal

    I still know this song and I’m 21

  7. Chad

    I’m gonna kill myself to this song

  8. LaMont Martian

    So much hate for this beautiful art

  9. LaMont Martian

    Much better than the iTunes version

  10. Antanino Johnson

    The beat is a banger

  11. Ambar Lin

    Came here from an Insta post mentioning “Dot Dot Curve” and was like Hmmh..never heard of em, I’ll check em out.

    Ima just go back to sleep lol

  12. dex'ost dignity

    Are ppl listening to this scene kids?

  13. des makaila music

    i understand why i was called a freak back then

    like holy shit

    Beep Boop

    Des Makaila legit. It’s like “oh I don’t understand why I’m being bullied” 8 years later I’m like....yep I see why

  14. nichie Martinez

    Still the worst song ever created

  15. LYROK2


  16. mike Castaneda

    So I got bored in 2019, and I just cringed so hard 😆. Why did I ever have this phase?

  17. Milkygreent

    What tf was wrong with all of us lmao Jesus fuck 😂 😂

  18. Mira La'quay

    Omgggg how did my ears listen to this on repeat years back? 😭😂

  19. Katana Jones

    What the fuck was wrong with me in the 7th grade

  20. alaska harmony

    Thumbs up if you're still listening in twenty-nine scene. 🖤

    dex'ost dignity

    I just found it out


    why wouldn’t i be??? XD ^_^

  21. PercyJackson10

    This shit may be dumb but catchy.

  22. Joseph Jacob Moore

    2019 revisiting their youths anyone?


    Joee Connor Moore yup, god help me

    Furniture Garden

    Oh boy, high school memories 😬

  23. CourtisShort

    what the fuck is this

  24. leslie


  25. Brooke

    I... I still know all the words.. After all these years...

  26. cameron smith

    I still like this song😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. julie

    I'ma take my rocket ship straight into the ground after hearing this

  28. Yuckida

    Oh my god.....WHAT IS THIS?

  29. Sven Jansen

    Worse than I expected.

  30. Sara-Kacy DeBoard

    What the fuck did I just listen to

  31. Maggie May

    cringe attack to the max

  32. Felicia Breshears

    ewww why the fuck did I like this when I was younger

  33. yunganonymous

    Does anyone else remember being super fucking emo & blaring this song because same. Legit this shit used to be my anthem kms


    +MsTrippyColors same, back to 2007 when i'd blast this and brokencyde in my room :(

  34. Neon Green

    love this song still!!☺😈😈☺

  35. Maaike Idema

    scene kids be like "music saved my life" yes ofc... wtf is this even botdf is better

  36. Makynzie Harper

    curious george??:\

  37. duuae tms

    I don't know if i like this song. It scars me but i sing with it 😐😮

  38. Just Music

    remember brokeNCYDE? lol


    +Just Music they are releasing a new album soon.

    Just Music

    +thekazuya005 really? i stopped listening to them when i was 14. ill make sure to listen to it tho

  39. Just Music

    the scene days xD

  40. Harleen Quinzel

    I actually can't help but laugh at these poorly made lyrics

  41. Emily Marzullo

    Why did I like this when I was 13

  42. CConstance alexander

    ....i still love this song...and every song they make because of the humor in the lyrics

  43. Kris-Sama

    i once liked this band back in high school... what the fuck was wrong with me. I knew i went through a phase but this is all kinds of wrong lol

  44. Aria Phantom

    whos looking back on 2007.....still love this song tho lol

  45. Stephanie

    anyone here from HeyThereImShannon ?!


    @Stephanie Moreno Link pls? 


    +Stephanie Haggie Yes and wow I didn't expect her to use to listen to this X3

    Erin M.

    Sadly me... *facepalms*


    yep, why did I click on this?!?!?!

  46. Mittensさん

    Wozers this is some of the worst shit I have ever heard. People actually like this shit?

  47. annie


  48. Yoyrube _

    I loved this song, Idk why I still like it tho😭😭😂

    Cody Meyers

    +Mia Masters ikr

  49. Princess Zelda

    Chelsea Grin is better. LOL

  50. Desirae Miller

    this used to be my favorite song back in middle school

  51. Akua Asamoah

    OMG I luv this song||||👏😂😂😂

  52. Marisa Hardy

    i like this song

  53. Angel Dust

    I like the way he screams.. don't judge me . _ .


    +Angel Dust ' ω ' Simple inhale screams in a average pitch, nothing special tho, you can learn the same thing in 5 mins.

    Angel Dust

    Meh.. I'm too lazy to. I would, but meh.

  54. devin

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ur my everything

  55. Tristan Dillard

    What the actual fuck is this shit.

  56. Toubabo Koomi

    How can someone listen to this... i crie evertiem. Imma goh keel mi selff.

  57. Ajb400

    It's funny how people hate this song but don't hate songs *cough* All About That Bass *cough* that shame skinny people.

    Filthy Hankretic

    I don't like anything. Gr8 b8 m8 8/8

  58. Ajb400

    Some of these comments are so fucking ignorant😹😹😹like wtf. Oh no you don't like their music well don't listen to it. Don't comment. Don't talk about it. Just move on with your life. Damn idiots. I can respect when people say 'I don't particularly like this song but I respect people who do' see those comments I can actually respect not 'EW NO THIS IS SO GAY!' You realize when you say that you're being homophobic right? And if you are actually homophobic you're so fucking stupid. Love is love. I'm religious and I support gay marriage and rights. Two of my friends are bi and it would be so amazing to have a gay bestfriend. So stfu. If you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all or at least say it in a respectful way.

    Jamol Garcia

    ._. shut up

  59. Andrew Altmann

    Lil Wayne's emo years


    +Andrew Altmann (SS) *scene


    @Andrew Altmann *you

  60. Lishophant


  61. G -

    honestly how did i ever like this

  62. Brian Ford

    Omfg...this is worse than pure shit.If you compare BOTDF to this, they at least have a bit of talent than this bullshit.


    +Brian Ford BOTDF and talent in the same sentence are you outta your fucking mind?

  63. Brandi Michelle

    Oh Lord here's to my 8th grade year lol . I'm now graduated and I still listen to this every once in a while!

  64. Veronica Pimentel

    Lmao this takes me back to middle school 😂 omg and medic droid fer sure 😁😂 now that I hear this song its kind of annoying.

  65. TJ Hayes

    What the hell, why I was I ever into this, I really don't understand what my seventh grade self saw in this shit.

  66. Jordan

    @Rose Allan actually :) is what they were shoting for

  67. Luiz Briza

    Brasil ? O/

  68. CapnCoza

    idk why but after years i cant stop loving this song....

  69. Rose Allan

    ••~ (dot dot curve)

  70. Marina Thornton


  71. LaurynLongoria

    Hello sixth grade me wow, how things have evolved

    Island Boy Chris

    Look at yourself you look like you still listen to this shit now more than ever


    @Chris topher Damn, that's not nice...

  72. FillThesePages

    I personally don't like this, or at least not at the moment. It's not terrible and I can see why some people like it. I give it a B but almost a B+. It's just not for me.

    T H E O

    I like how u didn't leave a hate comment :p

    Asianna SykesWayHowellLesterAtTheChemicalHorizon

    You were nice about it cx


    @Asianna The Thug Pugxx Why wouldn't I be nice about it? I don't like it when people hate on something I like. I know that others feel that way too. Fluck people who go to concerts performed by bands they know they don't like just to flip them off and stuff like that. It's pointless and stupid to do that. Same thing applies to leaving hate comments about something. Unless you want people to argue with you about it and yell at you, don't do it (But then again it depends on the fans.). It's a waste of *everyones* time. Constructive, respectful criticism is good. It's awesome in fact. But hating is ridiculous. Or at least I think it is...

  73. gajo

    My ears have never felt such pain! Oh god, I'm dying of ear cancer


    @Rose Allan You do realise it's not fame that makes an artist talented, do you?

    Keiko Foshe

    @HarvesterOfSorrow01 haha your the first to go... soon the whole world will be infected with ear cancer.. WE ARE TAKING OVER


    @Keiko Foshe lol.

  74. moondrine232

    what the hell...

  75. Briana Lee

    i cant believe i used to be obsessed with this song when i was like 12 

  76. rockandrollgodx

    "R-o-c-k-e-t-s-h-i-p to the m-o-double-n"
    quality song writing, cant even spell the title to the song.


    Rocket ship to the monn

  77. TheJrockfreak

    still a great song

  78. Patrice Urie

    OMGGZZZZ TRU!!1!1!!!! XD XD XD
    Just kiddin this is awful sorry

  79. myinsanebestfriend

    Am I the only one who actually likes this song??? xD


    yes you are


    @Stephanie Haggie your loss xD

    EverEnding Time

    no I sang this in class and people were like wtf O.o


    @the Adventures of cotton candy :D People just don't know good music when I hear it, I guess! xD

    EverEnding Time

    i know right people are really dumb when it comes to good music lol

  80. serenay lourens

    I like itt 😻😻😻

  81. serenay lourens

    I like itt!!! 😻😻

  82. Serena Watson

    😍😍 love it

  83. Kasey Newell

    If you don't like the music then don't look the band or solo artist up and bash them or their fans,it shows ignorance and a lack of life.

  84. Beck

    Now I have respect for blood on the dance floor lol

  85. Idea phase

    This just goes to show main stream is EMO.. with colors... and prep looks... Emo in Disguise!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rose Allan


  86. Sky MUA

    If i could go back in time I'd throw the computer out the window before my past self could hear this

  87. Throne Of The Beheaded


  88. Alma Ramos

    Oh 7th grade... Hahaha

  89. Rin Meku :'3

    I actually enjoy this song. like i'm in class right now singing the lyrics and my friend is just like " >_>" lawl xD. But yah i enjoy this song a bit to much. baha.

  90. Morgan Motes

    Hello youtubes, i am a young aspiring artist out of florieda, the gainesville area to be sepeicgic. Dot Dot Curve has always been an inspriation to me and is hneavily featuredc in all my hart, please check it out on my deviantart



  92. Alec Manger

    wtf is this?

  93. tralalamonica

    I am literally ashamed of ever liking this

  94. XxScreamoFantazyxX

    @Dessi Kitty

  95. Joanie Tristine

    This needs to stay to my seventh grade year. Never again.

    Joseph Jacob Moore

    Joanie Tristine I agree! 🤣🤣🤣 listened to this again just now I was like oh dear silly silly 15 year old me! X

  96. Kenny Crewcabanger

    love this shit

  97. Proud Seduction

    Damn was I a confused teenager. This isn't even good auto tune.

  98. Sluttypotato15

    I prefer botdf