Doro Pesch - Walking With The Angels Lyrics

Sometimes they wonder why I am not afraid
All this thunder and all this heavy rain
And they wonder
Yes, they wonder, yeah they do

Sometimes they wonder if I will ever break
All these burdens and all this heavy pain
And they wonder
Yes, they wonder but I don't

There is a power, not from this world
I found a power, a higher power

I'm walking with an angel
I'm talking with an angel too
I'm walking with the angels
And they pull me through the darkness too

I've been traveling a dark and deadly road
Sometimes so lonely but never real alone
No wonder, I've been under
The wings of a godly soul

I'll tell you secrets that I found out for sure
I'll wanna show you there's help and guidance too
Oh, don't wonder, no don't wonder
I can prove that it's true

There is a power not from this world
I found a power, a higher power

I'm walking with an angel
I'm talking with an angel too
I'm walking with the angels
And they're watching over me, it's true

There is a power, not from this world
I found a power, a higher power

I'm walking with an angel
I'm talking with an angel too
I'm walking with the angels
And they're watching over me and you

I'm walking with the angels
I'm talking with the angels
And they're watching over me and you

I'm talking with the angels
I'm walking with the angels too
I'm talking with the angels

Walking with the angels
I'm talking with the angels too
Walking with the angels

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Doro Pesch Walking With The Angels Comments
  1. Dominador Alegado

    Amen sister😇

  2. Marcelo Gimenez

    Gosto da Doro desde o 1° disco do Warlock . Tarja desde o 1° primeiro do Nightwish . As duas juntas cantando é simplesmente espetacular . Greetings from Brazil


    Love it

  4. Big Bill O'Reilly

    I love everything TARJA!!!!
    2019 TARJA is better than ever

    Jarosław B.


    Big Bill O'Reilly

    @Jarosław B. Brain???

  5. Kelly Marques

    Duas rainhas! ❤

  6. Michael Voller


  7. John Miller

    My wife of 14 years past away while this song was playing she had the most tuff time she had cancer . I will miss her forever. It's been hard for me but I return to this song it brings me close to her again . Thank you.

    Michael Voller

    stay strong my friend, she is walking with angels,,wonderful.bye bye to you.

  8. TheVincent666

    I love DORO I am writing a BLOG about schitzophrenia to hear my demo's on youtube=TheVincent666 I see you in Hell!

  9. sandro buck

    ÿasser opsôlon d`ristow in brazil mõison drânster suôl

  10. Алексей Цобенко


  11. Luma Araujo

    Bravo 😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  12. Xiramel Reinisch

    Satanic Handsign, therefore NO angels far and wide to see, but demons

    John Harackiewicz

    heavy metal easy to verify, this song is clearly anti Satanic.

  13. Make The Man

    Angels are tough made... never ever rising themselves... carrying and bending but not easily breaking.

  14. Ben Noble

    Ever since i was a 6 year old pre pubescent childI have been taking matters into my own hands over Doros hot titties and vag.

  15. J s

    Having the Great divine feelings ....

  16. шура аруш


  17. Thunderhawk70

    Love Doro.

  18. Werner Rettberg

    The littel Girl from Gerresheim

  19. Stu May

    To be honest it sounds very much like a Metallica ripoff..........


    yeah reminds me of the thing that should not be....................

  20. Mehc Oboiudoostrii

    (!!!) !

  21. John Harackiewicz

    Heavy metal I think but I am not sure. Dora speaks (sings) the truth . Her secrets are true, no need for proof, I know the secrets too. This is a song for humanity. The power not from this world is well known, so are the angels she sings about. May God bless you again and again Dora! Sing this song and some of the others again and again. Let's bring humanity to the side of love.

  22. John Harackiewicz

    I love the song, but what's with the fingers?

  23. Aurinkohirvi

    What did I find? I didn't know this one existed!!
    It's a wonderful idea put these two women together, and it's too bad it didn't happen more often: one could do marvellous things with those two voices in the same song.

  24. Sandra Sancho

    Beautiful lyrics.

  25. Juan Congu


  26. TheThreshershark

    This song is already 10 years old, but I never heard it before. From my opinion Doro has the dominant voice with more character.

  27. Ágnes Gyebnár


  28. Juan Ceron


  29. san.quentin M

    Music for pussies. Love me forever with Motorhead is sooooo much better

  30. jackypl1

    Génial !!!

  31. Sineide fox

    arrepiei com essas duas vozes super (damas do metal ) <3

  32. Robert Baker

    Two beautiful ladies coming on beautiful.

  33. Marshall Snyder

    Wow...this is fabulous!

  34. wolfgang boettcher

    Speichern gespeichert habe


    Bellas reinas de metal👍🤘🎃☠☠🇵🇪🇵🇪💀💀

  36. juan manuel santisi

    me encanta

  37. Khushi Chopra

    Mam I do like ur song and the way u sing

  38. Mike Tobollik

    ...diese Frauen sind der Hammer....Gänsehaut...!

  39. Дмитрий Джаггер

    True and unchallengable metal queens!! LLLLLLOVE you!!! Forever!!

  40. Thomas Schnoor

    Was für eine Symbiose.Wunderfull

  41. lintu25

    This is good! your voice is like angels whisper to me. Is your song that good?

  42. Spavaldo52

    la ma plas !

  43. mike vonkleist

    That's amazing. Thank God for these talented vocalists. Beyond words, such beauty.

  44. bolger walter

    Жалко тебя ,
    поверрь мы сосмерть и нло на ты ,а вы только дети

  45. Shuvodeep De

    I see angels when Tarja sings “walking with an angel”

  46. Ελισαβετ Τσιαπι


  47. Safije Selimi


  48. Besi Karat

    Juli 2019 \m/

    Make money online 2019

    Come see what I see, come feel what I feel, I have God's Angeles around me in my darkness to guid me to the light. I n love within. 

    agios thanatos

    October 2019 bro and counting \m/😉\m/

  49. Der Fuchs

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  50. Neongenic1000

    2 Engel die singen können

  51. Robert Papak

    I love you Doro Pesch



  53. Jason Brown

    I fell in love with this song when I first heard it, and I'm not bashful with the type of life I've lived it put a tear in my eye and alot of inspiration.

    Grey Pilgrim

    Jason Brown: Blessings rain down upon you.

    Michael Voller

    Im,, with you mate.

  54. Myanna's Magic

    Absolutely believe it, it's true.

  55. Jan Kodenko

    Supeb excelent - DORO . :- ))

  56. John1955 Jan

    Nádhera :) :) : WOW

  57. Yanet Lilian

    Que belleza de voz❤

  58. ORION8291

    Amazing WOW! slainte

  59. Sylvain Gaudreau

    A love bébé

  60. Juozas Okulevic

    Они бессмертны...

  61. Tardona Plane

    Retarded comment, but
    ..2019 ?

  62. Werner Rettberg

    Nette Frau ,Stimme etwas schwach.

  63. Löwe

    Ein tolles Duett! Es ist dunkel.. die liegst und hörst diesen Song.... traumhaft

  64. Mira Vihtamäki


  65. MyrmidonasTV

    Tarja <3

  66. jolanta Kuśmierowska

    Piękna i pięknie śpiewa , the best

  67. s z

    I do not know if it was just an inspiration for this song or reality that it wanted to give the message to people.This happens if we do not understand it and ignore it.
    Once a believer said with a complaint to God. You deserted me, I always saw your Own paws beside me. Now I only see one pug ...... And God just answered because I had you on My shoulder.

  68. Tàpai Ferenc

    Thanks! Feri..

  69. Tàpai Ferenc

    Always Im Thanks.! Like the sliping Thankyu! Feri.

  70. Davide Barontini

    wow! awesome feminine power!

  71. Paulo Palma

    someone in 2019?

  72. Craig Wood

    Great song! sounds like my real life i live daily

  73. trust the universe

    Never been a van of doro.
    Tarja i saw once on stage.
    But getting older and wise.
    That song i love really much.
    Greez from bali indonesia

  74. Roberto Derion

    i co ty kurwo ,-wywłoko jebana znak szatana pokazujesz!!,-nawet pusta i prymitywna dziwko nie wiesz co to znaczy!!!

  75. Andrew Binnie

    Great song

  76. Kyriacos Lambrianides


  77. osnajo

    W O W einfach nur geil

  78. Tàpai Ferenc

    Tis is trhu Im theire!feri

  79. John Marchese

    Love her

  80. Tàpai Ferenc

    Ewry stepp remembr for you!, Feri.

  81. k s

    KLAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \,,/ \,,/ \,,/

  82. Tàpai Ferenc

    Are you luky bekose you dont talking from Time!i hope Time Yust a fickion! Bhat what is Time?Mayby some mór difikolt what whiare think?Feri.

  83. Gordon Music

    Luv herrrrr

  84. Luis Alberto Lasso Lasso

    Powerful and beatiful song

  85. Distant Frontier


  86. Robert Papak

    Im here

  87. Mitchell Kamlay

    Great song...what more can I say.

  88. Tàpai Ferenc

    Meg lehet oldani

  89. Tàpai Ferenc

    Mátrix ba kell írni

  90. Tàpai Ferenc

    Doro i undostend this lengvits !Feri

  91. Mohsen Fardfar

    Thanks, me too.

  92. jkt

    too religious for pagan... (nice sounds anyway)

  93. Іван Мигаль

    Файний дует,бомбезний!!!

  94. tom trevor

    sie hats verstanden !