Doro Pesch - Strangers Yesterday Lyrics

Born in a world we don't wanted
Born under real bad signs
Born in the name of destruction
With a dysfunctional life
Live in a world full of hate
Live for the truth to remain
We're all in it let's make it better
We can make a change forever

We're born to die but we're together
Fight this fight

Strangers yesterday
But now we know we're on the way
Strangers yesterday no more
We're brothers to the core
Stand up fight forever more
Strangers yesterday no more for sure
'Cause together we belong

Into the future we'll go
So many secrets to know
So many times we would battle
So many fights we could settle
So many days without gain
Too many days in pain
We will be good for each other
Belong just one to another

We will be strong and we'll go on
To live each day


We will be strong and we'll go on
To fight each day and we'll care


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