Doro Pesch - My Majesty Lyrics

No one you can trust or call
No one who you think is pure
Not much that you're living for
It's all so damn unsure

Nothing solid, it'll come and go
No feeling and no heart'n soul
No passion just insanity
It feels all not right for me

But there's something that they cannot see
Yeah there's something that feels good to me

You mean the world to me
You're my majesty
You mean all to me
You're like solid steel

There's no beginning and there is no end
'n there's so much I wont understand
There's something that I know for sure
I can always count on you

You give me hope and you give me soul
And you can show me that there is much more
You give me love' Make me feel secure
That's the stuff I'm living for

You're the only one that I can trust
You're the only one deep in my heart


There's something that they cannot see
There's something that can set me free

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Doro Pesch My Majesty Comments
  1. Ricardo Garcia

    La compuso para mi. Lo se

  2. Fran Iloverock

    ..... because I like it......

  3. strongbrave

    you mean the world to me, your My Majesty.