Doris Day - The Christmas Waltz Lyrics

Frosted window panes
Candles gleaming inside
Painted candy canes on the tree

Santa's on his way
He's filled his sleigh
With things, things for you and for me

It's that time of year
When the world falls in love
Every song you hear seems to say

Merry Christmas
May your New Year dreams come true
And this song of mine in three quarter time
Wishes you and yours the same thing too

It's that time of year
When the world falls in love
Every song you hear seems to say

Merry Christmas
May your New Year dreams come true
And this song of mine in three quarter time
Wishes you and yours the same thing too

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Doris Day The Christmas Waltz Comments
  1. TheLAKERSareGodsTeam

    "Not even a little Sinatra?"

  2. Diane Reed

    Doris Day was Unbelievable as an Actress/Singer!

  3. Estefan Guerrero

    “Because he doesn’t know what he wants... but he’s wanting..”

  4. Léon Ruelens

    une des plus belle voix du monde en plus bonne actrice le premier 78 tour again et je suis resté sans voix et je l'ai aimée

  5. Debra Hitchman

    Super video 👍 and great music 🎼

  6. Melinda Grimes

    RIP beautiful lady

  7. Bell Head

    I love love love this song!!

  8. mike rayner videos

    beautiful sing 💖 🎅 🎄 ❄️

  9. 黑狮子

    this song has that great ballroom waltz to it.

    me and the misses waltzed to this in 2016 with my old unit with their spouses!

    now it’s a tradition for my fellow mates and their wives!

    beautiful christmas song

  10. Mario Eslao

    why we are making too many kinds of Christmas songs ,why we may make it simple?? if its birthday of CHRIST our LORD, we must greet HIM,"" HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET JESUS MAY YOU CAME BACK SOON to US immediately and guide us to lead our country flew out of VAIN and make our poor nation to be great again and free out of poverty,and make our people of the government to serve the whole nation free from hunger and tears" is this not right to sing to OUR LORD JESUS???this Christmas is HIS BIRTHDAY, so we must greet HIM ,HAPPY BIRTHDAY not too so many different kind of Christmas song that not pertaining to HIS birthday ,that's my opinion,so do I ????

  11. Mario Eslao

    Christmas is very pass approaching, may I make my very advance greetings of a Merry Merry Christmas to each and every one in the whole WORLD, and a Happy New Year Too,happy holidays to all,

  12. 2312harvey

    october of 2018 anyone?

    Hannah Taylor

    Yes I listen to her and the old singers as much as I can; but I think this is my favorite:)

  13. Samuel Pajoa

    A Great version of this classic Christmas song.

  14. Lúcia Garcia

    my godness

  15. Nuke Fried

    Look at all these people dancing to my music

  16. sandra appriou

    Merry christmas mon amour!

  17. sandra appriou


  18. Darlene Smith

    The Christmas Waltz is one of the most beautiful songs ever written!!!!!!!!

  19. Ben


  20. Charles Howlett

    Made this my favorite Christmas song about a year ago. Love the Carpenters version. First time I've heard this version. Love it. Is there any singer who hasn't covered this great? Sinatra, Harry Connick, Tony Bennett, Natalie Cole. Bing Crosby.

  21. Wael Binali

    Aaaawwww, my favorite song during the holidays!

  22. Noel Lewien

    I wish this beautiful song got more radio play during the holidays, one can only listen to "Let It Snow" or "Baby It's Cold Outside " only so many times....

    Frank Bowden

    Noel Lewien 🤣👍

    Lily Emma Lindsay

    they still play old Christmas music on the radio

  23. Infinite Gaming

    I love this xmas song because most places never play it, thank you.


    abook xmas

  24. Pepper Williams

    Doris Day is my favorite female vocalist of all the singers from 'her day'. Love this song! Not sure which version I like best. There are so many to choose from!!!

  25. DonDraperism

    Don and Joan take Manhattan. Never knew I liked Doris Day this much. Mad Men sure introduced a lot of beautiful music.

    terry field

    It just came to mind when I heard this.  Mad Men!


    You can always count on Doris

    galen stone


    Thomas Dollard

    Same here.

    Meade Music

    this is okay but I much prefer the Lettermen's version.

  26. Pat Cavanaugh

    I lived in a house with a living room identical to this one, except it wasn't a log cabin. It had a fieldstone fireplace though, just like this one.

  27. AngelSusie57

    My dream home and living room. Lovely version.

    Ron Garvin

    I have one very similar, it is spiritual

  28. onotad

    Love and respect for Doris Day.

  29. Kenjoneslee

    I agree with all the criticisms about vibrato....the Carpenters had a much better but similar version without all the vibrato.

  30. Esteve Masllorens

    Elegant and sweet. I adore her!!!

  31. Sara mc

    Classic elegance. Her voice melts

  32. Joe Lupariello

    This is a classic version- and she sounds wonderful.  I love how rich her voice sounded during that period of time.

  33. corriea Mattina

    9/07/14  4:09a  Doris Day  The Christmas Waltz  1964
    Great Song by Jule Styne  Sammy Cahn Given a Superlative rendition  By Doris Day.


    It was written for Frank Sinatra, who does it absolutely classically. But Doris is always wonderful no matter what she sings.

  34. Craig Hicks

    It's from an era of optimism and love gone by. . . 

    Léon Ruelens

    ce la ne vient pas de pat schrovens

  35. nauort23

    I love this song and I love Doris.  But sometimes she overdoes it. 

    Ty Webb

    Yeah she does, I find. It's strange. Some songs can be so perfectly balanced by her soft voice... then others it seems like she is screaming in your face. But this... uh.
    listen to the song, "Again" by her. Makes you want to do exactly that. Listen to it again! XD


    @Henry Graves  Wow!  Thanks for the recommendation.  "Again" is a beautiful song and she is just about perfect in the 1949 recording I listened to.  She was fairly young when that was recorded, so I'm thinking that trademark vibrato that she developed over the years which she overuses in this song (Xmas Waltz) was probably something that was urged on by a record producer.  She tugged on just about every stressed vowel in the entire song with it.  It's too bad because everything else about this recording I love.     So, I'm going to go listen to "Again" again.  Thanks again.  ha!

  36. eekong


  37. José de Cura

    Classy. Great.

  38. chewybunz

    Can't believe I just learned of this tune watching a Mad Men rerun last night.

  39. BloodylocksBathory

    While I'd have to pick Johnny Mathis' version as my favorite, Doris' version is stunning as well.

    Cat Defender

    I agree completely!

  40. Gregory Creswell

    I loved this song way back when I was a child. Right on Doris.

  41. Gökhan Kapıcı

    mad men brought me here:)

    Thomas Dollard

    Me too.

    Nuke Fried

    Absolutely love it when Don and Joan have conversations.
    Just fire work dialogue.
    One of the greatest TV shows of all time.

  42. Tony Monroy

    I just loved hearing this on mad men last may " ep. 5". thanks for posting!

  43. Shari Craig

    She sounds very regal thanks for uploading.