Doris Day - Secret Love Lyrics

Once I had a secret love
That lived within the heart of me
All too soon my secret love
Became impatient to be free

So I told a friendly star
The way that dreamers often do
Just how wonderful you are
And why I'm so in love with you

Now I shout it from the highest hills
Even told the golden daffodils
At last my heart's an open door
And my secret love's no secret anymore

[Instrumental Interlude]

Now I shout it from the highest hills
Even told the golden daffodils
At last my heart's an open door
And my secret love's no secret anymore

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Doris Day Secret Love Comments
  1. cindy christie

    Her voice, like liquid gold. A truly talented lady.

  2. Loretta Nze

    Joyful activity Doris! Thank you for touching so many lives with your non- judgemental generosity and infectious joy of life.

  3. christine ruscoe

    A great artist watched her films as youngster with parents ❤️

  4. Sunny Fung

    What a voice and talented hard working lady!

  5. gorgeousgussey

    Such a pretty voice x

  6. James Castellani

    Just one of my favorite songs of hers. She had class, yes indeed!

  7. Karen Kleckner

    She is most certainly a star and a legend. Rest in Peace.

  8. Curt Rayvis

    I am not into show tunes, but damn if this isn't a beautiful song sung brilliantly by DD. Because I loved someone (she passed this year) who always reminded me of DD, I heard this while driving and had to pull over. I am not one to get choked up, but this song as sung by Doris Day makes me think of Maggie and how much I loved and miss her. Just beautiful!

  9. Bernadete Deslandes

    essa música é do filme "ardida como Pimenta" (calamity)🇧🇷
    this song is from the movie "burnt like Pepper .. Calamity ... loved watching this movie

  10. Edsel Santos

    Uma das maiores cantoras de todos os tempos. Inesquecível para todos os gostos. Unics

  11. Adam Duddy

    I was the same age working in a pitcher house who played it

  12. Koh Beng

    Great song

  13. james grannes

    Great songs and great artists will always be remembered

  14. The Unknown Gamer


  15. charlottebithell

    I grew up watching and rewatching calamity Jane

  16. Jeff Grove

    She was one of my favorite singers of all time.

  17. Menri

    I love Doris so much, her voice is angelic!

  18. windstorm1000

    Academy award winner. Great singer. Great song. Lovely pictorial tribute. Thank you. Miss you Doris. Thanx for the memories.


    All the real actors and actresses like Doris Day are gone. No one today compares.

  20. allnitenurse

    Beautiful song, beautiful voice, RIP beautiful lady....together again with your son

  21. firebase delta

    did not appreciate this when I was kid -- now as an old man I truly love it and so many others --

  22. CvB 69

    Adorable song, sheer beauty. We will always love you, Doris! :-)

  23. Adam Duddy

    One of the best singers

  24. Diane Reed

    I have a Secret Love who I Love Very Much .... and want him sooo much !
    Luv Doris Day!

  25. Ana Silva

    Is it me or does the beginning of the song sound a little like the disney intro?

  26. Paul Ridley

    A beautiful lady and singer one of best

  27. goldie rocks

    Loved Doris Day. My first favorite singer when I was a little girl. She sang with a smile in her voice.

  28. chayensweet

    back when the songs were not just about sex and feminism.

  29. Léon Ruelens

    bientôt 6 mois que mon coeur pleure cette dame si bonne et talentueuse R.I.P. mon amour

  30. Lilian Flynn

    RIP Doris I grew up listening to your beautiful voice
    RIP legend

  31. Aletta Munnik

    You are my secret love, but I cannot tell anybody, that's difficult. <3

  32. Claire Baron

    My secret love is no secret love no more. We dated in work kept it quiet and now 6 years later we are on holiday with our 4 year old daughter who could pass of as doris day any day with her huge blue eyes and long blonde hair ha

  33. Diane Reed

    Omg ... I do toooo!
    I Luvvvvv this Song and her Voice!
    She was Truly AMAZING!

  34. Marilyn Hoftey

    Love this woman. Rest in peace.

  35. Isobel Higgs

    A man from my church had this at his funeral. He's reunited with his beautiful wife now ❤️

  36. Ady Banner

    For me Doris was the most gorgeous woman on this planet.. she WILL be missed.. R.I.P Doris x

  37. Martha Morgan

    If we played all the old song, they will never die. We keep our favorite singers and the wonderful songs alive. Our children and grandchildren are missing out on the best of the best. Music and the artists should not be allowed to be forgotten.

  38. Chrissy Galla

    My favorite Doris Day song.

  39. Brian Reilly

    velvety smooth voice a true one off love her

  40. Brian Summers

    One of my favorites, my mother would sing this tune and now so do I. My mother was a song 🐦. Form Aretha to Doris Day tune she could sing. Doris voice is beautiful and enchanting on this tune.

  41. Margaret McCutcheon

    That's my Karaoke song and l always get told l can sing it well thank you Doris Day for this lovely song you are well missed beautifull

    Margaret McCutcheon

    Beautiful woman RIP

  42. Steve Jenkin

    Apart from hearing this wonderful voice on the radio in my childhood, I even at a young age felt she made singing sound effortless, I am now 63 and realize what a clever child I was because I still feel I was right

  43. Benson Nwachukwu

    Though i was in hand of ,jail when you passed away do rest in peace and don't forget to pass on this amazing lyrics to one person

  44. Ms. Sonshine

    I fell in love with this song when I first heard her sing it in the movie Calamity Jane.

  45. Wayne Fontana

    A very captivating version of this wonderful song by Doris Day. My favorite version. Thank you for the joy and the happiness you gave us with your extraordinary talents. R.I.P. most beautiful lady.

  46. Eddie Mcfayden

    She will never be replaced the wonderful Doris day. A true legend xx

  47. Sandra S

    There will never be another precious Doris Day. She is loved so much and will always hold a place in America's heart. RIP beautiful lady

  48. James E. Newman

    Always reminds me of my lovely Mum who passed away in July 2017. She liked this song and daffodils were hers and her own Mum's favourite flower.

  49. David Ianusi

    Loved this girl Doris Day💔😚🙏

  50. Chrisropher Finucane

    Rest in peace Doris I loved your songs

  51. Luis Franco


  52. Andy Fredericks

    A friend let me drive his classic car for the weekend back in '91.There was one tape in the player.Just me,a '61 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 and Doris Day.Great memory.

  53. John Samuels

    I was 13 when she sang this and I fell in love with the song and with her. RIP.

  54. Jacqueline McQuade


  55. Anna Mix

    The Best. Rest in peace.

  56. Teresa Marie

    We all have a secret love x

  57. F.M.R. 143

    I didn't know until the other day when I watched "Calamity Jane" movie, that this song was in the soundtrack.

  58. Coral Hargreaves

    R-I-P Doris you bought so much joy to so many people though your music and movies

  59. B Uz

    Brian May brought me here ❤️❤️

  60. Aztec Warrior

    A classic lady!! RIP my secret love

  61. Ginger C

    My secret love will always be My Butch ,love you 💕

  62. Kim Duckling

    This is my grandma's favorite song. Look how music brings back beautiful memories.

  63. DuckyDae X

    I never really connected with Doris’ music outside of her films, particularly this one because its always on in our home ever since I was little. Just coming back to it is bringing me to tears.

  64. bisonette5

    Didn't she look great on Carson at age 52! One of a kind. We are happy you left a wealth of your talent to enjoy, especially at this site. Thanks for the many memories.

  65. Yolanda Knott

    I have a wonderful man as my secret love, however he's not in love with me...
    Go figure...

  66. Jorge Mario Rodas

    Descansa en paz Doris, cantaste y actuaste tan bien y te echo de menos. Oiré tus canciones y te recordaré.

  67. Jorge Mario Rodas

    Too bad this great singer and actress has gone. I shall miss her and I remember how much I liked to hear her songs when I was a kid and a teenager. And I still like to hear her sing.

  68. Catherine Malian


  69. john sampson

    R.I.P. Doris, perhaps you and Terry can collaborate in heaven on a harmony with the Angels.........

  70. Catherine Malian


  71. jamie sommers

    Soar with the angels dear heart.....miss you....♥️

  72. Jorge Sixto Antonio Vargas Bueno

    we will always adore you Beautiful Doris, we will miss you very much, the best voice in the USA and the World

    Ila Hilda Sissac

    Jorge Sixto Antonio Vargas Bueno So true
    Beautiful video!

  73. Ginger C

    My secret love Ginger and Butch 💕

  74. Pat Cook

    Beautiful and wonderful lady. RIP Doris Day

  75. Gloria Skellett

    thanks fot the memories rip doris or should i say calamity jane

  76. boisvert gisèle

    Oui, je l'aimais beaucoup moi aussi.. Suis certaine elle était merveilleuse personne dans le privé..

  77. Jackie Mcmeekin

    Thank you for the beautiful, romantic lyrics, Mr. Gottlieb. Doris Day was an iconic singer and actor! 🥰

  78. Margot Blanchette

    Loved everything about Doris Day. Her beautiful smile. Her voice Wow! Such passion.

  79. Carlos De Leon

    A unique voice,so clear and beautiful. There was one Doris Day. There will never be another one like her. Rest in peace

  80. Peter Shaw

    Loved her. And what a voice. Underrated by many but not by me. The tos.

  81. Gywn Shelmerdine

    Love always n forever god bless you Doris Day. XXX 😘❣️💞💓💖💕💋.🐾🐾You make my heart smile.

  82. Lizzie The Heretic

    Doris 🌹

  83. Claude Rebello


  84. Cynthia Poyner

    Thank you Doris xx

  85. Moesha Morrison

    Rip baby I'm sorry

  86. Alan Smith

    Rest in peace beautiful lady

  87. arizmu 034

    I Love it! Watching Calamity Jane♪♪♥

  88. Sirley Aparecida

    Linda música!❤

  89. Sandra Bateman

    Classy lady. Don't make 'em quite like this anymore. What a talent and so beautiful. 💕😪

  90. Robin Mallow

    loved Dorid Day [please dont eat the daises] favorite movie

  91. Cäcilia Holtschlag

    I miss you Doris Day 💕⚘⚘⚘

  92. María Sol Cordovez Noboa.

    Beautiful and sweet song ... from Calamity Jane. ..."At last my heart's an open door and my secret love is no secret any more" ...

  93. Frank Doherty

    And to think they now go on how good a singer beyonce and Rihanna is lol!! Listen to this to hear an amazing voice and singer!! R.I.P doris xxx

  94. רחלי עיני

    דוריס דיי הלכה לעולמה בשבוע שעבר.🌹🌹יהי זכרה ברוך זמרת מעולה וטובה שהיתי שומעת את שיריה היפים .

  95. Thomas Timlin

    Secret Love, from Calamity Jane, 1953. Calamity Jane was Ms. Day's masterpiece performance hands down. She kicked butt singing, dancing (very physically demanding), and acting, and should have won the Academy Award that year.

  96. Ania

  97. J MD

    Just a Lady. RIP Doris Day.