Doris Day - Love Me Or Leave Me Lyrics

This affair is killin' me
I can't stand uncertainly
Tell me now I've got to know
Whether you want me to stay or to go

Love me or leave me
Or let me be lonely
You won't believe me, I love you only
I'd rather be lonely
Then happy with someone else

You might find the night time
The right time for kissin'
But night time is my time
For just reminiscin'
Regrettin' instead of forgettin'
With somebody else

There'll be no one
Unless that someone is you
I intend to be independently blue
I want your love
But I don't want to borrow
To have it today to give it back tomorrow
For your love is my love
There's no love for nobody else

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Doris Day Love Me Or Leave Me Comments
  1. Madeline Tramantano


  2. Mark R. Harris

    One of the best endings in Hollywood history.

  3. Paula Pacente

    Great movie and great song!

  4. Adam Schneider

    He treated her the way a woman wants to be treated. She showed him how women really are.

  5. Barbara Leary

    I loved Doris Day
    She could really sing a song with mich heart. I will miss her very much
    May she rest in peace with Hod

  6. Gywn Shelmerdine

    Forever Love. 💋.🐾🐾

  7. Catherine Fraser

    Sweetest “doll” ever

  8. Joel Blosser

    God rest her soul

  9. Sushi Dave

    Ever a legend.

  10. X X

    r.i.p. Doris Day

  11. Colin Dale

    Never be another Doris - RIP Lovely Girl.

  12. Sonia Mayrink

    Simply astonishing!!!!!!!!!