Doris Day - I Remember You Lyrics

I remember you
You're the one that made my dreams come true
A few kisses ago

I remember you
You're the one that said "I love you too,
Didn't you know?"

I remember too
A distant bell
And stars that fell
Like rain out of the blue

When my life is through
And the angels ask me
To recall
The thrill of them all

I shall tell them: I remember you

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Doris Day I Remember You Comments
  1. glamslamr

    Beautiful song!!!!!!

  2. Vicky Damota

    Remember my mom singing this when I was a child. So much happier times. Sure miss you mom.

  3. Susan Turner

    Just now hearing this. 53 years later. Beautiful.

  4. JJSC

    It's a melancholy thing to think how this music surrounded me when I was a child in the late 60s, but I took it in as background.
    That music of such quality and beauty was, at that time, everywhere as the tapestry of sound speaks to something we've lost somehow.
    But, to now be transported and surprised by its beauty is a wonderful thing.
    As is so far beyond musak, here's hoping it comes back around in a big way.
    We kind of need that these days.

  5. Ron

    Good Night Sweet and Beautiful Doris Day. Rest in Peace, you leave behind all your Wonderful movies and Beautiful music. Thank you for all your Entertainment. Bye Angel..

  6. Colin Dale

    The Lovely DORIS DAY - XX Remembers You.

  7. Stephen Verchinski

    Just an opinion.
    Nellie McKay's cover of this Doris Day song in the CD "As Normal as Blueberry Pie" is one that even Doris Day would say bravo. Someday those two should meet.

    I tried to get that to happen when Nellie played SF. Might still happen

  8. Lesley Leadbetter

    beautiful June 16

  9. RocknRollDina

    why this looks like Etta James album cover?

  10. Viridiana Zuleica M.C.

    Beautiful song

  11. SpiralBlue Andromeda

    What a so heartwarming song William!
    Thank you so very much my dearest friend!