Doris Day - Hello, My Lover, Goodbye Lyrics

Love is a legend grown dimmer and dimmer
There's nothing left but the tiniest glimmer of hope
Where is the one who will make my life sunlit
Where is the kiss that will mean more
than one little flame Standing out in shame
As I have romed around, I've always found
That love will come and love will die
It's always hello, my lover, goodbye
There often came a night that brought delight
But ended with a lonely cry
It's always hello, my lover, goodbye
I would be clay within love's hands
I would obey all love's commands
Yet, like the ever shifting sands
I drift away
I only hope to find some peace of mind
And put an end to wond'ring why
It's always hello, my lover, goodbye
I would be clay within love's hands
I would obey all love's commands
Yet, like the ever shifting sands
I drift away
I only hope to find some peace of mind
And put an end to wond'ring why
It's always hello, my lover, goodbye

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Doris Day Hello, My Lover, Goodbye Comments
  1. Cäcilia Holtschlag

    I miss you Doris Day 💕
    So etwas wird es nie wieder geben ⚘⚘⚘

  2. David Chernofsky

    a song for some reason I never listened to fantastic

  3. Dave Whalen

    From "Day by Day"..... the most beautiful cover photo of any of her Columbia L.P.s
    My opinion of course.

  4. Dayniac4324

    @exkanuk Oh my goodness - did she really think they weren't that good ? They're wonderful, marvelous ! She's one of the best - ever !! I hope she knows how beautiful her music is, and what it means to people. I have so many comments- people of all ages - saying how much her music means to them. I love the teenagers that adore her music. Thats the only reason I joined youtube - to get her timeless music out there to be enjoyed !! Please tell her we LOVE her music !!

  5. Barbara Brown

    @Dayniac4324 I think what Doris meant was that many of her songs weren't released as singles.She said she always figured her songs weren't all that good or else they'd be played more on the radio. When the Bear Family sent her the compilation they had put together on her, she just put them up in her closet. She was afraid to listen to them because she thought they wouldn't be all that good. I started playing my ipod for her and she was pleasently surprised. Yes, Ted was with L Brown

  6. Dayniac4324

    @exkanuk It is a truely beautiful song !! I did some looking through my cd's. From what I can see - this was on the Day by Day album released in 1956. Thankfully - we've been able to enjoy this beautiful song. I've seen Ted's name on so many of your recordings. Wasn't he with Les Brown too ? This is one of my favorite songs ... absolutely beautiful !!!

  7. Barbara Brown

    "I recorded that and never heard it again until now". "I wonder why Columbia never released any of those songs?" "I loved hearing Ted's sax! He was so good!"

  8. Dayniac4324

    @DarcyHeartsElvis It is a beautiful song from Doris .... so happy you enjoyed !

  9. Darcy Marie TCB


  10. Dayniac4324

    @colormemichael It's really a great version from our Doris ... no doubt about that !! Happy you enjoyed !

  11. Dayniac4324

    @engeltimjones If you keep listening you may just become a fan .... she has a huge music catalog. You are so right ... I am a real dayniac !! lol Thank you ... happy you enjoyed this one !!

  12. engeltimjones

    This is another Doris Day song I like although I'm not much of a fan. Thanks for posting so many of your collection for us to enjoy. You are a real deal as a "dayniac".

  13. Dayniac4324

    @ForeverOldies It is a wonderful song happy you enjoyed ... thank you !

  14. Dayniac4324

    @theoverbeat1964 Happy you enjoyed !

  15. José Luis Blanco

    Lovely music, very pleasant

  16. Dayniac4324

    @hippygal7 Yes.. she's one of the best ! I think I had a Doris Day coloring book when I was a kid !! Thank you ... happy you enjoyed !

  17. Dayniac4324

    @manfreadfilms Thank you ... well ... mine just about over too. I guess its Monday for you with mine fast approaching. Darn ! The weekend goes way too fast ! This is a beautiful, relaxing, romantic song .. no doubt ! Hope it brought you a restful sleep.
    Have a wonderful week ... hugs... Toni

  18. manfreadfilms

    Very soothing relaxing song, just what a fella needs on a wintry cold Sunday night. I'll sleep better now for hearing this - thank you ! lol Have a very relaxing Sunday there, mine's over, yours is only beginning... take lots of care Toni - manfread, xoxo Oops ! And yes, many stars, wonderful pictures too. Love it.

  19. Dayniac4324

    @dayfan1962 Thank you ... I'm so happy you enjoyed the video. This is a beautiful song from Doris .... one of my many favorites ! Hope you have a wonderful week.

  20. Dayniac4324

    @videowatcher077 Thanks Vince... she's the best with a ballad ! Happy you liked the video too. Hope you have a great week... Toni

  21. Dayniac4324

    @bigeeezy Thank you !!

  22. Sheilah Ballard

    Just a beautiful video! Thanks for sharing your talent with us by making such a lovely video. Its always a treat to hear Doris anytime and the photos match the music perfectly, making this video and this track just right!

  23. Dayniac4324

    @genia106 Have to agree with you ... she is divine ! Another beautiful song from Doris. Thank you ... really happy you enjoyed !!
    (happy you liked the stars !!)

  24. Dayniac4324

    @dorisdayno1 There are so many ... I really like Clark Gable..Jimmy Stewart.. Cary Grant ... hmmmm.... there are just too many ! But Garner is just so cute and he's funny too ! That adds a lot to his attractiveness !!! lol
    Take care... hugs... Toni

  25. dorisdayno1

    @Dayniac4324 James Garner is one of my all time favourites too in the looks department, my favourite male movie star though has got to be Tyrone Power especially with a moustache, i also like Rock, Gordon MacRae, Errol flynn and of course Cliff he is probably my favourite cliff & tyrone..... and there are so many more i could list... Hope you have a great week too!

  26. Dayniac4324

    @CDmagz I think so ... really happy you enjoyed !! Thanks .. have a great week !!

  27. Dayniac4324

    @zzzooooo This a good one to do that ... its so smooth and dreamy. Happy you enjoyed !

  28. Dayniac4324

    @dday431924 I heard that LMOLM was on last night. We just watched it a couple of weeks ago. Great movie - she deserved at least an oscar nomination for it !! Every Day with Doris is a better Day !! Thanks for watching .. I'm really happy you enjoyed !
    Hope you have a great Day too !!

  29. Dayniac4324

    @windmill1947 Thanks Kay ... really happy you enjoyed. Hope you had a great Mother's Day !! Take care... Toni

  30. Dayniac4324

    @allshookup77 Thank you FrAnK ! They really don't write em like this any more .. so many great songs from the past. Happy you enjoyed ... have a great week !

  31. Dayniac4324

    @dlpine71 Thank you dear.... I know you appreciate Doris now ... but she's got a great voice so its not too hard to get hooked on her music ! Now the Alan Jackson has me puzzled .. where did the appreciation of country come from ? Actually I like his voice ! Surprise ! xox

  32. Dayniac4324

    @maynardcat Its been very dreary here too... and Doris can sure cheer me up too. Thanks Bill ... have a great week !

  33. Dayniac4324

    @Muirmaiden Thanks Colleen. I had a very nice Mothers Day .. hope you did too. Doris is definitely soothing....I listen to her on my way home from work....very calming. So happy you enjoyed ... take care and have a good week.

  34. Dayniac4324

    @weeyin1155 That is so neat ... recorded on the day you were born. I have a magazine with Doris on the cover - dated the day I was born. Hope you all are doing well ... we're hanging in there ! Take care ... hugs ... Toni

  35. Dayniac4324

    @eepghd I know - I heard that too ... makes you wonder if it was on purpose. Surely they would have recorded another one ... ??? The rest is marvelous. Happy you enjoyed !

  36. Dayniac4324

    @dorisdayno1 Yeah ... I'm a big James Garner fan.....he's definitely good looking !
    Thank you .... hope you're doing great ... have a wonderful week.....hugs .. Toni

  37. Rachel Rinehimer

    Ah, another wonderful job, Toni! I love it!! Thanks so much for sharing!! :)

    Last night, I had a sweet surprise while flipping through the TV channels--TCM aired "Love Me or Leave Me"! So, I got to watch Doris just before going to bed, and now I'm seeing a lovely video of her this morning. What could be better than that??? :)

    Thanks for thinking of me, Toni--you're very sweet!

    Hope you have a lovely "Day"!

  38. CDMagz 4U&U

    Nice isn't it!!

    Natasha and Georgina Booth xxxxxx

  39. dlpine71

    Wonderful video, sweetie!! Terrific song and images to match!! Thanks, for your help in getting me to appreciate Doris Day so much more! As I drove around today in torrential rain and storms I thought - I'm listening to Alan Jackson AND Doris Day!! Interesting, to say the least!! Many, many stars, dear!!
    xoxo David

  40. maynardcat

    Very nice Doris Day tune, just what I needed for a little cheering up from the dreary weather we are having today. Bill

  41. Muirmaiden

    Nothing helps me wind down after a long day at work than hearing Doris sing accompanied by these great photos you use in your montages. You're making me want to listen to my Doris CDs and pop her movies into my DVD player. Thanks again for sharing Toni, hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  42. Joan Cuthill

    Wonderful Toni. As always you've made a beautiful video and the song is so good. I just noticed the song was recorded on the day I was born. Hope you're all doing well and life is treating you all kindly. Take care. Hugs...Jan (and Susan) ♥

  43. dorisdayno1

    Really Nice Song and lovely photos/video, i especially love the second last picture of doris & james, he's so good - looking! Fab...., thankyou Toni!

  44. Dayniac4324

    @Dee530 Marcie .. you are too sweet ! I'm happy that I've made you a fan ... I've made David a fan too. He listens to Doris even when I'm not around !! I have a lot of photos... but I have to admit I'm having to delve deep into them ... I might possibly run out ! Thanks ... Hope you have a wonderful week ... take care... hugs... Toni

  45. Dee530 Luvz2BeLoved

    Toni, stunning to watch the wonderful visuals- and the song, new to me, but another
    5 star post, I thank you so very much for sharing Doris Day with us/me ... I love this,
    you have made me a fan, once again- your collection of photos, such a labour of
    of Love. My thanks and best wishes to you, a great one, once again!! Marcie*