Doris Day - But Not For Me Lyrics

Old man sunshine, listen you
Don't you tell me dreams come true
Just try it, and I'll start a riot

Beatrice Fairfax, don't you dare
Ever tell me he will care
I'm certain, it's the final curtain

I never wanna hear
From any cheerful Pollyannas
Who tell you Fate
Supplies a mate
It's all bananas!

They're writing songs of love
But not for me
A lucky star's above
But not for me

With love to lead the way
I found more clouds of gray
Than any Broadway play
Could guarantee

I was a fool to fall
And get that way
Hi-ho, alas
And also, lack-a-day

But still I can't dismiss
The memory of his kiss
I guess he's not for me

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Doris Day But Not For Me Comments
  1. Jackie Mcmeekin

    Thank you ‘Lamar Meiki’ for posting the words to this great song, sung by Doris Day. 🥰🙏

  2. acspore

    She sang “She’s” not for me at the end.

    Doug Ward

    Must be something wrong with your hearing !

  3. Léon Ruelens

    RIP mon amour impossible

  4. Debra Hitchman

    Lovely movies , lovely singer thank you Doris .

  5. JEN Hall

    Memories surface when I listen to Doris Day sing "But Not For Me". I watched her in movies & thought she was a wonderful actress & boy could she sing. It was as if she never reached for notes, it was natural. I'm thankful she is still with us. Ms Doris I'm a fan of yours forever, you're a sweet lady.

  6. Love Angel Angel Of Love

    That better have been the last of this devil. My friend is in the hospital and he the only person who i am able to talk to. My soulmate is somewhere and she is not sareing where. I need a place of peace and true love. Not this nesty lust full thing that has no place in my life. I am wait for my money to come in and i am out of this place.

  7. Isabel Cordero

    I guess I was a fool.....
    Doris is fabulous!!! The rythm of the song and her singular way of singing, makes her in my opinion
    the best 👍👍👍👏👏👏

  8. La Choriste

    She is simply the best!

  9. Tex W

    Doris happily swings her way through this number. - Different to Ella who interpreted it as a kinda’ Torch Song..Both recordings are brilliant!

  10. Anna Carolana

    Well, fate does, but hate is a stumbling block.

  11. M.J. Leger

    Nice selection of songs by the extremely talented Doris Day! What a clear, beautiful voice she had. I've always liked "But Not For Me" and used to sing it now and then when I performed, many recorded this song. Pretty but kind of sad song!

  12. Mark Allen

    Wow. Just the best, ever!!!

  13. Kagome Higurashi

    I heard this done by an anime called "Sakimichi no apollon" and it has a quicker beat, I prefer it and the singer while japanese actually performed it with a nonchalance and a hint of wistfulness that I think this song requires

  14. JJ truth

    Nice vocal but sang like a woman who has never known rejection in love. She's not convincing as far as the lyrics go. Ella & Judy sang this song the way it was meant to be sung as a person who laments their love life. Singing is an art and the best feel and inhabit the lyrics. Doris Day sings this song flippantly and Jo Stafford sings this a bit too uptempo.

  15. Lamar Meiki

    Old Man Sunshine, listen, you
    Never tell me dreams come true
    Just try it, and I'll start a riot
    Beatrice Fairfax, don't you dare
    Ever tell me he will care
    I'm certain, It's the final curtain
    I never want to hear from any cheerful Pollyannas
    Who tell you fate supplies a mate, it's all bananas
    They're writing songs of love, but not for me
    A lucky star's above, but not for me
    With love to lead the way
    I found more skies of gray
    Than any Russian play could guarantee
    I was a fool to fall, and get that way
    Hi-ho, alas, and also lack-a-day
    Although I can't dismiss
    The memory of his kiss
    I guess he's not for me
    Although I can't dismiss
    The memory of his kiss
    I guess he's not for me

    wualagual a

    'Broadway play' in this case (:

  16. Brincess

    what do you call that thing that tails at the ends of her words? like its like a low reverberating hum after every couple words and it literally tickles my ears i love it a lot!

    Olly Reeves

    Zini Spirit I think you mean vibrato 😊

    kevin curry

    I would call it an artifact of phrasing and breath control. She doesn't clip her words, but instead lets her breath in singing some words trail off.

  17. Eisen J Eisen

    Beautiful Doris Day and another beautiful song

  18. HFritzson

    She comes at the song from a different direction than Jo Stafford or Judy Garland. No sad songs for her. She is the optimist to the end.

    Lg Sd

    I like that :)

  19. J Matteson

    They had her substitute the word "Broadway" for "Russian." Cold-War craziness.

    Steven Chappell

    And the original line is criticizing Russian plays. It makes no sense.

  20. Sobayo


    Nadine Miller

    Sobayo Sowemimo-Coker hu

  21. Paul Dirac

    What a great performance! And a very good recording too; sounds great, with my Boston computer speakers. Doris had such natural presence in her singing. Can't be imitated.

  22. Carl Chase

    Ella Fitzgerald/Judy garland/Doris...I cant choose which version is Best....All three Ladies can sing this song!!!!!Great.

    alexander g miller

    young chet baker sings it da best

    George Lewis


  23. Alexander Zolkin

    Anna Maria, you will understand yrs song in future, I am sure :)

  24. antonio maccan

    Composers :  George and Ira Gershwin.

  25. Pam Clarke

    Oh Yes.............

  26. Andrew Moore

    Best Recording EVER!!


    Doris Day - But Not For Me

    Oliver Emanuel Mavrinac

    Old but good song


    @Mihai Dunoiu da...


    @oliver mavrinac yes, dear!

    Nándor Bereczky

    Kellemes, szép.


    @Nándor Bereczky igen!

  28. Mauricio Durón

    As I sit and listen, Doris has me swaying and swinging back and forth. Not many can do that.

  29. ¿Qué…?

    Man!…you're wonderful… you're clever…you're nice…you looking like a gentleman...MAYBE YOU WOULD BE A GREAT HUSBAND, BUDDY & DADDY… 🎶BUT NOT FOR ME!!!🎶

  30. Andrea Riquelme

    Me volvio a Enamorar con sus Canciones muy Tiernamente Gracias Eternamente !!!!!!!

  31. Károlyné Szépvölgyi

    Szeretem hallgatni, köszönettel Klára.

  32. douglas stone


  33. rossharmonics

    I guess when I was growing up I started seeing her films in the theater from the late 50s onwards. I didn't see her earlier films to years mu later and so they were a discovery. I do love the Rock Hudston films. But from that point on she didn't do films that showed her dramatic rang. Also, studios stopped making musicals so I didn't have a chance to see how she could carry a musical. It's not that I don't like the later films but the earlier are ones I got to experience later

  34. Dayniac4324

    Well .. .the thing about Doris is ... she always gave her best .. 100%...regardless of what material her husband signed her to. And he's the one that had control of that in the 60s. She told him she wouldn't do Caprice and he had already signed her to do it. So .. she did it and did the best she could. I always enjoy Doris .. no matter what the vehicle she's in.

  35. rossharmonics

    I don't want to write those films off at all. I don't think she rherself was ever bad and always brought something special to her work. I am a fan and enjoy seeing her act or listening to her sing in almost everything. But I do feel that her films in the 50s gave full range to her talent. I saw the Rock Hudson and James Garner films in the theater when they came out. The audience responded in a way you don't experience anymore.

  36. Charles Jannuzi

    If the theory holds, it might stay something about Elvis too? Elvis subjugated himself to a strong male but was also a mama's boy.

  37. Charles Jannuzi

    DD was a rare but true triple threat--could act, could sing, and could dance (although she had her dancing career finished with the badly broken leg in a car wreck). Oh, and she was gorgeous, so I guess you could say she was a quadruple threat. She didn't get to do the MGM musicals though, did she?

  38. Charles Jannuzi

    The 60s wasn't all disaster. The films with Rock Hudson are classics. The pairing with James Garner in Move Over Darling is quite good as well. That project followed from the disaster that helped kill Marilyn Monroe. It's actually quite a sad film in some scenes, with DD doing wonderful work.

  39. Charles Jannuzi

    So in that sense, there is a strong parallel with Elvis. Although you can see with Elvis that he more or less gave up trying to act in the vehicles his management signed him up for. The only goal was to get at least a million per flick. With DD you can always see the pro.

  40. Dayniac4324

    I definitely will take a look ... so happy you enjoyed Doris' version !!

  41. Paul Davis

    yes, lets face it Sinatra was a great actress!

  42. Dayniac4324

    The movie critic, Molly Haskell, has an interesting theory about female Hollywood stars who are the bread winners. So many of them have given their decision making over to a man that used them and spent every penny they earned. She thinks they subjugate themselves to a strong male to make themselves feel more feminine. Back in the 50s the woman wasn't supposed to make more than the man and I think she has a point. It's interesting anyway. Marty sure used Doris and left her broke !

  43. Dayniac4324

    Well ... from what I've read - her husband made all the business choices and he was doing everything for a buck. He gave her the Caprice script and she said she wouldn't even consider doing it ... he'd already signed her ! Very sad really .. she definitely had much more talent than she was allowed to use in the sixties. But her attitude was .. a deal is a deal and she gave her best - no matter what he signed her up to do.

  44. rossharmonics

    She was also a great actress like Sinatra. I'm told that in the sixties she started taking roles because of financial difficulties of her husband/manager. She showed much greater versatility in the fifties and gave some terrific, moving performances as in Love Me or Leave and Young at Heart,

  45. Dayniac4324

    She really is one of the best ballad singers ever. Your so right ... a wonderful description of her singing. Thank you for your great comment ... so happy you enjoyed !

  46. Dayniac4324

    Sinatra said she was one of the best at interpreting a song - thats high praise coming from him. To me .. she was always the closest to being a female equivalent of Sinatra. She had the recording career and successful movie career simultaneously, as Sinatra did. She didn't have the live audience performance career - mainly because she didn't like to sing in public. There were other singers the equaled Sinatra but they didn't have the movie career that Doris had.

  47. rossharmonics

    She doesn't stay strictly with the written score. Like Sinatra, she is so subtle in how she departs from the score. Also, like Sinatra, part of it is how she uses slight changes in rhythm and how she chooses to stretch notes. She's a true master of the voice. Absolutely brilliant and absolutely perfect. Sinatra apparently was thrilled when he got to appear with her in Young at Heart.

  48. H1delta

    I like DD and this version is good but I think Sarah Vaughan's 1958 version is superb. I have both on my favorite list.

  49. Dayniac4324

    @dayfan1962 I don't think anyone could put it any better than you just did !!!

  50. Sheilah Ballard

    This is music the way it was meant to be sung by one who is uniquely gifted to perform it as such! What a gift to the world her talent has been!! What more can I say about one of the most enchanting human beings alive today?

  51. Dayniac4324

    @Jayee123 So happy you enjoyed !!

  52. Dayniac4324

    @minpinned And to me .. thats what a lot of artists today miss. Doris sang the song .. as it was written .. simply and beautifully. Showing her beautiful voice and the beauty of the song. What more can you ask for. Thank you .. so happy you enjoyed !

  53. minpinned

    Singers like Doris Day and Blossom Dearie show how little it takes to sing a song well.

  54. Dayniac4324

    @ForEverGilda Yes - she's really great at interpreting a song - as Ella is. Very talented ladies. Thank you ... so happy you enjoyed.

  55. ForEverGilda Alain

    To say that Doris Day is a great singer would be an understatement. Like all talented people she means every word, her phrasing is impeccable, and you've got the impression that she sings for you alone. I like her a lot. Check out Ella Fitzgerald in the same number. She's great too. Chet Baker has always been one of my favorites. Many thanks for posting this wonderful song and Doris, of course.

  56. Steppenwolf

    Chet is the BEST. Can't top that buttery voice & phrasing.

  57. Eugene Sedita

    Chet sings a jazz inflected line much as Mr. Sinatra does, and Doris of course. Mr. Connick can effect that sweet woodwind or muted trumpet.

  58. Eugene Sedita

    Chet sings a jazz inflected line much as Mr. Sinatra does, and Doris of course.

  59. Dayniac4324

    @eugenesedita Oh yes... you are so right ! I remember that now that you say it. He did most of the songs. I don't know .. just sounds familiar. I really enjoyed Chet's version .. thank you !!

  60. Eugene Sedita

    No not Chet, but Harry Connick Jr. sang and played BNFM in When Harry Met Sally. :) I couldn't find any other movie where Chet sang BNFM. :( :)

  61. Eugene Sedita

    No not Chet, but Harry Connick Jr. sang and played BNFM in When Harry Met Sally. :)

  62. Dayniac4324

    @SteveCaftdunt I checked him out ... and I love it. Was this in When Harry Met Sally ... or a movie like that ? Sounds very familiar. Thanks for the info !

  63. Dayniac4324

    @SteveCaftdunt I'm so happy you enjoyed this lovely song from Doris. I will have to check out the version by Chet Baker. Thank you !

  64. Dayniac4324

    @eugenesedita I'm really happy you enjoyed it ! I love the song ... and of course Doris' version. Happy you did too !! =)

  65. Eugene Sedita

    Thanks for this one, Dayniac. xo

  66. Dayniac4324

    @62grossman Thank you for watching ... I'm really happy you're enjoying Doris' great music !

  67. Dayniac4324

    @Bluejeans0701 She really has an amazing voice - a true talent. I'm happy you've discovered her music and you're enjoying it !

  68. Bluejeans0701

    Doris Day is a real genius among jazz vocalists. This is the first time I listen to her sing this number but I get mesmerized by her sweet voice. Thanks for posting this clip. I am positive that she could top today's young artists like Ne-yo and Lady Gaga.

  69. Dayniac4324

    @honeybee7700 Its such a beautiful song ... so happy you enjoyed.

  70. Dayniac4324

    @paulprocopolis She's an amazing talent ... and a beautiful lady - inside and out !!
    So happy you enjoyed !!

  71. paulprocopolis

    Uniquely Doris Day and utterly irresistable! (And surely she had one of the most captivating smiles in video history.)

  72. Dayniac4324

    @gladtohelpafriend You said it !! She really is ... an amazing voice ! So happy you enjoyed !!

  73. gladtohelpafriend

    Doris is gorgeous and talented :)

  74. Dayniac4324

    @hcbutube Really .. wow I must have missed that one ! Thats crazy !!

  75. Dayniac4324

    @frankieheartsful She is and she isn't ! Funny - but she appears as the girl next door but is so much more. She actually hated that niche that the movie industry put her in. But - what are you gonna do ! Thank you ... so happy you enjoyed !

  76. Marti Mason

    Definitely the "Girl Next Door!"

  77. Dayniac4324

    @pepperquentin I know .. I don't understand why they changed the words ! And who made that decision ? Seems crazy to me ! I would think it would have to be a Columbia decision .. but don't know. It was the cold war .. but I don't think it was necessary to have a subsitute for the word Russian !

  78. pepperquentin

    Although there is a change here from"Russian" to the dissapointing "Broadway", when she sang "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas", her version is one of the only ones that kept the words".. until then we'll have to muddle through somehow", instead of the maudlin"... hang a shining star upon the highest bough" at the end of the song, thereby conveying much more the meaning. THAT was much appreciated. And, I do love her voice. But, yeah, the "Broadway" thing doesn't work for me, either.

  79. Dayniac4324

    @wisecrab She certainly did ..... and I love the way she had ! Thanks ... so happy you enjoyed !!

  80. Anthony Compton

    I love Doris. She just had that way with a song.

  81. Dayniac4324

    @vrk653 ME TOO !! guess you could tell that ! Thanks ... happy you enjoyed !

  82. Rae Holmes

    Love Doris Day!!

  83. khurit

    is there a doris day song about 'when your lover leaves... strom clouds...' [something]

    very moody.. jazzy

    temporary40 @ yahoo com

    Edward CorrellG

    ''When Your Lover Has Gone''...….on the DAY DREAMS album, and on You Tube.

  84. Dayniac4324

    She really does a ballad as good as or better than anyone ! Happy you enjoyed !

  85. Dayniac4324

    I know what you mean..... they really are so beautiful. And Doris is one of the best ballad singers ever... at least in my opinion ! Thank you .. really happy you enjoyed !!

  86. Dayniac4324

    I know - that does bother me too. Sad that they felt they had to change the lyrics. I'm sure it was Columbia that made that call.

  87. Dayniac4324

    ME TOO !!
    Glad you enjoyed !

  88. Charlotte Dickson

    I am a total fan..

  89. Dayniac4324

    Thanks Wyatt - glad you're enjoying them...she's great !

  90. Dayniac4324

    Glad you enjoyed it Thalysiakeuh !!
    Thanks !

  91. Dayniac4324

    Thanks Marcy -- Hope you have a great week !
    Take care,

  92. Dayniac4324

    Thanks Issy - yeah - guess I am a little sad.
    Thats what's so great about Doris - she has a
    song for every mood !
    I'll see if I can find some happier ones.
    Thanks ... Take care !!

  93. Dayniac4324

    Thanks Cherri - Doris had a lot of sad times
    in her life - but she always came through them with a smile on her face !
    Take care,

  94. Dayniac4324

    Thanks David

  95. Dayniac4324

    Thanks for stopping by Rod -
    Glad you enjoyed it !
    Have a great week

  96. Dayniac4324

    Glad you enjoyed it perrypearl !
    Thanks !

  97. Thalysiakeuh

    wonderful !

  98. Marcialee M

    nice sad song...
    hope all is well!

  99. Cherri B

    Ok it might be all banna's but it seems alittle nuts to me. :0)
    Doris was always smiling even when she sings the saddest song's!! I like them all. But the happy ones are the best!!
    Hope you have a happy week!!

  100. yendor61

    Thanks for sharing Toni.
    Take care.