Doris Day - Be A Child At Christmas Time Lyrics

Be a child at Christmas time
With a merry heart aglow
Through a frosty window pane
You can see the falling snow

Trim the tree with candy canes
Listen to the church bell chime
Say a little prayer at nights
Be a child at Christmas time

Be a child at Christmas time
Listen to the church bell, church bell chime

Only children understand
What a merry heart can do
Be a child and you'll agree
Everything is bright and new

When the snow comes dancing down
And you hear the church bell chime
Let your heart be young again
Be a child at Christmas time

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Doris Day Be A Child At Christmas Time Comments
  1. morty finchlavich

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  2. Léon Ruelens

    ma belle Doris elle aimais les enfant et n'avais qu'un fils décédé en 2004 je crois repos éternel pour ma chère Doris

  3. sandra appriou

    Je veux vivre là!Merci père noël!

  4. Zsigmar International Films

    Christmas 2016

    Christmas has been celebrated throughout history in good times and bad, in persecution and in triumph, in peacetime and in war, in times of abundance and in times of shortage: yet, people have found a way to celebrate Christmas as it should be celebrated and despite what many would have expected, the message of Christmas has appeared as a message of light, of joy, of simplicity in the best sense of that word, of hope and of genuine love.

    There is something about a Christmas tree that captures the imagination of a child. A beautifully decorated and brightly lit tree can do wonders for a child’s spirit, not to mention an adult’s – especially after spending hours upon hours getting it just right, with arranging and re-re-rearranging the assorted ornaments and lighting to achieve just the right effect to everyone’s eventual delight. But to a child, a Christmas tree is much more than the accumulation of decorations and lights, tinsel, and garland. For a child, a Christmas tree is a promise.

    In a Christmas tree, a truly prescient child sees more than the physical aspect of it; the child sees beyond the surface appearance of glitter and garland, lights and tinsel; the child sees faith, hope, and love, things which they are ready to give at every moment of their lives, whether it is Christmastime or not. These are the real gifts that they want and are always ready to give to others. It is the child that easily spreads out arms and hands in gestures of acceptance and welcome to whomever they meet. It is the child who wants gifts that last longer than the time it takes to rip the wrapping paper and putting aside the toy that held just a momentary interest. It is the child who wants everyone to be happy like they are and wishes everyone to be that way, even when things don’t turn out the way it ought to or the way we’d like.

    It is the child that wants everybody to have a share in the bounties of life, whether it be that extra slice of cake or the extra dollop of ice cream that should come with it or to have warm things like clothes or comforters to ward off the nighttime chill or to have a loving presence beside them in the shadows of the night to ward off the fears and the uncertainties that make up the daytime of life. It is the child who wants life to be good and who wants everyone to have a share in such a life. For all that and more, a child senses and sees something special in that Christmas tree.

    As we celebrate this season, we regain something of the wonder we experienced as children. But wonder is not something for children alone. We all have to rediscover that sense of wonder in the face of what goodness and honesty, justice and integrity can attain. Christmas is a Feast of humility – not just the emotional humility of the sweet carol songs and nice stories. We have to rediscover simplicity. We have to rediscover the simplicity of Christmas not just to turn away from excess and exaggeration. We have to rediscover the simplicity of Christmas so that we can leave aside attitudes which focus on ourselves and rediscover what living for each other means.

    This is a season for children, but even more, it is a season of adults who learn from the simplicity of children. Unfortunately, there are many ways in which our prosperity has led us to rob the simplicity of children through a false sophistication, which is, not rarely, only a sort of self-gratification.

    Christmas can be a moment of the most profound and valid human emotions. It can be a moment of the happiness of family reunion and yet it can also be a moment of the most profound isolation and loneliness. Christmas is not simply about different kinds of Christmas cards, or of isolated moments of religious experience within a secularized world. “Be a child at Christmastime”, says the song. Let us be children again at Christmastime. We need to be children again if we want to possess the promise of Christmas that we seemed to have lost. Let us see like children again and come unto the Child who came among us. May we grasp this promise and if we do, our jaded adult selves will thank us for this gift and our Christmases will truly be “merry and bright”. DA

  5. Zefiro Torna

    Meravigliosa!!!!!! *_*

  6. Barbara Norton

    Beautiful, Love anything Doris sings ♥ ♫♪

  7. JazzyL8888

    Wonderful video DY ! :) The song and images are just beautiful my dear friend .
    Love this so much ! Merry Christmas ! :)

  8. HOOTe Cat

    ahhhh.. the good old days!

  9. polililo19

    nice video!!!!!! good job DoubtfullyYours!!!! merry christmas!