Dope - The Life Lyrics

It's getting late and something is waiting in the city tonight
This place is crazy and it makes me wanna fuck up my mind
I like the lights the trippy lights and all the pornographic stores
I light this thing as they complain about the junkies and the whores

When I was younge I dreamed I'd come here and I guess I did
Surivive the scum and I'd become someone but never did
These village slums I let become my life I guess I did
I'm just a bum pathetic scum thats just the way I live

This is the life
You want the life

It's getting late and guess who's playing in the city tonight
This place is amazing and it makes me wanna fucking get high
I love the way te buildings sway and all the garbage on the streets
The sounds of trains and sirens make lovely music while I sleep

I'm going farther than I ever thought far could be
By 21 I had a gun and ditched authority
At 22 I never knew the sights I would see
At 24 I made the score that killed that part of me

This is the life
You want the life

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Dope The Life Comments
  1. ZPB Studios

    Homeward Bound... how many times I failed that mission!

  2. ZPB Studios

    "Stop shooting us, you f***ing losers!"

  3. 34-A YMIR MECH

    Since man their have been wars after jesus spilled our blood the 20th century blinded us with tech heads up chicken butt yall mother fuckers needs jesus im also jewish like johnny from GRAND THEFT AUTO

  4. Kry Kry Stott

    Marilyn Manson vibes 💯🔥💯🔥

  5. PotatoGacha Alex

    I'm totally not at my local library converting EVERY song by dope, of corse not!!!! (<--- That was sarcasm) I might be seeing you guys in October so if I can, cya then!!!!!!!

  6. theblackswordsman87

    Edsel, if you ever read this. You have an incredible gift. Very few artists, yourself among them have the words that describe these feelings. When we feel this way, we often feel beat down and forgotten in life. But you help us find our courage. Thank you for never selling out. You are loved.

  7. Brettbren

    *TRUE CRIME: NEW YORK CITY!! This song is on the same level as Taproot's "Poem" for Streets of LA.*

    Journey awaits


  8. G Cäprïce

    Work out music 💪

  9. Xaero97 Gaming

    True Crime streets of New York City (2005) on Ps2

    Phire & Ice

    # Game4fun same

    Alviscerator The Ultimate

    Brought me here too.

    ZPB Studios

    I have this game on the original Xbox. Apparently there was a glitch that prevented you from completing the game, but I managed to find a way to get past that glitch, you basically have to turn on the "Unlimited Endurance" cheat during the fight in the cargo mission (the one where you'll hear "You'll never catch me alive!" a lot.

    Dylan Haag

    i love this fucking game

  10. Cheetah95226

    Yay first comment :)