Dope - No Way Out Lyrics

Sick of all the weakness
And all the pain
Sick of all the bullshit
And the shots and the blame
Sick of all the losers
And all their lies
Sick of all the people
That want to know why

You gotta get away
You gotta get away
But theres no way out
Theres no way out

Here we go again
Sick of all you ingrates
Who just complain
Sick of all the stupid
You push in my brain
Sick of all thoes who follow
But don't know why
Sick of all you assholes
And I wish youd all just die

You gotta get away
You gotta get away
But theres no way out
Theres no way out

I'm so sick of it

Light a match
Add fuel and burn

Sick of all the sorrow
Without a doubt
I'll be sick of it no tommrow

But theres no way out
Theres no way out
I'm so sick of it

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Dope No Way Out Comments
  1. Outi Rytkönen

    The best

  2. James Swollenballs

    Good old Doom 2 brought me here #Anti-social Shoot up your fucking neighborhood!!!

  3. MC Crit

    THERES NO WAY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sums up my shitty fucking life in 4 words, that does.

  4. Redemption Denied

    anti-social.wad lmao

  5. Sliver Bee's

    Death = Reincarnation

  6. Crissic Crissic

    Gods true plan

  7. Robert Banks

    Oh how well this describes my life

  8. Supremefreak777

    solution. Light a match. add fuel and burn ! (i love it)

  9. Steve Roper

    Why doesn't this have more views? Dope is dope.

  10. Noah Pappas

    This is the most disturbing song I have ever heard

    Hello there Friend

    Noah Pappas this was made back when metal was real. Not that fake weak shit :P ( Also this is nothing compared to their song 'violence')

    Butter Johnson

    You need to expand your horizons. This is a good song, but it's only scratching the surface of darkness.

  11. George Trible

    FUCK the slap punch the FUCK.

  12. 813lynch

    bitchslap anybody who does not like dope


    813lynch I got 15 people to bitchslap

    Sliver Bee's

    or you can falcon Punch'em -

  13. Numbuh Four

    Actually, the muscles to perform a bitchslap are about a dozen or two. Your biceps uses two, your triceps uses three and your shoulder uses at least two... Not to mention the muscles to tighten your fingers... Still, a bitchslap takes less effort (less mental, and more physical) and is quite more satisfying ;dd

  14. Schnaider 978

    now am calm again ^^

  15. Carlos ZR class at 8am...

  16. TheKirger

    Is there somewhere I can get one whit proper bass?

  17. Kristijan Čuraj

    228 ppls got no way out of Dope songs :P

  18. kaeseistcool

    in the whole eu, but they just touring in the usa
    it's not fair, there was a japn tour, a Australia tour, sometimes in canada but no fucking europe tour

  19. Guido Bonazzi

    i Dope sono famosi anche in Italia :)

  20. dagger164

    In Poland too ;3

  21. MZITinfo

    what a beautiful song

  22. Zorak From Space Ghost

    this was my shit in fucking 3rd grade.

  23. Barderaker


    Robert Banks

    Barderaker dont get angry but after reading you grammar it seemed like you needed school XD

  24. Daniexelle Lingofelter

    Ok...for the record, I dont listen to music like seems like all comments made from my account were posted by my brother. I let him use mine youtube account, before he made his own...if anyone took offense, I apologize. He wont do it again. ...Am sorry!

  25. Toolio Montgomery

    @dethtoall1234 Nice, that's pretty funny, hasn't hears that in like 3 years. However, there are only about 36 named muscles in the face about facial expression, and not all of those are used for smiling or frowning, the correct number as stated by a plastic surgeon for an interview with a magazine is about 12 to smile and 11 to frown. Also, slapping someone definitely takes more than 2 muscles, and sometimes it can use a very large amount of them, even the ones in your legs depending on how you

  26. echo224b

    @bellaeldwhen Yeah, but look at videos like this. Tons of likes, very few dislikes. Look at a Bieber video, or any related shit for that matter, and you see a lot of dislikes.
    I think not.

  27. Austin Brown

    who els got fucked in the earpussies so hard u came back for more?

  28. raze216

    Only 20,000 views? Wtf?!?!

  29. L Kane

    got my first taste of dope in third grade when i borrowed my brothers walkmen. been a soldier in this dope army since.

  30. LemonDread

    I can relate to this. Fuck yes dope!

  31. ShowhowTV

    First time that i listen to dope i was 11 .

  32. Reidarization

    @Reidarization wow you really are 12! badass!!!

  33. Reidarization

    @twixxxXD where were you when the humor was released?

  34. ganesh dietrich

    @Reidarization and why?

  35. Reidarization

    @twixxxXD are you like 12?

  36. ganesh dietrich

    come on man i just dont understand wahts up with fucking justin bieber dope iiis muuuuuuch better omg!!¨and just for info im 12

  37. Daniexelle Lingofelter

    It sucks that no one listens to this band cuz theyre fukkin good, its thing like this that justin bieber causes! fukk u bieber!!