Dope - Burn Lyrics

We don't know what to believe
We only go by the t.v.
I don't know but I will fight
I won't let my brothers die

Stand up
Stand tall
All for one and one for all

Kill the fucking enemy
Kill the fucking enemy
Burn burn burn the mother fuckers down
Kill the fucking enemy
Kill the fucking enemy
Burn burn burn the mother fuckers to the ground

I cannot hide from your disease
The more you die the more I breathe
I won't go blind for your lies
I will not die, you will die

Stand up
Stand tall

Hit em now and we watch em fall

Burn burn burn mother fucker

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Dope Burn Comments
  1. Arthur Farias

    burn motherfcker!!!

  2. Anthony Groenewold

    Dislike bcs the song was over but the damn video kept going on

  3. Mike Petett

    This little tune goes out to my ex wife lol

  4. Glauber Long

    0:41 Daenerys

    Дарт Сидиус Палпатин

    Burn the fuckin USA! Im russian!

  5. Alex Mag

    Very... very deep.

  6. Piable


  7. Gaspar Reichler

    Que tema tan bexo y sereno

  8. macaryl95

    My body was not prepared for this... 🤤

  9. Bananarocket

    Kill the fucking anime


    you have anime pic

  10. System 2 Thinker

    "We only go by the TV." This has got to be a song with irony in mind. I've listened to many of Dope's songs and they do not like the system, so I really doubt they are pushing for blindly killing the enemy. This song reminds me of something the brainwashed US soldiers would listen to as they kill civilians overseas. They think they are fighting for freedom when the fact is, they are simply tools of the elite fighting in a rich man's war over who controls the earth and its resources.

    Flying Dude

    Yeah, the Iraq war comes to mind.

  11. Darthrevan1170


  12. Cody Whelpley

    When you work construction and the outhouse has maggots in it.

  13. Troubl3makr

    This is my dad

  14. TGSGAMER360

    me when im Mad at CSGO i play this and get pumped and win

  15. _triggerhappy_

    a rip from cezaro's theme!

  16. Gabyrhcp15

    Oh damn hahahahaha I was so distracted with my stuff, that when this song play in auto, I thought it was really a nuke alarm hahahaha I ran to the windowXD then the music started

  17. Trevor David's

    i play this song wile playing gears of war

  18. Rective Quen

    the minute and a half long silence at the end sucks balls.. removed from playlist.

  19. The Late Night Guard

    I'm gonna carry a bottle of lighter fluid in my pocket so that if there's ever an active shooter I can burn the motherfucker down!!!

  20. Jade Chandler

    Me in laserwar. :D

  21. Beecartes my honey

    Coocking Mama's feeling when we missed a recipe.

  22. WM Station to Station

    step one : pretend need and going down
    step two: get some good semaritan to help you
    step three:
    harm then good semaritan

    I only pray God knows do with someone as wretched as you sp

  23. SomeEdgy Person


  24. M1n1 Fuzzi

    Best song to listen to when playing my MTG Burn Deck

  25. Gabriel Larsen

    I look at the comments and my reaction was being speechless, u all are so evil and negative

  26. Moisés Simões


    Miquéias Silva

    Moisés Simões yeah

  27. Chane Mclarty

    this my shit love it

  28. DarthMohammed

    Happy Inauguration Day, America!! :D


    MAGA 2020

  29. Grim

    me when someone flerts with me girlfriend😂😂


    What about when someone corrects your spelling?
    *flirts and *my

  30. Myth

    Someone take this song and make a pro trump/anti isis video. God damn

    Cristian Zegrean

    Other way around, mate.

  31. Gabe Silver

    this and die mother f'er should be in guitar hero

    Donald Ellickson

    Gabe Silver and bastard!

    Tanner Sandell

    And rocksmith!

  32. Baltarog

    best song while playing firebug in Killing Floor 2 :D

    Nate Penber

    xDDDD me too!!

    3PICUS M4X1MU5

    Baltarog I hear you on that man 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  33. EDPs Double Chin

    my emotions when i play pokemon

    Concerned citizen

    EDPs Double Chin 😂 same bro


    "Charmander use burn! Kill the fucking enemy!"

    *cHarmANDer hiT itSELF IN itS CONFusIon*

    Donald Ellickson

    EDPs Double Chin 😂😂😂😂

  34. Walker Johnson

    This goes out to ISIS


    @***** Thats just means you havent seen the videos of them decapitating Christians and atheists yet lol.

    Vallis Daemonvm

    the berserkers *Enemy. Please use correct spelling, and fuck your opinion.


    Walker Johnson I hope that's anti Isis if it's pro Isis your an idiot

    Walker Johnson

    tootallforyou112 "Kill the Fucking Enemy." It could go either way with either side of whatever conflict. I highly doubt ISIS listens to DOPE though.

  35. Zombie Juice

    When we go to all out war with all of the Middle East. I will play this song. Really, really loud


    +The Order I've already played this song when I deployed to Iraq, with Die Motherfucker Die, Destroy Everything-Hatebreed lol

    Zombie Juice

    @Xephgor I said said all out war.

    Not okay cops and robbers.

    Kill them. And not just the men, but the woman and the children too.

    Their words are like knifes as they will play with our life's!

    I'm hate them!

    Ban Islam!

    Zombie Juice

    @Jawad Imran that's all you do is rape. Diaper heads.


    I can't defend such an evil well they call it a religion but it's more like cult

    icreated nostalgia

    No Islam. it will be so bad ass

  36. Apachified

    I played this song when I was playing CoD: Ghosts online. I destroyed everyone. I went 44-2.

  37. #fuckhashtags


  38. TonyThaTyga

    I thought this song was for da forces.

  39. System 2 Thinker

    In case some people don't know, this song is meant to be ironic. The band is trying to prove a point at how insane our war hungry culture has become. The song kicks ass but isn't meant to be taken literally, the same way American Dad or Stephen Colbert is portrayed, in jest and ironic subtext.    

    "We don't know what to believe
    We only go by the T. V."


    @Jason Ray Intriguing. I couldn't tell if that motherfucker Stephen was seriouse or not for real lol.I really couldn't lmfao.

    Darren Madden

    Dude i totally agree with your statement but holy shit this song sucks ass as far as music goes they have decent riffs and drum tracks but as far as lyrics go they should do a little better the dude doesnt sing for pigface anymore the band could be so much more they have a dope sound pun intended lol


    @Darren Madden I can feel the anger in his voice and he has great vocal skills. That's a decent tradeoff for lyrics. You take what you can.


    The sad part is I identify with them unironically. I rate this up there with death metal for my homicidal rampage playlist. But I absolutely do not hold any band responsible for the actions of others. This song just makes me wanna put my fist through something.

  40. Χαρης Χαν

    Ubisoft must replace the ''make it bun dem'' song from Far Cry 3 at the flamethrower mission with this one .... it would be great

    Jamie Doupe

    Mute your TV and play this song on max blast, it will be close enough

    nick hoffman

    hell yeah it wud

    Sir Mumblenator

    Easy... Plug a Stereo Output Aux In cable into a turtle beach adapter... boom, Burn MF while you game...

    Dope is awesome for violent games :-)

    3PICUS M4X1MU5

    Haris re Mounakia Haris re Mounakia your god damn right about that bro, it's so fucking aggressive as fuck. In fact Tripwire Interactive should've replace the "Disunion Reconstructed" by 'Dirge song from killing floor 2 with this one... it would've fit perfectly when your playing this game as a firebug. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  41. Cellmate

    Well I found my song when for when I flip out.

    Donald Ellickson

    Cellmate you ain’t alone!😂

    Todd Sanfilippo

    same bro i just found out im faceing prison time this soung was playing when i flipped my shit

  42. Soko (con J de Jarcor)

    This song is like to dedicate it to genocide, I love this shit  :3

  43. Cassiel Paez

    Ese "burn burn motherfucker" me hizo acordar mucho al tema de Marilyn Manson, Reflecting God, en la parte que dice "shot shot shot muthercker"

    Cassiel Paez

    chupame la pija :D 

  44. Lord Sidious

    this goes hard


    they generally do

  45. Antony Phoenix

    MTX Mototrax anyone?)

  46. Khalil Pontikes

    Ah love Heavy metal


    +Khalil Pontikes It's not heavy metal. It's industrial metal.

  47. David Vertigan

    why the fuck is there 2 minutes of silence on the end of this

    dick faggotson



    I think it's to prevent people from downloading it via link and stuff. Otherwise, no idea, perhaps even legal purposes but probably the first thing I said though


    99% of all places that let you download music also let you put in the start time and the end time of what you want to download. So you can just put the end time in as when the song finishes


    Or use just about any other site


    @***** Indeed, I also just cut it after the download

  48. Kaelpie

    I never lose in any game when this song comes on my shuffle.

    Slum Snake

    Are you playing Viktor?

    sun moon

    no sevarog

  49. Master Sixzz


  50. The Expert on Spaghetti Bianca Persicketti

    I used to hate screamo music.... Dope has made me change my mind. I frickin love this band

    Doctor Deadman

    Guess I'll be the one to bite.

    Dope isn't screamo. They're an industrial metal band with nu metal elements.

    L.S. Pig

    Don't ever use "Dope" and " screamo" in the same sentence again.

    Francis Li

    @L.S. Pig I was gonna say the same thing. I used to listen to Dope when I was in High School, late 90's early 00's I graduated and I honestly never once heard anyone use the word "screamo". Yikes! That may get someone into a fight there. Lol


    Do you mean screamo as the descriptor for the powerviolence bands, and bands with a similar sound? Or are you lumping all the post-hardcore, metalcore and emocore bands in there as a metalhead elitist? Or are you another ignorant passerby who thinks it encompasses all metal?

  51. Metehan Kılıç Bahadır

    Fuck The System !

  52. 0vershade

    Orcs...I have to burn orcs!

    logan cooper

    I hate orcs

    Jonathon Vazquez


  53. Luke Paule

    I feel  like im playing Twisted Metal for ps1 listening to this

    Sigurd Langås

    good old ps1 days... twisted metal had some amazing music 

    Luke Paule



    @Luke Paule i chilled on vegilante 8 with my n64 :)


    Well the graphics are brutal enough. I had a stroke trying to play 3 and 4. I can't ever go back to 1.

  54. The Might of Demacia Garen

    kill it!!!!

  55. Schnaider 978

    YES stand up and fight >:)

  56. Schnaider 978

    dont be afraid fight back

  57. romanian scammer


  58. Schnaider 978

    Kill the fuckin enemy :)

  59. Hackker Gamer


  60. ZaneDaRocker

    @Alexis Geisel not even you know what the hell you just said

  61. jasonkingj69

    If your a female...... I'm even cooler with that.

  62. AMxPunk

    You like golden showers eh? I'm okay with that.

  63. Edin Alvarez

    such a rebel

  64. theghink EL CANAL DE LAS SERIES

    Epic battle of bands!!

  65. logan siemik

    or teachers

  66. Travis Theralts

    this is not get pissed at mommy and daddy angry music. this is angry burn the curroupt politicians and and leaders music :D

  67. Aeons

    AHHAHA!!! brilliant retort

  68. Alexis Geisel

    hell yeah u have to thats the only way they take a hint to FUCK THE BACK OFF OR U WILL BE PUNCH THE FUCK OUT AND THIS IS COMING FROM A MARINE

    soap mactavish

    Your not a marine

  69. Tikupra

    (Y)? :P

  70. jonathas fernandes

    todas as musicas sao fodas

  71. SanityIsForTheWeak0

    I play this song when I want to listen to it.

  72. Raptor Jesus

    the more you die the more i breathe

  73. nathan

    this is real music

  74. bluebellbodie

    lets hear it for all the tank crews at war. this is an anthem

  75. yac count

    Fuck you burn

  76. NetworkFight


  77. Ernst Dieterman Official


  78. Los Me

    BURN BURN BURN THE FUCKING NAZIS! και τωρα παρε ενα τσιμπουκι γαμω την παναγια σου!

  79. peerse1

    well, red orchestra rising storm is in beta and they have flamethrowers >:)

  80. jasonkingj69

    I play this song when I try to get my gf to piss on me.

  81. Rigo_71

    This song plus killing zombies ....EPIC !!!!!!

  82. SteampunkSkull

    This song makes me so pumped up and it makes me feel like I can defeat all of my enemies! :D

  83. fritzzz93

    try zynthetic :D

  84. yac count

    poor afghan

  85. Beo Phoenix

    Just go burn, fucking Idiot!

  86. Caleb Landers


  87. moria9000

    I play this song whenever.... I FUCKING KILL ZOMBIES

  88. moria9000


  89. PullingTeeth1


  90. wesley willems

    kill the fucking nazis!

  91. James Stinson

    Cameron ward you. And me do the same thing

  92. Nina Marty

    i want to break something ...

  93. michos314

    Restart Button: 00:00 :D

  94. cole mills

    great song, very angry song, but GREAT song

  95. Cameron Ward

    this song has actually made me feel much better when i feel like im about to rage

  96. Killerbeast Deathtrap

    Burn the heartless bitches..!

  97. Donut Dude