Donovan - Catch The Wind Lyrics

In the chilly hours and minutes
Of uncertainty, I want to be
In the warm hold of your love and mine

To feel you all around me
And to take your hand along the sand
Ah, but I may as well try and catch the wind

When sundown pales the sky
I want to hide a while behind your smile
And everywhere I'd look your eyes I'd find

For me to love you now
Would be the sweetest thing 'twould make me sing
Ah, but I may as well try and catch the wind

Di di di di, di di di di
Di di di di, di di di di
Di di di

When rain has hung the leaves with tears
I want you near to kill my fears
To help me to leave all my blues behind

For standin' in your heart
Is where I want to be and long to be
Ah, but I may as well try and catch the wind

Ah, but I may as well try and catch the wind

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Donovan Catch The Wind Comments
  1. Fred Handrich

    One of my fvorite songs of all time great harmonica


    The opening line of this song is maybe one of the greatest lines ever written in any song or any poem.

  3. James W

    Closest thing to Bob Dylan you can get without being Bob Dylan. Timeless classic

  4. James Hadaway

    they really hate our freedom, that's why being human has potential stored, because they created a mouse trap rather than a society. 1776

  5. John Nurmi

    This song paints so many pictures in my mind. Especially " when rain has hung the leaves with tears...."

  6. gary moller

    thank you ....

  7. Yoda drinking soda

    My grandpa showed me this song to me,this song reminds me of him and I would like to play this song on the guitar just for him,he really means a lot to me

  8. Cheryl Fitzgerald compere

    For my darling man. I still love you

  9. Dipson

    2020 and still listening.

  10. VincentTPackhorse

    Beautiful song. I love the string bass too.

  11. Woodie Thompspn

    There were a handful of artist who traveled the world I guess thrilling us along the way with their music and song writing Donovan bei g among the best of them. Dont know who wrote this sounds a lot like dillon

  12. Bob Waller

    "Long ago and far away.So much better than it is today"....Fading chorus in "love by the dashboard light"...Oh so true and this song is proof.

  13. Ian Aldridge

    The Scottish Bob Dylan.They don,t make songs like this anymore.There,s no thought today it,s just a conveyor belt of trash

  14. Chase Null

    This could have been a bob Dylan song

  15. arfer

    Fantastic song................but I prefer the rare psychedelic version.

  16. Mary Louise Walsh

    Ok boomer wherever you are "lost in translation" but this is the reason you just don't don't get it so more glory to us so just stay where you are suits us fine that you missed out on the finest talent of all your time
    Your loss not ours not ours, were still loving our stuff, are you & why are you here?

  17. brandon rabbitskin

    Don't give someone your attention, they get annoyed..

  18. Robert Cross

    Dylan followed the gritty migrant song road blazed by Woody Guthrie. Donovan followed the idyllic road of traditional Irish troubadours. Apples and oranges.

  19. Mr. Entringer

    Wonder Years!!!

  20. Nick Owen

    just wonderful

  21. Mike F Mike F

    Dylan was the poor mans Donovan...

  22. Little.Ass-Kicker

    Steve Jobs had a nice taste for music

  23. Gregory Garcia

    correction: one of THE greatEST Donovan

  24. john breton

    wonderful time in my life @ Texas Western College mid-60s......

  25. Elizabeth Long

    ◦仌..thank you◦仌" ◔ ◔

  26. Joey Watts

    Simple & Pure --- ' A moment in time'

  27. boywithcap

    how did I not know about this song? I found it now though, exactly when i needed to express these emotions, and I'm very grateful. beautiful happy-saddness... the acceptance of loss, without anger or blame, while honoring the gift of what was. so wonderful, so human..

  28. charles stevenson

    love this still at 75 .

  29. goo goo g'joob

    The best song Dylan didn't write.

  30. Frank Jennings

    Donovan the creep abandoned the child he fathered. Shove off you sicken me!

  31. daryl fitz

    I just farted.

  32. Leah May

    Only young but the 60s beat alot of crap now


    Crazy how the most beautiful things come from the most hectic times

  33. Teresa Cullen


  34. J. Dallison

    Great opening line - Dylanesque?

  35. Joe Nicholls

    Sorta owes Bob Dylan everything

    Lewis Mcdowall

    Joe Nicholls what?

    Joe Nicholls

    Lewis Mcdowall he’s a poor Dylan tribute act

    Lewis Mcdowall

    Joe Nicholls not really pal, I’m a massive Dylan fan, more so than Donovan but Donovan was his own unique person and had his own Sound, Dylan is the best, don’t compare bricks to tassels pal

  36. Kurt Cocaine

    I got this song mixed up with Bob Dylan and now I feel like an idiot.

    Suska Klapp

    Kurt, stop snorting then.

  37. Lesley Brett

    Brilliant song,so many merious

  38. Randy Piquette

    beautiful and sad song ....

  39. ColdWaterThrower

    Great song. Takes me back to the Lickey Hills.

  40. Kelly Farina

    Reminds me of my friend and his dog, nearly a year passed now, we loved that little dog. He got sick and eventually was put down, but not without a fight. They couldn’t catch the wind. Sad.

  41. Clifford Cardinal

    the 60's when our people discovered drugs and escape from reality, as well free sex everywhere, many self---aborted with clothes wire, worked well. FOr ME it was service to my country and zero drugs. I finally worked with Navy with returning POWs who were addicted to Morphine Shots while deployed in dangerous quarters, so when war was over there was no one to help with Addictions, except UNited Way, by Campo California...I stayed there met many war heroes addicted who brought Crystal Meth to US//Canada from Vietnam that spiritually destroyed our People. It has to be the worse of the worst.

  42. James Shannon

    True story. I was at a concert of his at the Hollywood Bowl. it started to rain He sang a little rain diddle and the rain stopped right then. The crowd went crazy it was an amazing event I am 69 now, will never forget Donovan

  43. Gerwyn Evans

    He was 19 when he wrote this lyrical and melodic gem

  44. Zoid-o Tron

    Now I have to follow this up with listening to Blowing In The Wind

  45. Kevin Wilson

    Why thumbs down a beautiful song obviously on day release from the straight jacket

  46. Woodie Thompspn

    We owe an unplayable debt to those wondrous writers an performers of music that becomes as much a part of our lives as the air we breathe as we hear them as those memories are forever stored !

  47. Budahbaba

    A woman for a man is a Good thing! Even on this early track, so nasal, his beautiful voice can get away with it!

    andreas obuaculla

    does that mean 2 men or women cant,be a good thing?

  48. Rain Man

    Got married in 1969 no tv but an old record player and plenty of good old songs to listen too and still married to my lovely wife XXX

    Victoria Hinton

    50 years this year! Congrats to you both! 🥂

  49. Tiffany Cotton


  50. Tommy Morgan

    What a truly special song! Only discovering it now

  51. Mobius Trip

    Sounds like Bob Dylan.

    ingrid MUldoon

    He wrote it I think

  52. Donald Jones

    never knew Donovan wrote this one .

  53. brad pertner

    So good...

  54. Bärbel Nitsche

    A nice greeting from ------------>>> long time ago . THANKS .

  55. 1333cc7

    All for Love & Love For All.

  56. T E R E N C E M C K E N N A B I T C H

    sounds alot like Bob Dylan

    Robert Kwiadar

    chimes of freedom?

  57. Thomas SMITH

    The USA had Dylan.
    Scotland had Donovan.

  58. Crystal Yang

    This song seems to make time stand still. Long live the 60's.



  60. anthony belcher

    Awesome 60s

  61. R Smith

    When you listen to this song and how it is beautifully sung, it just shows that programs like X Factor etc can only dream of finding a talent that comes remotely close to those stars of the 60s

  62. Frank Elwert

    Catch the wind....far to much speed, for Greta the Tunafisch. Ugly girl from sweden

  63. david evans

    my friend who plays this very well on his acoustic guitar I love you JOHN D

  64. Janelle Stuckey

    Then there's Donovan!!! Got to luv him.

  65. Amy Marie

    Love this

  66. Andy Oates

    Reminds me of The Wonder Years...and better days when life was simple

  67. ron freeman

    One of the first of the singing poets..and still great today..

    Gianluca john Attanasio

    Of course...

  68. Frank Goodall

    The UKs answer to Bob Dylan. Tune.

  69. Vidia 87

    Good Music

    Gianluca john Attanasio


  70. Tim Begg

    I always thought this was one of Bob Dylan's songs. The lyrics are truly beautiful!

    Gianluca john Attanasio

    Yes, beautiful lyrics, and the music does the rest...

  71. Dr. Cornelius Q. Cadbury

    Like bob dylan but can sing

  72. satchhuntzhall1

    Always the Wandering Minstrel


    theme song from the movie = SPOTSWOOD = set in Melbourne = with Anthony Hopkins, Russell Crowe, Toni Collette, Ben Mendelsohn, Alwyn Kurts

  74. Helen Murphy

    to lil dorothy i hope ya safe in nyc

  75. Themanwhocameback2


  76. Caroline Van Der Mescht

    First heard this aged 15 in the night forest of the Wolkberg played on a guitar. I went out and learned it immediately.

  77. Tabla Radio from India


    Gianluca john Attanasio

    yes, it is a masterpiece...

  78. Dawn Sutton

    "When rain has hung the leaves with tears...." too beautiful.

    rob knoop

    Agree. When lyrics touched the ears and the heart.

  79. Vin T

    For 'the one who got away'.

  80. Jennette Landes

    Our wedding song in 2007...

  81. andrew croft

    Not the original version. This has the harmonica added

  82. Daniel Priest

    Fantastic song

    Gianluca john Attanasio

    Yes, it's so beautiful... and full of nostalgia...

  83. Luis Olavarria

    Piano man has something similar with this song, both are great songs though


    Luis Olavarria...
    Yes...'think I may know what you mean.
    I've listened to many tunes that remind me of tunes I've heard before...and PARTS of SOME (of the new tunes I hear) bring to mind the tunes I heard yesrs before.

  84. Johnno

    deja vu, all over again!

  85. Chris

    i would play this record at that awful school,it would make me feel better.Great song thanks.lots of good vibes to all of you out there

  86. chesterescoto


  87. Ann Dunnachie

    Love you Janie...
    Love you Bigstuff!
    Both gone, but never forgotten ❤️

  88. ToddtheExploder

    Did Jimmy Page have a hand in the production here? Anybody know?

  89. Ray Lewis

    Much <3 through the years, <3 generation X

  90. colinadams7

    Love and you all🌈🌈

    Gianluca john Attanasio

    Love and peace to you...

  91. Tom Cat

    Ah… the memories! RESIST!!

  92. Super Horror Show

    I think the first time I heard this it was on The Wonder Years. Great song!

    Gianluca john Attanasio

    yes, great song...

  93. nasr1953

    The Scottish Dylan without doubt


    Nah, Dylan was the American Donovan.


    @EastOfBourne good shout !!

  94. Charlotte Fuller

    I love this song and this new song from Donovan's sutra's song as well, good one to sing along with at memorials and such Deep Peace:

  95. Steve. B

    Great song for cover version with chords and lyrics on screen go to >

  96. itisonlyadream

    I'm 77 and nearing the end of this journey. I've arranged to be cremated and have my ashes scattered at sunset from a boat in the Gulf of Mexico. Nobody I've known or loved in this life is still alive. Nobody I've known or loved will be there for the scattering of my ashes, but my last request is to have this song played as my ashes are scattered to the wind. Nobody I've known will be there to hear the song, only the people who are paid to be there will hear it. But this is my last wish, and t'would be the sweetest thing to know this beautiful song will be playing.

    Charlotte Fuller

    As Beauty is beauty whether it is understood and seen by others or not, so shall you be!<3

    Charlotte Fuller

    I want peeps singing this with song lyrics when I go #itisonlyadream

    Gianluca john Attanasio

    This song fits into our lives perfectly, as I'm also sure you'll stay on this earth for many years to come Peace.

  97. Ro Mc A

    Where are youNow. The story must be changed.

  98. fdo Milne

    Wich Harmonica Key it is please