Donny Hathaway - Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything) Lyrics

Let's get down now

I hear voices, I see people
I hear voices of many people
(Oh, yeah)
I hear voices, I see people
I hear voices of many people

Sayin' everything is everything
Yeah, oh, yeah

I hear voices, I see people
I hear voices of many people
(Oh, yeah)
I hear voices, I see people
I hear voices of many people

Yeah, they're sayin'
Everything is everything
(Oh yeah, shut up)
Let me do my [?]

Everything is everything
Everything is everything
Everything is everything
Everything is everything
(Yes, it is)

Everything is everything
(Yes, it is)
Everything is everything
(You gotta believe it now)

Everything is everything
(Don't you know now)
I say everything is everything
Oh, yeah

Everything is everything
Everything is everything
Everything is everything
Everything is everything

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Donny Hathaway Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything) Comments
  1. tim cox

    gotta chance to see his daughter lalah hathawy with anita baker, a month ago -- wow, lalah is her dad's daughter wholley, holy - both are blessed with the sultry-soulful vocal tones.I can recall me and my brother upon first hearing this tune back in 72 - we screamed when we heard Cornell Dupree's solo, and Willie Weeks too. we weren't impressed with Mike Howard, real talk. we loved Donny's sweet Rhodes electric piano solo - so special to that era --- the SEVENTIES, JACK. SOUL MUSIC - KING OF ALL MUSIC, BACK THEN. NO QUESTION.


    underrated live track such a f... groove

  3. bigreed43

    According to Maurice White's autobiography, he and Verdine was in the audience for this performance. Their younger brother was on drums.

  4. Dave Alpert

    Saw him close with this at the Fillmore East, opening for Leon Russell. Second act was Taj Mahal. Nobody knew who Hathaway was - then he blew the roof off.

  5. Drin H.

    Loved tji2s since high school❤

  6. A Face in the Crowd

    This reaches places other music does not.

  7. Col. Kurtz

    Love me some Willie Weeks!

  8. Russell Carpenter

    I'm back in high school!

  9. Joseph Lever

    Thinking about this a little more... His schizophrenic paranoia was probably the voices inside his head. Sad but amazing song

  10. the mighty joe

    22 deaf people checked it out apparently :-)

  11. Renaldo Alford

    To day it still has the originality , everything is still everything 🤗

  12. AlarmClock314

    Sick bass solo 8:35

  13. Narvia Williams


  14. Renaldo Alford

    WOW take's me back to a most wonderful time that's right Loved every minute of it **""""

  15. Renaldo Alford

    This is real down to earth music from the rooter to the Tooter,brings back the real Good Time's

  16. Marshall L Smith


  17. greg charlton

    Saw him at school (stony brook) before I knew who he was and they did this whole set. It was mostly an audience of stoned hippies and a smathering of others who knew nothing about the music. Didn’t know it then but this album was played everywhere on campus constantly after it hit the airwaves.

  18. Bryant Garrett

    Off the charts a real funky groove.

  19. SuperChargedDogs

    Too much trouble done sewed up the tracks xx

  20. eddiethek

    10 folks don't like this? Those peoples is crazy!

  21. Guillaume Llorca

    J'aime la Soul, avec mes tripes... J'en ai entendu des morceaux.... Mais celui ci... résonne en dedans, donne envie de Move... bouger... danser... suivre le rythme avec le corps... et partager... à l'instar de chaque musicien qui y va de son chorus... Chair de poule garantie... Musique de l'âme... ce qui prend son vrai sens ici...Encore ...

  22. Mark A. Lawrence

    Donny Hathaway was a great, great artist, Sadly you could fill his pain and suffering from the issues of his life in almost every song he song.

    Stephanie Pearson

    That's not sad, it's brilliant the way he is able to express himself through his music and everybody feels it in a supernatural way. I think it is awesome!!! Yeah that bass is the bomb!!!

    clenistine fortune

    +Stephanie Pearson Yes indeed Stephanie Pearson.

  23. rodrigo jofre

    That's a bass solo!!!!!!!!!

  24. Dale Howell

    Oldie but a goodie.

  25. CowbellProfessional

    Mistakes do happen. So far, 6 people accidentally disliked this.

  26. Patricia Wilson

    Willie Weeks get down on that bass

  27. Patricia Wilson

    Donny Hathaway was one of the bade st singer and had a bad band. I love his music til death take me away from here

  28. Ciarra Johnson

    🎁🎁"It's a blessing to be the daughter of the greatest singer who ever lived", Lalah told Abiola

    Jesse Liggins

    It was addictive in "72", just as addictive in2018

  29. Erratum

    Willie Weeks is a beast

    dave hathaway

    True that my bro from a know.Donny be rokken.Weaks is beast.yea

  30. kevin fairchild

    Ahhh....take me back!!!!!

  31. Ciarra Johnson

    LHM Now you know why Lalah is how she is...Wow

  32. Pop3395

    man oh man! I don't know what to say. four movements a musical education. Fo real.

  33. derezze

    I'm loving these comments down below!

  34. loveyouall66

    one of the best live recordings ever made. Cornel Dupree and  Willie Weeks are off the chain. would have loved to been there.

  35. william wade

    everything is everything just like it is what it is

    Patricia Wilson

    Music is my EVERYTHING

  36. jones1351

    I'm seeing black light posters; smelling incense and gonja, chiba-chiba. Mr. Peabody's Way Back Machine. I'm there. Thanks for the memories.
    Brother Donny and Willie Weeks!!!

  37. Uncle Peanut 38

    That was a true jam section!!

  38. Lawrence Forde

    Forty years ago, on my college radio time flies...Donny Hathaway was one of a kind...

  39. lepoetress

    Willie Weeks is on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire!!!!!

  40. lepoetress

    Reminds me of Saturday night in a smokey club, after midnight ..... man, had he lived, we'd have gotten more of this GREAT music!! RIP Mr. Hathaway, you are GREATLY missed!!!

  41. KalimbaKid

    I always come back to hear Willie Weeks walkin' that bass, but Cornell Dupree makes that guitar cry pretty good too.

  42. loveyouall66


  43. Ken Simonds

    Smokin' bass solo! Totally inspires my playing!

  44. ColinTheButthead

    Anger*. You know what else is fun, having a real life outside of youtube. Getting off the computer is fun you should try it.

  45. ColinTheButthead

    haha what the fuck are you saying? Why are you so angry?

  46. ColinTheButthead

    Dang man your originality is running thin. I think you are playing the whole name analysis thing out, and quick frankly its not very insulting or offensive.

  47. Pete Hairington

    I would have sacrificed my left nut to have been in the club the night this was recorded. Donnie was a God + thee sweetest man!! R.I.P. Donnie

  48. ColinTheButthead

    Somebody wants attention...

  49. Stefan-Oliver Horstkotte

    just to make sure @MrSlugg u better go the way of the dodo bird !!
    I love this music

  50. Stefan-Oliver Horstkotte

    go the way of the dodo bird

  51. Uncle Funk Groove


  52. Andrea Bonnett

    Crawl back under your rock Mr. Sluggo.

  53. Patricia P.

    anyone knows that tormented him so long to get the suicide?

  54. Patricia P.

    ohh my god, I hear this and I start to believe that angels exists , and Donny was an angel too good for this world

  55. Kathy20102010

    Donny Hathawa's music is EPIC!!! : )

  56. Mark Cole

    Willie laid a thick assed SHAG CARPET for this groove to rest on!

  57. Frank Stoner

    Sorry, it writes

  58. JoJoGunn1956

    It's not Racism when WE do it!

  59. DimestoreLiam

    Damn right; Willie Weeks is cool (I'm listening to this mostly 'cause of his playing), but James Jamerson was The Man... Detroit love, y'all...

  60. Dorothea Ashe

    Your brother gets his!!!!

  61. PatsBooks

    We are the Gods of the planet. This is Blackness - The African Soul. Of course our children, socially constructed whites, genetic recessives, must try to imitate their parents. Y'all exist because we exist. Everything beautiful comes from us.

  62. robert Smith

    Im very old skool when it comes to donnyhatway

  63. The Army You Have

    I stole so many licks from Mr Weeks

  64. Willie Minor Sr

    Yes and don't forget James Jamerson!!!

  65. Arthur J. Sutton

    Four movements...

  66. mya lee

    yes my brother is married but he is no longer in Nashville

  67. mya lee

    My brother Mr. Willie Weeks on bass he plays so lovely dont you agree

  68. mya lee

    yes my brother is very much alive and doing very well

  69. bassballs11

    Willie is alive and well and living in Nashville area. Just got married and last I saw was out with Eric Clapton.

  70. Lynn York

    Willie Weeks is without a doubt the best bass player of all time. At least in my life time. does any one know where he is or even if he still alive? If anyone can help me pls contact me @[email protected]

  71. kingcoach13

    good as willie was, larry graham set the standard.. and was the king. sorry. check him out here on youtube. type in "slap bass larry graham".judge for yourself. the thing about this song.. it has COUNTLESS awesome riffs from one end to the other.. is donny on the keyboard. just without peer when it came to change of tempo, nuance, creative wandering into previously unheard places. a musician trying to bust into the big time today should start right here & listen to donny for some inspiration

  72. Eduardo Cruz Alayo

    That fucking bass.

  73. fuzzyeggyolk


  74. Ronn Matlock

    Earl wasn't ready for this, either!

  75. Mark Di Marzio

    so funky ... so wonderful!

  76. house money

    bring it on---geto boys

  77. jsilence418

    See my comment i say amen to you !

  78. jsilence418

    Can I hear you testify for brother Willie Weeks, brothers and sisters, can I hear you ???

  79. michaelelendil1

    well, i guess it is a bit black....:)

  80. michaelelendil1

    this isnt church, this isnt black, this isnt white, this is the human rythm of Life! thanks 4 posting!

  81. Paris Tompkins

    Amazing piece of "church" music for the uplifting of your soul and spirit. Thanks for posting. Heeeeey!!

  82. MiesterStrecker

    Willie f-ing Weeks man! He's gotta be the most bad ass bass player next to Aston Barrett. So wish I had been at this show -- EPIC

  83. Natalie B

    bad ass bass

  84. exkeyboardplaya504

    My Mentor.....My Muse...

  85. Eddie Velasquez

    Thanks so much for posting. This is so show the complete artist. I appreciate it very much. Donny was gifted in so many ways and was very unique indeed. Very, very special.