Donny Hathaway - Misty Lyrics

Look at me
I'm, I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree
I feel like I'm clinging to a cloud
I can't understand
I get misty holding your hand
Yes I do
Walk my way
And a thousand, a thousand violins begin to play
It maybe the sound of your hello
Ooo the music
The music I hear
You know
I get misty whenever you're near
You can say that you're leading, leading me on
Lordy, but it's just what I want to hear
Haven't you noticed
How hopelessly in love
That's why
That's why I'm following you
Yes I am
Yes I am
On my own
Let me wonder
Let me wonder, you didn't want to let me know
Never knowing my right from my left
My half of my love
I'm too misty and too much in love
Yes I am
I'm too misty
Misty and too much
Too much, too much in love

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Donny Hathaway Misty Comments
  1. bb77077

    By the gods! This is real music.

  2. Ran Blake

    Classic recompostion !

  3. Wallace Dell

    If you put a thumbs down to this video or any of donny's videos. I rebuke you. He is my spiritual father and he saved me 8 years ago with his music. I was lost and the music found me.

  4. Kisha Washington

    Im 30 yrs old and hate i didnt grow up in this era of music! Donny was a musical genius. That voice...that soul....the instruments omg. He is my favorite singer!

  5. imbees2

    Never heard this song by Donny

  6. imbees2

    Vlord have mercy

  7. MESSIAH 1111

    GOAT STATUS.....

  8. Narvia Williams

    What a singing angel👼that Donny Hathaway was. That's why he was here on this earth for a short while.

  9. Carla Taylor

    This song gives me the same bliss of Donnies voice like this christmas.

  10. Erick L Williams


  11. Rosilyn MaKeba

    Only HE could make this song listenable-let's just say Donny's version is the only one that makes my playlist❤

  12. Angelica Renee

    I wish i could hear him sing Etta James "At last" 😔

    Trey Taylor

    I never thought about that but now I know he'd be perfect.

  13. Erick L Williams


  14. Lillian Galle

    He took Misty to church on this one. I mean a Sunday Go To Meeting service. Wow!

  15. Deb N

    Dammit Donny!!!!!!

  16. DragoNYC

    Still think of Fred Sanford Redd Foxx when I hear this song.

    Gatsby Light

    You still think of 'who'!?
    You big dummy.

  17. Martine1love

    So much heart and soul. What a voice; what a talent! LOVE ALWAYS!

  18. ben sekali

    21 jazzheads visited this cover

  19. The Green Bean Vegan

    so good

    Rosemary Clark Fisher

    Donny had one of the most amazing, soulful, voices, I've ever heard among many as well as a great pianist. You could just feel his spiritual vibe on & on. A musical genius gone too soon. But left us with his vocally genius flow thru his fabulous daughter Lalah & she brings it her own way. S.I.P Donny.

  20. Earthbeauty Wanda Farmer


  21. Azuriyah Carter

    im helpless as a kitten up a tree

  22. Azuriyah Carter


  23. Marc Hill

    Pure unadulterated G-E-N-I-U-S. Donny could rip the soul from one's being and give it back only if he felt like doing so. I smile and I cry simultaneously; I envy yet I respect. I honor and I salute YOU MR. HATHAWAY

  24. Bella

    Singing' from his soul to ours. Donny, we love you still.....and I get misty every time I hear your beautiful voice. Thank you for being on this earth, even tho' it was short. 🙏

  25. HeavenlyEvents

    oh yes!!!

  26. Tino 09

    Makes me wanna shout !!

    Krishna joshi


  27. leo cannon


  28. Will McC

    Man he is so deep in the pocket he's for sure gonna get lost if someone does not throw him a life line,,, TIGHT Horn section man.


    Will McC ...I like that. Donny is and was no joke... pure beast!

  29. SilentSeeker

    Just don't get any better then this.  His music reached down and touched the core of my soul.  Gone, but never forgotten Donny.

  30. Azuriyah Carter

    memories so many

  31. Basil Shahid

    Donny was a Musical Saint never fully appreciated but unparalleled!! :-)

  32. Neil Miles

    The first time I heard this song it was sung by Sarah Vaughn and I thought no one could do it better until now!!!Donny is so under-rated!!

    William Russell

    Lloyd Price covered this also.

  33. Daniel Flowers

    Beautiful song from one incredible voice.

  34. Kisha Washington

    Not gonna lie I cried a little when I first heard this song lol his voice & words touch my soul!!!

  35. Cindydst81

    The phrasing of his words, are like no other. I simply adore this cover of such a beautiful song, such an unsung artist gone too soon.

  36. Darius X

    Undisputed Soul Royalty, passion in every chord and note... what a talent, so tragic he was lost so soon..

    Mario Charleston

    Yes I agree

  37. Mike Helms

    You can hear his influence on little Stevie wonder


    Yeah! And George Benson, too.

    What a voice!

  38. Bundyfilms1

    Who in the f8ck put a thumbs down on this???????

    Andy Rob

    Bundyfilms1 Blasphemy!


    37 people, apparently.

    Gatsby Light

    _"thumbs down"_ ? Well, that's not really surprising...
    We've known for many years now that mental illness is a prevalent problem in the U.S.

  39. Latasha Bell

    Wanna cry so beautiful

    Jerry McRae

    feel you Latasha...

  40. Des johnson

    amazing work of genius

  41. Brad Chervel

    My face scrunches every 10 seconds damn!


    Me too .... God damn , I think I love this even more than the original !! 😍

  42. coldkat73

    Dam Dam Dam I LOVE IT 

  43. Ciarra Johnson

    All you need is for Lalah to sing this song and your life would be complete lol

  44. MsRockett88

    He could turn any song into a connection with the Spirit!! Our Spirit!!

  45. Kwiek Christian

    wow wow wow 

  46. Eric Kennedy

    This man's voice is awesome... And the song even more so...

  47. Rob Walker

    thank you for this

  48. Kathleen Mitchell

    I was referring to the lyrics in Ain't No Mountain High Enough,by Marvin with Tammy.

  49. Kathleen Mitchell

    By the way, Brsrkr77, for the record it's, "Never knowing hat from my glove" not. " my half of my love"....
    Not to worry for years I thought that Mavin was saying, "like a league of protectiveness" instead of the actual, " like an eagle protects it's nest".

  50. Marcus Alexander

    I had Isaac heyes on an album doing this solo on piano

  51. C. F

    Don't forget Otis Redding man!

  52. captebbtide

    Yes, and we lost them, along with Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye, far too soon. May they all rest in peace as we enjoy their music forever.

  53. madamoldschool

    I love Donnie Hathaway, Sam Cooke, and Otis Redding. They sang so effortlessly.


    madamoldschool indeed

  54. Felix Smith

    why can't i see more of this on tv instead fucking justin cunt beiber. Pure, soul filled, powerful amazing voice

  55. AXcellence

    I wonder what the name of the church that he just took us to is...

  56. MultiJaylea

    Close call,but i think Mr Hathaway just edges it.

  57. iza houd

    Quel délice, quelle voix ! Je ne m'en lasse jamais ! Merci M. Hathaway pour l'émotion suscitée ! J'ai besoin de vous écouter très souvent ! C'est vital !
    Je m'incline devant vous ! Grand Monsieur !

  58. joe smith

    and sam cook


    joe smith yes..Sam Cooke was the Man...King and Father of Soul.

  59. RAMLIA1


    Erick L Williams


  60. FrankWonderBeantown

    LOL Wasn't he in Kangaroo Jack?! LOL Anyway, Omar's girlfriend (or ex girlfriend, who is Keisha from Total) said he sounds like Donny when he sings. I was surprised, too.

  61. MrsD7777

    Omar Epps can sang???? Whoa i gotta hear him! Anthony Anderson always reminds me of "Kangaroo Jack" LOL!

  62. FrankWonderBeantown

    That would be great, but his family said that they would like someone who is a little on the heavy side because Donny was. Omar Epps wanted to play him because he sounds like him when he sings. I also heard that Anthony Anderson wants to play him.

  63. FrankWonderBeantown

    Don't forget about Marvin.

    Erick L Williams

    FrankWonderBeantown BY LAW

  64. Reggie Bee Black

    Typo 'Hamilton"

  65. Reggie Bee Black

    Yes Frank you are correct and Anthony Hamiton should play the part.

  66. FrankWonderBeantown

    There needs to be a movie made about him.

  67. Mahlercougar

    If any young people want to get a taste of what Donny was like I urge them to listen to his CD's and listen to this artist named FRANK MCCOMB (I think Frank comes *very* close to Donnys vocal style)
    Mind you no one can replace DH but give Frank a listen..
    God Bless

  68. Mahlercougar

    I agree with you 100%. The way I see it, is that Donnies presence in the world of R&B is more like... subliminal. There are so many artists from Brian Mcknight to Frank McComb and countless others that all list Donny Hathaway as a major influence in their music. His story is so sad and I still think and agree with you that SOOOOO many people are unaware of his legacy *BUT* so many people , on the other hand, feel his presence and not even realize it.
    I miss Donny so much :(

  69. RedNoir

    I agree but where is MS Patti Patti. She is def. up there too.

  70. Carvaughn Cullins

    Donny Hathaway is unquestionably a top 10 R&B musician of all-time. So many are unaware of his great legacy, but they simply don't know what they're missin. Donny Hathaway is one of those rare artists/vocalists who make music worth listenin to. Nothin like a Donny treasure.

  71. Jennifer Robinson

    Wow...I've heard many versions of this song, none quite like this. I love Sarah Vaughn's version but this...I like it.

  72. El Canal Desconocido

    Creole soul 100%

  73. WonderfulWil1

    Both of those guy did a great job with the song but you can't compare the styles that they sang it in.

  74. gfine2000

    Come on people, proofread your stuff before you post, please! What a talent Donny was. Apparently, I'm at a loss for words. I can use every adjective in world and I still couldn't find one that truly describes Donny's talent both vocally and musically. No one did it or does it better till this day. I truly wish he were still here with us. He would have also been a great teacher of the arts as well. He was absolutely an astounding talent!

  75. doubledeck01

    It just dont yet better than this!!!

  76. Josalyn Buchanan

    Donny Hathaway was Donny Hathaway, he just "Did it His way and is is Beautiful .

  77. jus southern

    I love this!!!! Sang..sang...LEGEND....!!!! Music makes you sing and move to the lyrics.

  78. Cleveland Gordon

    This fellas voice is just gold!!!!!!

  79. jevryday84


  80. LadieRed718

    My favorite version of this song... thanks for uploading it!

  81. MrRashaun8821

    Fav song of ALL TIME!! I just cant get over this dudes voice!

  82. Risse227

    WOW! Never heard this before! I feel like I found a buried treasure!

    pepper sleeves

    30th time today listening....looooooord have mercy

  83. dusttracks


  84. tnkd3

    Incredible, delicious, goodness gracious!!!!!

    pepper sleeves

    he connects me to my own soul