Donnis - Underdog Lyrics

[Verse 1: Donnis]
Country boy, Country raised so we Country cool
AC, Bayside is the high school, I go hard 'cause I'm playing for the high score
But they don't seem to want the Country here no more
Iraq so combat is imminent, so violent is how we tend to get
Hip-Hop is my house, you a tenant bitch and the rent's due
You want some tissues or do your tears dry on their own Mister Winehouse?
What's there to wine about? Man, let me find out
That these niggas is getting feelings like females
And they turn G on they G-Mail, I will prevail
I could've touched this, no prevail but I ain't here to get the details
'Cause that ain't me, hell, I'm just a product of the scars
And even young Simba must engage in war 'cause it's hard
When you're the underdog, underdog, underdog, underdog...

[Verse 2: Donnis]
Roadrunner trying to run it like an athlete
I'm the bomb bitch, ACME, they hear me knocking but won't let me in
But when you are far away from home, you are an alien
So I blended in, then got on track with a track, ain't peep the contract
Decided to fall back, Cudi called back and it sent him through the roof
That was enough proof to show me I could do it too
So Cudi's On The Moon and Drake's So Far Gone
I'm Finally Famous like my boy Big Sean, this is the prelude to a dream
That I ain't even seen so I'm a tie this bowtie and I'm a iron my jeans
I got a little clean, opportunity's knocking, the labels call the numbers
Like a God damn option, nobody was watching
I ain't feel like a star, a star, a star, a star
I felt like an underdog, underdog, underdog, underdog, underdog...

[Verse 3: Donnis]
I was up every night, trying to get it right
I damn near went crazy trying to get it right
Now I see the light like a new born Christian
I'm the prescription for deaf sound launga
I am the karma for the lean and rocking, Down South CEO tried to stop him
'Cause ring tone money ain't nothing to play with
The Summer's getting old and they got that same spit, don't need you outshining them
So the best way to keep you in the dark is not signing him
But the clouds can't block the young sun for too long
I say we give change like a God damn coupon, put my crew on
Then hop in the V-necks, then put my crew on
They'll hop in the V's next, not in convention, everybody gon' see checks
Aretha Franklin owe me one and it's respect
Niggas will neglect when you're better than them
Won't let you spend one twelve if you boxed the son
Fuck them 'cause I'm on, I'm on, I'm on and no longer the underdog
No longer the underdog, no longer the underdog dog, I'm no longer the underdog

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