Donnie Iris - Cross The Rubicon Lyrics

Maybe one day
When we're tired of thinking
We'll fall into
Each other's arms
And maybe one day
We'll get tired of blaming the drinking
And we will

Cross the rubicon
You and I
Cross the rubicon
To the other side

And maybe one day
We'll get so tired of resisting
That we will give in
Maybe one day
You will kiss me like I kissed you darlin'
And tell me that
You want me too
And we will

Let's sail tonight
Don't worry 'bout tomorrow
The rest of our lives
Are filled with tomorrows
So quiet your mind
Let's put out to sea
This captains ready
So darlin' won't you sail with me?

This ain't no game
This ain't no game

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Donnie Iris Cross The Rubicon Comments
  1. Robert Cullen

    Just curious, did you have to get permits for these shoot locations lol? Very nice work guys. Love the bullet club shirt.

    Scott Wawrzyniak

    Robert Cullen we got permission from the local police, they said if it was at a certain time, they were cool with it. So it was the Diet Coke of gorilla film making lol. Basically a handshake agreement.

    Scott Wawrzyniak

    I wore the Bullet Club shirt to continue to support independent wrestling, keeping in line with our previous video. The video was shot before AEW started but I love the movement wrestling has right now, and I wish music had that like it used to

    Robert Cullen

    Scott Wawrzyniak yea, the music biz sucks now. I’ve played a lot of shows in empty clubs.


    This is SOOOOO GOOOD!!!! btw it’s Shawn :-). That bass tone; holy crap

  3. Jeremy41982

    Awesome video for an awesome song. 🤘🏻🤘🏻

    Scott Wawrzyniak

    Jeremy41982 thank you

  4. OFNR Studios

    kick ass work ya'll \m/ Very cool video, well shot, and the song ain't half bad either :)

    Scott Wawrzyniak

    OFNR Studios thank you bro