Donnie Iris - Come, Come, Come Lyrics

I need so bad
To shed this skin
Come, come, come
I seek forgiveness
For my sins
Come, come, come

Tis salvation that we want
Come, come, come
But only life that we get
Human life and human death

All I want is someone to hold me
Yeah hold me close until I sleep

Momma prayed so hard for this night
So come, come, come
She must have lit a million vigil lights
Come, come, come

I'm never gonna be nobody's hero
I know
I'm just an ordinary man

And I'm tryin' to do the best I can
Tryin' to hold on to the wheel
Feel like a damn chaufer
So tired of goin' absolutely no where
Too blind to drive
Too proud to pull over
Pull over
Pull over

Don't shower me with holy water
Don't ring those bells
Faith is a gift
We simply give
To ourselves

Lose those bell bottom blues baby
Put your old 45's back on the shelf
All this time I didn't stalk ya
I've been stalking myself
It's ok to change all
Middle of the stream
Cause sometimes a man needs to change
Wants to pull out a new dream

Momma says salvation's
Just a step away
Release yourself
Your soul you'll keep
Surrender your heart to the night
She says try to relax and get some sleep
I'll be on the quiet
In a voice as thin as a laser
I still hear them screaming
And touch me like a razor
Show me there's a better place
And take me to the river
I do believe
I do believe

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