Donell Jones - New Beginning Lyrics

Yo, this a new beginning

Let me make sweet love to you, baby
I wanna show you what's next, it's too early, hah yeah
Light the perfumed candles baby
Like that fire and that scent you burn
From the petal to the chicks you've countered
Whenever we meet up it don't even matter
Just want to be in your friends every day
And making love to you is like a view that moves
It's an evolution to me, love and wait for me
You love and you feel true
Welcome to forever!

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Donell Jones New Beginning Comments
  1. Cláudia Feitosa

    Donnell Jones forever !! 😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Apryl Gholston

    man this brother is hotter than Fish Grease. On real walkie walkie-talkie. Donellj has you on track now even better you're more connected in your words I'm loving this s***. and I'm happy for you both give my love to Jasmine , and I holla back real soon....😉💞 ya'each

  3. Melanie Williams

    wish it was longer

  4. Wise Rap

    classic Donell as always