Don Williams - We've Got A Good Fire Goin' Lyrics

There's a storm rollin' over the hill
And the willow trees are blowin'
I'm standin' here starin' out the window
Safe and warm
I feel her put her arms around me
And its a good feelin' I'm knowin'
Oh, I've got a good woman
And we've got a good fire goin'.

We've got a feast on the supper table
And bread for breakin'
A blessing from the Lord
For makin' me such a fortunate man
The light of my life in the candle
Her face a glowin'
Oh, I've got a good woman
And we've got a good fire goin'.

So let it rain
(let the rain fall down)
Let it rain
It won't do nothin' but kindle
A never ending flame
Let it rain
(let the rain fall down)
Let it rain til mornin'
Oh, I've got a good woman
And we've got a good fire goin'.


Now there's a hard rain fallin' on the roof
Coffee comin' from the kitchen
I'm lyin' here listenin' to the ceiling
On the living room floor
I feel her lay down beside me
My love is overflowin'
Oh, I've got a good woman
And we've got a good fire goin'.

So let it rain
(let the rain fall down)
Let it rain
It won't do nothin'
But kindle a never ending flame
Let it rain
(let the rain fall down)
Let it rain til mornin'
Oh, I've got a good woman
And we've got a good fire goin'.

Oh, I've got a good woman
And we've got a good fire goin'...

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Don Williams We've Got A Good Fire Goin' Comments
  1. Ron Smith

    Great backup by the Gatlin Brothers.

  2. Juliet Baiden

    One of his best and I love it so much

  3. maureen abance

    jimreev es

  4. Diana Hayse

    Not funny this fire is really hot. Help me baby. Great song. Great Singer. This I dedicate to someone. Help me please!!! Begging!!! Puppy dog eyes. Lol

  5. Di Bn

    Thank you for loving me so dear...

  6. Charles Matanda

    Don Williams was a great great musician..... MISRIP

  7. Vikki Smith

    Beautiful song by one of Greatest Legendary in country music.

  8. Di Bn

    Let the fire of love burn us to give the warmth of it....

  9. Bonnie Elton Oor

    Never ending deed...

  10. Di Bn

    And you do feel it on your side love.......Thank you dear Don. W...R.I.P. do light our flames of love ...with your beautiful songs...

  11. Andrew Osikore

    Iam from Pacific island... I love your songs and as a gentleman feel satisfy.. Love you Don... RIP

  12. Jacqueline Ganem

    Um homem de arrasar quarteirão belo mas está feliz dando continuidade a sua vida no mundo espiritual 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  13. lora Schultz

    We do have a good fire going. LOML

  14. Di Bn

    Hmmm.....Love You ..Love You...Love You....Nothing seems to put off the Fire of our Love dear....I wish we could keep the rest of the world around us warm too....

  15. Danai Tamburai

    You live forever in our hearts.Always remembered. Love you D.W.

  16. Di Bn

    Love enflames the wick of life...

  17. wilfred heggart

    I love this song and I love you Devon salmond

  18. Kamau Brian

    Anyone listening in 2019?

  19. Jacqueline Ganem

    Um luxo iloveyou um brindaco 🍹♥️ as boas vibrações positivas que nos embalam na paz infinitamente maior

  20. Jacqueline Ganem

    Iloveyou sempre 👍🌷💋❤️

  21. Dave Wollenberg

    RIP, Don.

  22. Bob Dant

    Dave Logins wrote this, just in case you wanted to know.

  23. Brenda Wright

    Let the rain fall til morning.

  24. Bob Dant

    WHY don't 'they' give writer credits? I'd really like to know. (Nevermind, thanks Eddie!)

  25. Nhlanhla

    Don must have had a fair share of enemies, I wonder why. I keep seeing a significant number of dislikes in all his songs and I can't help wondering what is there to dislike

  26. nemesisgenius

    Shame this ballad spent 2 weeks at #1 on Radio & Records country charts . but only #3 on Billboard. "One Good Well, "Back In My Younger Days", "True Love", and "I've Been Loved By The Best " are all #1 country songs on all charts!! So there!!

  27. lil guapo

    rip don ❤️

  28. Gagan B

    He is gifted artist and fortunate man . His voice is flowing in my heart and I feel I've a good fire going.

  29. Margaret Nyokabi

    this is simply amazing ...full of passion.

  30. Eddy Lord Luggard

    Conscience and passion, voices of the soul. The earth, the sound of perseverance. RIP gentle giant

  31. Marryann Lamb

    Thanks for sharing great song loved it

  32. Iyke H Ifedilo

    The perfect song for that cold rainy night when you are stuck indoors with your woman. Just the two of you.
    Love you Don. You are one of the greatest.

  33. joel njumawoui lago

    il chantais tres bien mais son caractere raciste ne nous permet pas de le considerer.

  34. Joe Somz

    This is my favorite songs of Don Williams. Very relaxing song.

  35. Linda David

    yeah me got me a good man

  36. Lomuria Ethekon

    All time great

  37. Kagiso Michael

    I so love this song

  38. Rebecca Jewell

    Great song love all Don Williams songs Thank you 🍀🍀🍀

  39. Lucy Njambi

    This song warms me inside out...I pray and hope one day I find a man who feels like this about me and I feel the same🙏🏽

  40. T Beav

    I'd like to get my hands on the 30 people who didn't like this song!

  41. Sonzo Humud


  42. sirlancealot07

    What a good voice and good story behind his music

  43. Andrew. Mauka

    With wifey

  44. Jean Pickard

    So lovely. :)

  45. Brian McKee

    And the taste of life's sweet wine !

  46. Brian McKee

    This or I Recall a Gypsy Woman Like you say one of the sexiest song that you'd play in front of your Grandmother.

  47. claudia miozza

    God had seen fit to endow Don Williams with the power to turn all love around us into music, with his unique singing voice..just pure magic at work

  48. Charles Allen

    I've got a good woman and we've got a good fire going!

  49. Blake Ratliff

    Just when you thought Don Williams had recorded every good song that existed, he came out with this one. Don Williams "The Gentle Giant" has never recorded a Bad song in fact ALL of his songs are absolutely Beautiful. I am so glad that I got to see him in concert.

  50. Cheryl Kooiman

    This was the song that we chose for our wedding dance 29 years ago. Still married to the same wonderful man. Thank you Mr. Williams for a wonderful song. Rest in peace.

  51. Slim Jones

    Beautiful song. Rest In Peace Don and thank you for your music.

  52. Charles Ward

    The rain of the entire music community is falling at the loss of Sir Don! He was one of God's gifts to those who find peace in the simplicity and honesty of uncompromised lyrics.

  53. Nwadiugwu Amaka

    RIP Don your song will be remembered and loved .

  54. Victor Muhadi

    RIP legend, i am mourning

  55. Zaina Wahid

    RIP king of country .. your music will live forever.

  56. I.B. Strokin

    RIP Don. Thank you for so much you gave us, especially that voice.

  57. Mizo Book Club

    Gentle Giant,Rest in Peace,lay on the cold ground and rise live gently among the serene angels where you will feel eternal bliss and sing the Lord's praise forever.Wait for us on the pearly gates !!Rest In Peace Legend Rest in Peace

  58. T Jacobs

    RIP , Don Williams❤️

  59. Wesley Jillson

    I'm a metalhead by nature but I cannot deny the genius that was Don Williams. Rest In Peace, Gentle Giant.

  60. Erik Kaldor

    My favorite Don Williams song. RIP. Your music was beautiful.

  61. David Mathers

    RIP Dr. Don the doctor of songs

  62. A H

    Rest in peace.

  63. Shelly Romero

    This song simply grounds me.... I could listen to it over and over. Innocent and seductive all at the same time. You will be certainly missed!

  64. Tim Malin

    Thank you, Don. Thank you for meaning so much to me all of my life. I will never ever replace the feelings your music provides me. Glad to have seen you in person twice... Godspeed my friend, may you deliver a gorgeous concert to the angels.

    Mizo Book Club

    Wish i could have seen him,it was a life goal of mine!May he rest in peace.....butoH LOrd!Please Have mercy on a country boy

  65. Paul Anim

    I always relaxed with such music, may he have a long life,Oh don

  66. Nicole Talbot

    I just love Don Williams.

  67. wilfred heggart

    no after party at my wedding no friends just a private wedding m]for me and sam

  68. Kiruki Paul

    This song reminds me of my campus days. I could listen to this album on a rainy evening and the memories of that feeling are indescribable....this song and Phil Collins 'Everyday'

  69. Siddie Dee01

    I've always loved this man. Don, you are the BEST

    percy katehwe

    RIP Gentle Giant,the legacy lives on

    Juliet Baiden

    Thanks Don for giving me some joy may your soul rest in peace

  70. Celtic Joan

    Oh Don, wish the rain and the fire were going here with me!

  71. Charles Jewure

    Whenever i listen to this song, i just feel good. Nice song!

  72. Bob Dant

    listening to this song is better than a valium

    Gary Davis

    Haha...thats true!!

  73. Sarah Garcia

    my dad dedicated this song to my mom the first day he seen her I remember he would play this song an sing it after she passed away I was only 16 I miss u mom rip an I miss u dad rip its only been 7 months you've been gone but my heart hurts everyday you guys aren't here

  74. Eddie Edwards

    It's a pity that no-one has mentioned the song writer Dave Loggins - he's also supplying the backing vocals on this recording. Great song - beautifully presented

    J Maddox

    Eddie Edwards Did you ever stop to think maybe nobody was aware of it?
    If people weren’t aware of it why would you blame them for not bringing it up?

  75. jasmim silva

    Very good, I love to hear it.

  76. Locanda Skansen

    bello, romantico e geniale.....

  77. Rick Bruni

    Don Williams - We've Got A Good Fire Going

    sherry Johnson

    No one better.a man,his guitar on stage.sawhim in Huntsville concert I ever seen

  78. bentu71

    Just superb

  79. 1326boatguy

    A Dave Loggins song with Don Williams singing lead and  Dave singing back up.  One of the best!

  80. Michelle Ludlow

    a song full of so much memory. he's a genius performer and I can't think of a single bad song he ever did....but this one is special.

  81. Yvonne Thomas

    brilliant singer and a great song writer, he had it all

  82. Jay


  83. Amber Girl 78

    great tune love it!!

  84. cntrailrider

    What an example of a musician and a man.

  85. Tony Edmond

    "...a feast on the suppertable..."  This song, the composition, arrangement, performance is tops.  Sophisticated, timeless, poetic even.

  86. Loon Kahsuhn

    Loon sez: It's hard from me to imagine him doing anything else but singing the tunes he does.... born to the craft. I'm known to rock but before 'rock 'n' roll', I grew up with this kind of American music. And now and then, nothing else will do. Right now, for example.

    mike Lindemann

    agreed.what a great tune.and performer.and writers.technicians.sounds fantastic!!!!

  87. Jean Bernard RETOWA

    cette chanson me rappel mon voyage a okondja a l est du GABON

  88. Anthony Onyema Okolie


  89. DJ SenY UG

    wow the great Ever 

    DJ SenY UG

    i like za song

  90. Carolyn Demers

    Don Williams...The Best Ever.  

  91. Antony Gathecha

    Magnificient Don Williams does it again

    Lilly Marlette

    true love song

  92. James Wainscoat

    What a song for where our life is right now. November evening, 23 degrees outside, a good woman next to me, and a good fire going. Life is good.   Scoat

  93. Babongile Thango

    My loooooove is over flowing...

  94. Lasse 1964

    Don williams it was of the 80s the best man singer of country.I love him so much.

  95. Menka Khan

    When I'm happy when l am sad or just want to be alone or need company all I need is to hear don williams n all s right in my u and bless u.

    Sydney Farrell

    Menka Khan there's no easy listening like don

    Dinwell Chingangu

    My hero in country music. The legend Don Williams RIP always remembered.

  96. Michelle

    Gotta dedicate this one to the best dance partner ever!  32 years now.  Love ya Deb W. !!

    Carol Baker

    The "Gentle Giant" never gets his voice.

  97. eke ndukwe Odum

    Ekeson ndukwe odum
    Hé lit my life like a candle
    M'y love is overfloying

  98. Michelle Brewer

    This song is so good

  99. Michelle Brewer

    This song is so good