Don Williams - This Side Of The Sun Lyrics

I thought I'd be an angel
And fly on astral skies
I thought I'd wear a fanciful disguise
And It's taken me a lotta time
To find out I'm not one
An outlaw on the run,
On this side of the sun.

I hoped I'd be a champion
And live without a care
I thought I'd change the world,
Make it just and fair
But my youth slipped by before my eyes
Much to my surprise
Before I had begun,
On this side of the sun.

Out on this end of the wind
Winter's coming 'round the bend
You pray for rain, before you know,
You're standin' in a foot of snow
So you pull your coat up to your chin
Pick your shovel up again
'Cause your work is never done,
On this side of the sun.


I took it to a fortune teller
I thought that she might help me
She looked into my eyes
And smiled mysteriously
But she didn't know as much as me
I stared back, dejectedly
'Cause I know where she's from,
This side of the sun.

Out behind these prison walls,
Dark clouds come and hard rains fall
You pause a moment for a dream,
They row you gently down the stream
You wake up angry in the night,
Jump up, ready for the fight
But the war is never won
On this side of the sun.

Now they tell me music
Can free a person's soul
So I sing a song everywhere I go
But It's not much different than before
I'm still looking for the door
I wonder if there is one,
On this side of the sun...

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