Don Williams - Shot Full Of Love Lyrics

Once I had a heart cold as ice,
Love for me was only for fun.
I'd make a mark for each broken heart
Like notches on the butt of a gun.

Once I had a trick up my sleeve
And a reputation all over town.
I was heartless and cold wherever I'd go,
I shot down every young girl, I found.

Yes, I used to be a moonlight bandit.
I used to be a heartbreak kid.
Then I met you and the next thing I knew,
There I was, Oh, shot full of love.

Well, who'd have thought that someone like you,
Could take a desperado like me,
But oh, here I am, I'm as meek as a lamb,
My bleeding heart's there at your feet.

Yes, I used to be a moonlight bandit.
I used to be a heartbreak kid.
Then I met you and the next thing I knew,
There I was, Oh, shot full of love.

Yes, I used to be a moonlight bandit.
I used to be a heartbreak kid.
Then I met you and the next thing I knew,
There I was, Oh, shot full of love...

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Don Williams Shot Full Of Love Comments
  1. Blue exorcist

    Who is listening to this song at dec 30 ?💜

  2. Lalhmunmawia Hmuna

    Anyone who like me in 2019

  3. Tluang Ralte

    Billy Ray cyrus sak kha nalh ka tizawk.

  4. Reuben Zorema


  5. Rama Nghaka

    a va la nalh teh lul em thla eng hnuai ah pawh

  6. Asenla Longchar

    😍😍 love it

  7. Deshahauhulh Deshahauhulh

    Don Williams a zai ngaithla theia kan awm ringawt pawh hi malsawmna ropui tak a ni e

  8. Ngatarmi Ngaleknao

    Anyone in 2019
    11/12/19 stiil my fav 🥰🥰🥰

  9. Xela pachuau

    Anyone on December 2k19😍😍

  10. zuii fanai

    Tu emaw min ti hrechhuak! Ka lung a ti leng

  11. Simplicity is my brand

    Still the best 👍


    I'm fucking loving this song 😍😍😍

  13. Lal Lawmnakima

    Anyone in December?

  14. jovan kato

    2020 will find me here

  15. Akhumla Chang

    Anyone November 2019🙋?

  16. Blessing Kuame

    Wow v good❤❤❤

  17. Rsi Siakhel

    Mizo an va tam ve

  18. Lalremruata Angtea

    Ngaihawm ve.., Mizo nih auam e te lo ti ve ngawt ila, 😇

  19. Lomoma Fanai

    25 Nov 2k19 ah poh ka hnuk ati ulh trep🤧🥰😘

  20. zothanmawia zotea

    Tluk tu an la vang ani nunhlui min hriat chhuah tir rum rum thin 😔

  21. Zachamo Ezung

    7:30 Am Nov 23 2019 listening from Nagaland (India).

  22. JhayMar Malaga

    Still listening november 22,2019

  23. Christy Ralte

    November 22👍👍

  24. Melody Zonunmawii

    November 21 2019 zing dar 8:51am

  25. Shankhil Robert

    Shot was full, while making love. I really the song cos it really touched my heart when I think of my ex who got married to someone else leaving me behind all alone. Not and never my fault. I went in search of a job so that both of us can have a happy and bright family future. But while I was suffering days and nights, sometimes sleeping empty stomach on the roadside, far, away from home, with no one to take help from. But I never used to loose my faith and hope on her. I kept on thinking of her and my burdens used to fed away even if l suffer alot. In the midst of all this, l got the shot in my heart about the news of her marriage to someone else. What a shot in the heart. Oh... Shotful love. 😭😭😭😭

  26. ramthara khiangte

    Mizo duh ve fe2 kanlo tam hle anh hi

  27. Ngura Sailo

    Ka duh bang theilo

  28. Joker Shimrah

    Who said he's dead?

  29. Annette Moore

    Nov 9, 2019

  30. Alice Mate

    November 8, 2019😊 Old is gold❤💕

  31. Mahruaii Mahruaii

    Tunah pawh ala nalh e

  32. Ao Naga

    Nov 6..2019 still a die hard fan of Don William 😍 country vibes..

    Manen Asula


  33. Hai li Hai

    Hello Nagaland

  34. Asek Kom

    love this song

  35. Alfie Lang Kuys

    Benguet philippines ❤️


    2019 October????still missing this song

  37. Henry Princent

    To all those about to read the comments..Like here😄😄

  38. Abe Yeptho

    Anyone 30th oct 2019??? 💞

    Lenba Sungdok

    Miss a asa

  39. Inahoka Awomi

    Anyone in Oct 2019

  40. Kima Pachuau

    i thiam ber eee

  41. Gideona Lalhnehpuia

    Ka va han ngaithla kham thei lo tak che em...

  42. Damascus Dhar

    "I shot down every young girl I met"

  43. Mesak Pulamte Pulamte

    Miss it.. 😭😭😭😭

  44. Izuku Midoriya

    Anyone 2019

  45. PM 16

    Anyone from Arunachal??

  46. Pachuau Mapuia

    October 10, 2019 ah pawh a la ngai reng e

    Linda B Tetei

    Dik chiah

  47. Mulukhoyi Dozo

    Anyone October ?
    Press the button if you listen now

  48. Benjamin Ngaihte

    Oh my memories

  49. Lalmama khiangte

    2 Semtember 2019 11:58pm ka ngaithla ning thei thlawtlo he hla hi chuh..

  50. Sangma Darwin

    Love you Don

  51. Thotchan wungkhai

    Anyone 2019 September

  52. Zrc fanai

    2019 September 25 ah pawh a nalh dan a la ngai reng mai. 😢

    Linda B Tetei

    13.oct ah pawh hian ala nalh viau tho😁

    Zodinthangi Zodini

    Ni ngot mai

    Rairahtea Sailo

    25 october 2019 ah a la nalh zual

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    December 2019

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    This Song Make my Childhood Awesome ❤️😘🙏🎤🎧🎶🎵

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  61. MR. TOROGI


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    Zo ṭawngin aw.....
    A nalh......Sawi dan dang vak a awm lo..

    Lal Lawmpui

    Lalrammuanpuia Lalrammuanpuia 😆😆

  66. Michael Jordan

    I like dis music

  67. Lalrongai Pangamte

    All time best of the best,,,

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  69. Imna jungshi

    We sang this song in our school house competition and we won blue house

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  79. albert very nice itd very interesting vidio for me

    Every noon and the night' if I leasing thise song I remember my gf

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    Well who'd have thought that someone like you, Could take a Desperado like me

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