Don Williams - In The Mornin' Lyrics

When the sun comes up
And it's time to get up in the mornin'
Will you think of me
And how it oughta be in the mornin'
Well, I don't know why
You could say goodbye
And I can't see how you could be
Anywhere but here with me
In the mornin'.

Where was I
When you made your move to go away
Where was I
I didn't hear the things I've always heard
Or always said.


Well, it's no lie
I never thought about it, not a day
And I'll tell you why
I really thought we always tried to say
What should be said.

When the sun comes up
And it's time to get up in the mornin'
Will you think of me
And how it oughta be in the mornin'
Well, I don't know why
You could say goodbye
And I can't see how you could be
Anywhere but here with me
In the mornin'...

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Don Williams In The Mornin' Comments
  1. reynaldo doroteo

    La mejor música country

  2. Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    This song was written and performed by Townes Zandt. Both versions are absolutely beautiful.

  3. Carolina R.

    November 2019 and FOREVER 🌹🤠💚🇧🇷

  4. Ornon Vasconcelos Mota

    Too bad it's not between us anymore.

  5. christianaboah

    1K dislikes? Smh

  6. Silrak Marak

    Nice songs

  7. Jose Junja

    Here l'm. Good

  8. Luís Fernando

    Minha infância 🦊🦊🦊🦊

  9. Brian Mills

    Don Williams sure was good. His songs will be around for a very long time. I educate my children when a great like this comes on the radio.

  10. Yvonne Denise Kalimba

    Don, was the love of my life that I never got a chance to meet! You filled my youthful days with love I will always love you Don!

  11. Helena Vogrinec Hribar

    The Voice. So few these days.

  12. Scott O

    This is the best he ever sang it. How did his voice never age?

  13. Chandan Mohanty

    I keep coming back to this song....🤗😍😍😍

  14. Tony O keeffe

  15. Unnikrishnan S

    A gifted artist who cannot be replaced.

  16. country collapse

    Hard to think he's been gone 2yrs

  17. salma al shami


  18. Bud Hoddinott

    Give a listen to Townes

  19. Puia Khawlhring

    Beautiful voice and have a big voice that i don't have, who said he is a perfect artist even the world or your mind just like it

  20. Roddy BUSAMBU

    October 2019

  21. mega mind

    Want to know how big and famous Don Williams is....seen tons of his CDs sold in Nairobi, Kenya.....and I have never even ones seen 50 cent or P diddy CDs in the street

    John Forrest

    Don't forget the Pacific Islands.. Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, New Caledonia, Vanuatu.. I grew up listening to the great man.. My first Cassette tape was Dons.. love from Papua New Guinea.

  22. Christian Bernard-Bouissieres

    Not that keen on country music, I like DW's voice though. He sure was a very good singer.

  23. Claudiu Gavrilă

    Descansa en paz MEJOR DE LOS MEJORES RIP

  24. Abdull Twahir

    Rip bro

  25. Martin Ramirez


  26. Shedrack Azubuiike

    Am listening delightfully

  27. Robert Ramane

    Umuntu uyafa kodwa izibongo ziya sala

  28. mrbeaverstate

    Does he ever age?

  29. Bokap Bukan Bokep

    i listening this song in the morning, with sun at my village, and black coffee. Respect From Indonesia.

  30. Carolina R.

    I miss you Don 😔😔

  31. skinheadsbowling

    Great but no one can touch Townes singing this beautiful creation of his..

  32. olga Meureureu goin

    Don Williams mon idole...

  33. RiverDriftin

    Written by Townes Van Zandt

  34. Ingrid Sjöberg

    He is one of the best!!!!!!! Love from Vilhelmina Sweden

  35. Peter Mburu

    The gentle giant

  36. Tina Gapad

    I love this the lyrics

  37. Daniel Munyaka

    Continue resting in peace Legend 🤴

  38. Romel franco Marchan velasquez

    Lo mejor de la musica el ritmo country

  39. Beatriz Elena Colorado

    His singing is so beautiful. I love it.

  40. mrbeaverstate

    Sounds just as he did 40 years ago...amazing.

  41. samestudiocreation

    10% genuinely enjoying this song
    90% surveying

  42. Hamed Ardehali


  43. Hari Ginanjar

    Nice country song 👍❤😍

  44. Eduardo Angello

    Paraguay agosto 2019!!

  45. mehmet akkuş

    he is gone but never family loves him his music that brought them happiness thank you to him because my brother was inspired by him and now my kid brother did what he learned from this great man....GOD BLESS HİS SOUL..

  46. Dither Quiambao

    Still watching August 2019 ❤

  47. Han reality.

    His voice lives on in our quiet moments

  48. Debra Cambron

    Beautiful song

  49. nathan too

    August, 2019

  50. Saintzfan

    Classic country.It don’t get any better than this.Rip Mr Williams my god lead you and guide you on journey in heaven.

  51. Jaspers263 Kizalumira

    Vraiment Don Williams est un artiste qui attire beaucoup plus les onde de mon plus frond du coeur quand j'entend l'une de ses musics,que Dieu lui protège tout au long de sa vie,...

  52. libertyn jeopardy

    Years From Now my wife and my wedding song, still going strong 37 years now, thanks gentle giant. AMDG

  53. David McCracken

    Everyone that disliked can sleep with the dog until morning

  54. Drew Shave

    Did a double take when I saw Don Williams was playing a show on 10/31/19 in Nashville! Nope, just a tribute concert by the Nashville Symphony. Thanks YouTube for getting my hopes up that I had made a mistake and Don wasn't really dead!!!

  55. Lazarus Kariuki

    Don William reigns country will remain the best forever...

  56. Di Bn


  57. joao antonio silva fraga

    Don Williams Músicas Pra o Coração Tudo de Bom 👏👏👏👏👏

  58. JS Renner

    Don Williams singing Townes Van Zandt is a Texan's dream come true.

  59. Richard Tiller

    Don Williams was very special, and he had a perfect band.

  60. Tasing Tali

    Don Williams and kenny rogers both are god gifted.

  61. Kakh Satan Kakh Satam

    Unfortunate that we have lost a golden voice!!!😢😢😢

  62. Bonnie LaDuke

    I love you Justin. ❤️❤️🌹

  63. Jose Jonas Soares

    Don Williams shou de bola sensacional

  64. Charlie 47

    What a good song... From France

  65. Avi Das

    we miss you sir

  66. Dino Santos

    Esse é o cara..! É bom ouvi lo ..!

  67. chuks osuagwu

    I have always been a lover of country music. For me, Don is Numero uno. If u are tensed up, just listen to Don Williams and u are bound to sleep off. God bless his soul


    muito bom 100

  69. Pit Kinimi

    I have been listening since 38 yrs and I will keep going .

  70. Rafa Sailo

    Such a loss😢😔... R.I.P Don 🙏

  71. Terry Nash

    One of the Greats! Saw him every chance I got!

  72. Tommygunner 86

    Townes Van Zandt and Don Williams....yes

  73. billclorraineg

    Great singer LorraineG

  74. Newton Forrest


  75. Sergio Ribeiro


  76. Sebastian Barcelone

    From his last album "Reflections." He was 75.

  77. nyang12 deng

    Don't ever wish to question the dead of person and that's the place We all going.

  78. Eduardo Turolla

    Olha a minha ignorância só conheci este cara a pouco tempo

  79. Jayjit Kachari

    His voice

  80. August Tudlong

    Whenever i want to have a sound sleep, i play his songs.. that voice.. its so original and golden.. forever aalways be a fan..listening til this date.. june2019

  81. Maria Helena


  82. BOOYAH

    Is a legend

  83. Danilo Scarpat

    what a master piece!

  84. Elizabeth Williams

    I miss that great singer!

  85. Sebastian Barcelone

    From his last album "Reflections." He was 75.

  86. bonbon

    ....close you're eyes I will be here in the morning...!

  87. Tvideo

    This is a Townes Van Zandt song sung by Don. He also had a hit with Van Zant's "If I Needed You"

  88. Ericleiton Araújo leite

    Brasil 2019 🇧🇷

    Diogo Reis

    Até aqui

  89. David goggins e Eric thomas!!!

    Valeu! 👍

  90. Melinda Pemberton

    Mitch honey I miss you so much and I know you miss me to come see me soon as i want you to stay as always love you love me forever always sweetheart xo xo xo xo xo xo

  91. John Carter

    This song is great I love it and it’s my first song I’ve heard by don sad he’s gone now 😪 but he’s a legend

  92. Martin Muchaba

    listening to this in 2k19..i love Don..

  93. Mike Camelo


  94. Eha Angh

    Anyone with me in the month of May 2019

    Glen McGregor

    Carol and Glen McGregor Oct. 2019

  95. Rene Dulnuan

    I'll Be here in The Morning RENE!! ?? My Soul!! In America?

  96. Kathleen Simpson

    Loved it !

  97. Karen Williams

    Oh I Love this His voice is So soothing...A beautiful voice that just relaxes me and I really enjoy his songs. Especially You're My Best Friend and this one are Favourites! Thank you

  98. Michael Onyeka

    Music for mature minds

  99. Jonalyn Pementel

    So nice voice Sir William,..

  100. Babe Baseball

    Been years since i heard this and now 2019 still doesn't get old