Don Williams - I Need You To Want Me Lyrics

I don't need a fortune teller
I don't need me no M.D.
I don't need some slick suit that's passed the bar.
I don't need a politician
Or some preacher on T.V.
Folks to tell me how I've done so far.

I just need you
I need you to want me
I want you to love me
The way I love you
Oh, for a friend
A friend you can count on
Be there for me and I'm yours till the end.

Sagan's slingin' big bang
Nader's workin' on control
Einstein's Mr. Relativity
I don't need no revelation
Mystics cloud up things for me
And I don't need another mystery.

I just need you
I need you to want me
I want you to love me
The way I love you
Oh, for a friend
A friend you can count on
Be there for me and I'm yours till the end.


I just need you
I need you to want me
I want you to love me
The way I love you
Oh, for a friend
A friend you can count on
Be there for me and I'm yours till the end...

[Instrumental to fade]

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Don Williams I Need You To Want Me Comments
  1. Margarida Sã

    Oh So beautiful ! 😘

  2. Edward Kennedy

    One of the best country n Western singer's ever to perform seen him here in Ireland a few year's back RIP don

  3. junley pick

    It's so nice to listen to the old songs than now adays..I feel like dreaming imagining how people in the past expressing their love to someone sweet.

  4. Shai Kharkongor

    Very different style of music played for this song but it's nice.

  5. Ruth Boykin

    Love every song he sang!

  6. Di Bn

    It hurts and bleeds to remain a friend on the frame....

  7. Di Bn

    Hey..You are so deep with me dear...& I'm afraid I can't help slip and fall on your bosom...full of love...Thank you...dear Don for bringing us together here....with your enchanting verses ...

  8. Chris Suji

    am still here in 2019

  9. Gaikulung Andrew

    evergreen by mrs william

  10. Liz McGushin

    Wonderful Song and a fantastic singer with a beautiful voice, love it.

  11. Raji Babatunde Ibrahim

    I love these songs and will love to play them on my music set.How do I download?. It breaks trying to play songs on tablets

  12. S. Gonzalez

    LUPE I am yours to the end. I just need you to want me.

  13. Tina Beck

    Great song

  14. Alice Thompson

    Michael come back you know you love me and want me

  15. Wairimu Mutiti

    Beautiful, creative and romantic by special artist, Mr Don Williams. R.I.P.

  16. Marryann Lamb

    Love your songs

  17. Mojibur Rahman

    Don Williams my greatest love singer I like you

  18. wilfred heggart

    i am here for you devon your my world

  19. Loyce Kantwela

    love this song too

  20. vercruysse marie-jeanne

    ronald me l as fait decouvrir en europe ps connu j aime sa musique

  21. Rebecca Jewell

    Thank you mnowluck
    Love this song great voice great music.

  22. Lyn S

    I am your friend to the end. Love your songs It will live in my heart forever. Thanks ?

  23. Tricia Fleming

    I have seen him in concert he a great singer-songwriter

  24. Paul Wood

    lovely track, farewell, DON RIP

  25. Ruth Boykin

    Beautiful as all of his are.......had to share

  26. Maurina Rodrigues

    Essas músicas são so o ouro gostosas de ouvir la Eu não me canco nunca de ouvir muito bom

  27. Marisa Vilella Surur

    musica linda shalon

  28. Richard Adams

    I owe my marriage to the love he puts into his music! 18 yrs and growin

  29. Karla Watson

    I absolutely love this song as I do all his songs. I haven't heard one I don't love yet. Thank you for sharing.

  30. rosemary owens

    Very Bonnie man

  31. Julie Javier

    I love his songs .very romantic

  32. Josephina Tavcar

    My Genle Giant.

  33. Eddie Kennedy

    fantastic singer this guy, seen him concert here in ireland several year's ago he was excellent live.

    Edith Duplessis

    Eddie Kennedy ,nbp

    wilfred heggart

    thank you

  34. Samiam

    Sing it, My Gentle Giant.

  35. Ramiro Mendes

    abaixo de deus este cara e meu ídolo..

    LILIA TERUKO Minekawa

    compartilho com você abraço da a Lili

    wilfred heggart

    wilfred here

  36. Evelina Blase

    Fantastic... I love it.

  37. Pastor Mark Wilkinson

    What a GREAT way to end a Prayer Request! I know my state of mind was not the way Mr. Williams intended it, However it sure put a very special meaning to the song!

    Constance Armour

    Yes...though do not underestimate Mr. Williams; I believe that he is aware of the possible greater depth those words carry with them.
    ...and remember
    I don't believe that heaven waits
    For only those who congregate

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    Mojibur rahman Milon

    So nice song ..Don Williams is very gentle man

  38. Glasbeni kanal

    Romantic and special song.

  39. Serina Perry

    I love this song.

    LILIA TERUKO Minekawa

    Olá querida eu também, um abraço da Lili

    wilfred heggart

    thank you mrs perry

  40. linda heatherly

    love love love this man and his wonderful music. and love love love h.s.b. this song says it all...

  41. Maria-Clara Fischer


  42. Murray Dike


  43. Lola Horton

    This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard Don does a great job on this one as he does always. Thanks for the upload so that everyone can hear this one.

  44. mnowluck

    Yes I do have.. will upload that this weekend..

  45. petra pomice

    Voz hermosa,melodia estupenda llega al profundo del anima,el corazon regosija de alegria la mente se relaja. Adoro Don Williams!!!!

  46. blindpea

    mnwluck, please do you also have DW "fair weather friends"? Kindly just in case upload for us. Its one my favourite. Thanks lol