Don Williams - Back In My Younger Days Lyrics

Back in my younger days, I used to go all night
Now I just stay at home, and everything is all right
Back when I first met you, I used to live in a haze
That was so long ago, back in my younger days

I would do anything, just a stumbling fool
It's a wonder I'm standing here, I've broken so many rules
Now I dance with you every night, and still I'm so amazed
Your love made a man of me, back in my younger days

Oh, it doesn't seem that long ago
You, you make it feel like the first time we made love
And I ain't ever getting enough
Well, well, well....

As I go through the photographs, I laugh and turn the page
It's the ballad of me and you, from such an innocent age
Talk about a dream come true, we reinvented a phrase
It's better than it used to be, back in my younger days

Back in my younger days, Back in my younger days
It's better than it used to be, back in my younger days...

[Instrumental to fade]

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Don Williams Back In My Younger Days Comments
  1. Faith Murage

    His songs will go on for generations... my favorites can listen over and over again

  2. Steve Berdahl

    Saw him at the celebrity theater. Sat in the front row. What a voice that man has. A genial giant is truly what he is.

  3. nemesisgenius

    Don Williams 18th and final #1 Billboard country hit on 11-24-90. Don Williams' best song ever!!

  4. Quentin Fernandez

    Another one from the great song writer Danny Flowers. He did do a little swing version of this. well done Danny

  5. Nick Vanderheyden

    Super cool😉

  6. Ron Lewis

    See how much Jesus & His Father, God, Love You.

  7. Hakeem bin Twaha Chotai

    My country hero

  8. Alice Hoka

    Don William I really adore your music

  9. Raymond Tarimo

    Good and emotional one. Real my younger day

  10. George Njuguna

    I nice song.It reminds me of boyhood days.

  11. Ssali Alyce

    Can't stop playing dis music

  12. Mahianyu wa Mugo

    a good hit! always reminds me of good younger days

  13. Jeff Lipinski

    DON WILLIAMS is so awesome..


    One of my favorite artist and singer..

    I love to sing all his songs in Karaoke..

  14. Hlelani Gule

    Don Williams you are the best........! love your music

  15. Silas Ayieko

    The greatest of all time..cant avoid repeating it

  16. Louis Kah

    On regrette notre jeunesse?

  17. Eric Kabayabaya

    Sweet memories!

  18. Sandra Cristina Ramos


  19. Sandra Cristina Ramos

    Thank you! Kisses

  20. helen dulay

    im really inlove with his songs.... love it so much!!!

  21. helen dulay

    so beautiful..... i repeat again and again

  22. Ellen Broughman

    What an amazing voice...have loved his music forever and a day. Thank you.

  23. 完顏銘

    so good
    It's real country

  24. Filipe Gonçalves

    obrigado pela partilha.... Don a voz mais serena da country music!

  25. Timothy Rego

    He still has it nice.

  26. sandra norris

    been his follower since he came out with amanda and have loved his songs since. his music is like silk to me. love his music. can't ger enough of it and i look for his music every chancd i get.

  27. Tim Mc Carthy

    ik i'm yong but Don Williams Rocked I
    & Yes Great Quality On The Upload

  28. Sandra Cristina Ramos


  29. Alessandro Rizzo

    beautiful thanks ...

  30. liblabyt

    Excellent! One of the best songs from one of his best albums. Thank you!

  31. 1783lloyd

    great upload.The sound is good.Thanks for sharing