Don Trip - Who Am I Lyrics

Who am I, who am I?
They think a man should never never never cry [x2]

My fate was stoned
Shot on the other end of the phone
Word back home is you gone you moving on
Me and all my bullshit you tired of dealing with it
I promise I get it I get it but I'd never admit it
You wanna cut a nigga loose I can't blame you
Cos we're too close to be feeling like strangers
Crying damn shame I'm too arrogant to sneak
Shawty doing laundry she double check my jeans
Found a number in my pocket on a balled up receipt
All in my face like Who the fuck is patrice?
You hear me nigga, who the fuck is patrice?
And I'm like.. ehh.. you tell me?

Who am I, who am I?
They think a man should never never never cry [x2]

I was in that bitch like DMX
I don't know no fucking Kiana
I don't know no fucking Kiana
Who am I?

Its funny how I could find this shit funny now
But a while ago I couldn't keep tears from falling down
I got a woman at home but fuck it I'm balling out
And dogging her out and flaunting about
With some woman I wouldn't dare take out
Never go to her house never bring her to mine
And I'm pressing decline every time my woman call
Damn it I'm a dog
And a nigga feeling all scarred when she wander off
Up all night like where the fuck you been?
She said with her friends
VIP stamp on her hand, I suspect another man
She like nigga please you wanna start?
Then lets talk about these pussy bitches in your phone
From some bitch named Celine
And I'm like...

Who am I, who am I?
They think a man should never never never cry [x2]

I tasted my own medicine I've been induced
I've been introduced to this shit that I put you through
Still tryna regroup but she got other plans
Here I stand pleading for my twenty-second second chance
She so Vivian Green say this roller coaster ride is complete
Only one left on this ride now is me
All alone is what I get
Now I gotta hear about another nigga with my bitch
Left a nigga sick!
They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks
And I'm a dog ass nigga ill do anything but trick
Watch me find a new bitch and do all this shit all again
Cos in the end pussys a man's best friend
Bitch I am who I am

Who I Am, What I am

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Don Trip Who Am I Comments
  1. Xavier Jones

    Smfh damn trip don’t do em like that

  2. Joshua Omezi

    I got my heart broke a few hours ago, when I dropped her off this song came on as I was pulling away. I broke down crying and almost crashed the car. This song is probably going to be with me for the rest of my life now.

  3. Tosha Jacobs

    This shit is straight. 🔥🔥🔥 from the lyrics to the beat. Shit people can relate to! 💯💯 love music like this. Him and Starlito deserve so much more attention than they get!

  4. anthoney smith

    O jays who am i

  5. Dwight Williams

    So ova looked an underrated 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  6. Adrian Harper

    Don Trip should make a video out this one

  7. Rell Morgan

    38116 BHZ

  8. Darius Wade

    Nigga be goin da fuck off Tru shit

  9. Rodricus bailey

    💯💯💯💯🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋💟💟💟💟🕋🕋🕋🦅🦅🦅🦅🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉☀☀☀☀🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽 🔥 ROD💯💯💯®®®®

  10. Awesome One

    Don trip and starlito keep It real these guys talk real talk on every track thanks for bring the real back TN

  11. Shane Mcbride

    One of the best still to this day

  12. Bree Bell

    Still my sht 😍💯🚀🚀

  13. Cali Cal

    It's funny now but a while ago I couldn't keep these tears from rolling down

  14. Winston Rhock

    I don’t know that bitch🤷🏾‍♂️ we all been there 😂

  15. fresco brigante

    Damn.. He just put the mirror to my face with this joint.

  16. Roeski Da High 1

    Real rap for da real who am still goin threw it tho

  17. RoR Free

    He dropped this on my birthday in 2015 and I'm still on the whole album!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  18. PJMD WchuC

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ATTENTION LYRICAL RAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    STOP AND LISTEN TO MY LYRICISM . READ FOR WHAT U THINK U MIGHT LIKE TO DECIDE WHAT TO CLICK <------------------------------- Click that . because its fire emojis !!! this ones lit on some turnt shi with some lyricism <-------------------------------- this is firee as welll , back and forth w the homie . , on that lyrical real rap. <----------------- --------- this one fireeee emojis toooo , but ABOUT HOW U CANT TRUST HOES

  19. Tracy Butts

    You wanna cut a nigga lose

  20. GodBody J

    This song trash besides the dipset instrumental

    anthoney smith

    GodBody J its not dipset instrument

  21. Sergio Alvarez

    🌟 and Trip need to do a song with em

  22. Sharon Salone


  23. Sergio Alvarez

    Crying damn shame

  24. Frederick Parker

    He so underrated

  25. GodBody J

    This nice but juelz always better

    Yo Moma left these at my house

    Neva bruh

    GodBody J

    Yo Moma left these at my house I’m not listening to a retarded ‘’mf ! Everybody knows diplomats were better! Dumb to think not ! This was basic and cheap , the beat nice 👍🏾

    Yo Moma left these at my house

    @GodBody J bruh u have lost ur marbles that shit was alright back then because of the beats but them dudes had no bars really, also to me the hottest rappers in dipset where hell rell n max b. now jewels hot shit was with wayne. Other than that the new York rappers ain't got shit on southarn rap tunes. An like Chad Butler say an fight come with that if y'all don't like it keep ur funky ass out the south.

    Willie Earl Freeman

    @Yo Moma left these at my house PREACH!

    Willie Earl Freeman

    Dude! You goofy asf for saying that shit!

  26. Sergio Alvarez

    Who am I

  27. Sergio Alvarez

    Who am I

  28. Darell Strong

    Dat damn Don Trip💯💯💯da boy been goin hard fa years👍da🐐of all time

  29. Izayah Gastineau

    It's funny how I can find this funny now, when a while ago I couldn't keep tears from falling down ! Realist shit I've heard in a minute !!

  30. Trell Ware

    38118 Bitchhhhhhh

  31. Trell Ware

    You tell me!!!!

  32. Savoy Snell

    This shit hit home.

  33. terrell jones

    Just broke up with my girl and listening to this 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

  34. Christopher Decker

    This nigga a fucking role model... Js

  35. Kaceris Lofton

    Trip is underrated . #Goat

  36. biggheem tgkmafia

    This track is real talk

  37. loso way

    Don trip the truth

  38. Lahkim Quisenberry

    Whats real aint gotta be explained bravo take a bow #DONTRIP

  39. Andrew Ashby

    trippppp!!!! my nigga this one of my favorite beats growing up ,good choice woldy!!

    Andrew Ashby

    aint harder then lil homie thou thats the hardest track my nigga hood whos locked bacc up but my down wit it 1hundo

  40. Virgil Williams

    Who am i😣😂😭😤😡

  41. Virgil Williams

    😢😂😭 mand should cry who im am

  42. Adrian Gardner

    I resonate with trip man he my top two best rappers

    tony white

    Adrian Gardner who #1

  43. Jacob Hinojosa

    is this a sample of another song or some kind of remake "who am i .the thing a man should neva ,neva ,neva "


    Jacob Hinojosa juelz santana who am i

    anthoney smith

    No its the o jays who am i

  44. Fabeon Wallace

    This bitch fire 🔥🔥

  45. DeDe Douglas

    I been on trip for 8 for 8 years now..cant get enough..this real rap im not interested in all this bs they playing now it sucks#GODSPEED

  46. Zachary Winters

    my nigga

  47. Vanessa Jaramillo

    this some real life Shit

  48. BigHomie KC Musik

    best rapper alive🎤


    BigHomie KC Music #HYFR

    Rick Morgan

    Fuckin right!

  49. Marcell Johnson

    Real rap

  50. Deadrick Branch

    I done heard all dude shit he trill about all the shit he spit

  51. Lamont Wright

    trip u can't do me like dis fam oooo mann

  52. nick satchel

    I fuck with starlito an don trip best tag team

  53. nick satchel

    trip go hard like wayne but trip lyrics more real life

    Kitty Arguello

    Nick it's obvious you are very serious about what the FUK is going on in this RAP world. WELL SAID! More REAL and completely DRUG FREE!

  54. chris gandy

    this shit so 💯

  55. Leon Forrester

    much love from west v and Boston its like your rapping our life's from south Boston project's

  56. Kansas City MOb

    KC slappin this Tennessee flow

    doe boe mobbing

    Already top city we fucking with this topeka 666

  57. Trouble Johnson

    Keesh... I don't know no Kianna

    jesse sykes

    I was in that pit like DMX


    +jesse sykes *I was in that bit like DMX

    BigReefKingRolo M.T.G.MoneyTrainGang

    Got me dying lmao!!..I don't know no kiana!..lmao

  58. demetrius fluellen

    don trip is the tupac

  59. Lamont Starks

    This shit speaks Volumes to me Mane!!!!!

  60. Kareem Cunningham

    been there dis my shyt

  61. Kareem Cunningham

    been there dis my shyt

  62. Coco Streets

    this to Michael duplessy my kids father

  63. Keyshaun Beard

    Stay going through it I swear who can help

  64. Keyshaun Beard

    Stay going through it I swear who can help

  65. Joseph Johnson

    Too real this the shit that need to be platinum not that Drake bs

    Enrique Maya

    Joseph Johnson Das really real...

  66. jamaar hopewell

    Tru life. Don Trip 5th us on point . Preach

  67. Corey White

    cold shit

  68. Deshawn Rivers

    I lived this situation once realist song I've heard

  69. Antonio Tensley

    real shit

  70. Lakia Moore

    I can feel this

  71. Lakia Moore

    I can feel this

    Bryant Brown

    Yeah 100..