Don Trip - Tomorrow Lyrics

Feeling like I live against the ropes
And it's time for me to take a swing
I'm just waiting for my moment till them I buy my weed
Just a block from the assassination of martin luther king
Plain me against the world but my cover 15
Bad one bug told me you a devoted
I was weighing up with my main man
I was second at the corner store
And I was counting up like rain man
Been there not going back no matter what
Laugh it up same nigger turning their back on us
Keep crawling back trying to patch it up so
Far gone no forgiveness not a single regret
And all I miss is lil milk ok
Back against the roads here's my time to roll for those
Just when they thought I wasn't going to make it out
I just went for what I know had to wave to you to get clear
There's not string on me it ain't nothing they could do to me
I paid my dues I can't do with it I can't lie
I'm so true to this that the label ain't know to do with this song
So I'm sitting down taking another shot at you and escape the cooling kit
I'm so sorry mama you did the best you could
I can't use a prayer I just need a plug
And you be selling like the speakers
You a bug I don't reconcile
I Keep a grudge I'm so volatile
You just need to hold them still
Then put them in the dirt I need deeper more
I've been broke before shit
Still dramatised I getting more brain dead and bill nine
You know the signs God and I'm kinda fly
Shining on them like a diamond mine
Wake up to the money like rise and shine
Give nothing to a bitch but time and pine
Stop hitting her still this is private time
Make my bitch in venus
Flyer than a flight attendant
There always pretzels and peanuts
Wrap me some peanuts
I would love to sell doe
Pocket so obese if I had to
Drop them water I'd float
All I carry is heat
You come from I know that you are toasted
I skip breakfast and I come for yours and come back for more
Come back war I aim and destroy
Aim for the source ain't got time
Life is too short and I'm with this shit
Go back and forth I got gas galore
But I'm on that bitch so heavy they need back support

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Don Trip Tomorrow Comments
  1. TheDeboy1

    Tha beast

  2. Christopher Forde

    2019 still fuckin witcha Trip!

  3. Jamaiya Burnett

    Back against the ropes..

  4. Jaquan Hardemon

    I need this beat or sample please someone help me

  5. Lil'Bo projects


  6. Kevin Jones

    This shit is to nasty

  7. D615

    my favorite trip song

  8. Deion Sharp

    he not a big talker. if he got something to say its through his music. he has no personality its a memphis thing really

  9. big hoge

    don n starlito n boosie most underated better then everybody in the atl n I'm from here zone 1 n 3 two of the most ruff spots in the Atl.

  10. Atomhype Specials

    R.I.P Muhammed Ali

  11. Cherelle Reese

    real talk....the boy dropping diamond's

  12. Runyabandzup 23


  13. Will Chitwood

    trip is that mothafucking guy!

    Mahogany Grayson

    Will Chitwood 💯💯💯

    Whitney Cummings

    Say that shit 💯💯

  14. Jennifer V

    I swear this don trip is the new fire why haven't I heard of him until now?...

    Jodeci501 Entertainment

    You must have slept on Letter To My Son that was his introduction. What got him signed to interscope.

    Jodeci501 Entertainment

    He no longer signed though main reason he not as popping to the public eye. But he still the hardest in the game in my opinion.


    The TRUth Mungro cause you were under a rock till now

    The Big Noodle

    Mf I ain't heard him till NOW lmao. This song on some shit fr

  15. demetrius fluellen

    don trip is the tupac

    Jennifer V

    he dope better then all the music I've heard