Don Trip - Still In The Trap Lyrics

[Verse 1: Don Trip]
Ok, ridin' around with my semi
I got a backup in the glove compartment
And a brown bitch named Penny
Yes I'm a mess, I make a mess and she lick it up when I'm finished
I wet her up like a gremlin, spread her legs open I'm swimmin'
Got two white girls that I'm diggin'
I'm no sponsor they're both lendin'
One named Suzie, one named Cindy
One drink vodka, one drink Henny
I'm ballin', no lil' scrimmage
Killin' pussy, no forensics
Ain't no Louie, ain't no Prada
Bitch be happy you got denims
Just one night it's time we end it and Kleenex is recommended
I get paper, I get pussy
But I don't mix it, I'm no chemist
Lose my number, mind your business
Yes I'm trifling, I admit it
If it's a crime, then I'll be waiting for my sentence

[Hook x2: Juicy J]
Still in the trap, that's all I know
Still getting money, still slangin' dope
So many cars, so many hoes
You make it rain, we make it snow

[Verse 2: Don Trip]
Well, being broke don't make any sense
So much cash comin', you would think we printed it
Blow the money fast enough, you think we winnin' it
Where yo' pussy baby girl, but I'm not lendin' shit
Ain't no ticket on them bitches I be swimmin' in
Paper over pussy, fuck her innocence
Really if, you give her a dime I think your pimpin' off and your ignorant
Cause me, I run more game on her than Dave & Buster's and Jillian's
I'm still in that water, so here's all the paper we reelin' in
I take a bitch kill her pussy, then take her friend and kill again
Get em' sprung off dope dick and they don't deal with no middle men
And I come back when I want to and I never give em' no dividends

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Don Trip]
Haaaa, money talks don't I know?
Always with that plastic, that's no toy, no Tyco
Ballin' out, iso
Plenty whips, no Geico
I'm gainin' pounds and slangin' pounds
But you losin' weight, lipo
My old bitch is a maniac and my new bitch is a psycho
And one day they'll both get along
What can I say? I got high hopes
Spit game, I got a higher score
Pimp shit is all I know
And if Hugh Hefner decides to run for president, he's got my vote
Ridin' dirty as mud flaps, but I'm dressed cleaner than Dial Soap
My bank account is in five-0's, but I'm still duckin' from the 5-0
Car tinted like the president tryin' to avoid these spyin' hoes
But I guarantee I'll get to the money in a dark room with a blindfold

[Hook x2]

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Don Trip Still In The Trap Comments
  1. Zelly Zell


  2. kara rhodes

    Still and the trap


    "Still in the trap" clown

  3. ASVP Bobby

    juicy killed it and not in a good way

  4. chonch Lee

    you make it rain we make it snow haha hell nah