Don Trip - Day After Tomorrow Lyrics

Just in case tomorrow never comes
Just in case tomorrow never comes
Just in case tomorrow never comes

Ok tomorrows never certain
Them niggas that you thought was ur dawgs became serpents
I already got two kids expecting a third one
And he'll be on this earth before I get rights to see my first one
Look like I'm gon' need a forklift to carry these burdens
My family's all I got and for this cake I won't desert them
I traded privacy for success but was it worth it?
I guess you'll get the answer next time we meet in person
True fears I was working a [?] before the deal came
Fortunate to never see no judge beside mill lane
Do feel all my brothers in the slammer cos their deal came
The dope money slowing up now but the bills ain't
A penny for your thoughts go find a piggy bank
And most these niggas claim they OGs but don't hold any rank
And I, I don’t know whats in my future but I know prison ain't
If being broke is funny its a good thing I'm not into pranks

Just in case tomorrow never comes
Just in case tomorrow never comes
Just in case tomorrow never comes

Tomorrow may never come
Then we knee deep in this shit too late to plunge
On the bright side got this yellow bitch that's a blonde
And it ain't hard to [?] why I call this lil bitch a sponge
We too busy out having fun to be stacking funds
Till they cap my ass with these guns and hold back my bonds
Yeah, you know the saying live fast and die young
I move to the beat of my own 100 round drum
Our presidents black we think we won maybe I'm not [?]
Last time I checked this still the slums
His child ain't got no pampers but he got them new lebrons
And later on he’ll make the news and you gon blame it on the song
Meanwhile I stand back against the wall head to the sun
If I don't stand like a man then how can I expect it from my son
If I'm swimming with sharks I don't expect to see a swan
I'm number one, two's no winner and third place receives bronze

Just in case tomorrow never comes
Just in case tomorrow never comes
For a nigga like me
Tomorrow ain't no guarantee
Say its no guarantee for a nigga like me
And no it ain't no guarantees
Say its no guarantee for a nigga like me
Like me.. for a nigga like me
Tomorrow ain't no guarantee, say

Gotta practice what u preach
Life's just a test you dont get a cheat sheet
Raised in a gang with no four-gang suite
Just a narcotic raid at the end of the week
And the end of our careers come sooner than we think
25 years til the MVP
Spent my whole life ducking from the NPD
Screaming fuck the blue [?]
By throwing up the Es
At the end of the block around the corner with the Gs
So I can move work and my momma can't see
I know some niggas that been slammed up since I was in my teens
And I'd be a grandfather 'fore they ever set free
It don't affect me I got a pistol and a beam
I don't plan to kill this giant off with just another sling
Living in the movies like its just another scene
And we married to the game but we never get a ring
And the bills get paid on time unless the dope run low
Then they fall back behind
Ain't really no sense of my tryna hide shit
Momma ain't dumb she know what be going down
She just look the other way take a breath and dry her eyes
I asked her whats wrong she says everything's fine
Truth is I shoulda picked school over crime
But it hurts when the bills due and I don't got a dime
So I went and got some work instead of working 9 to 5
If all else fails at least I can say I tried
No I can't blame it all on pride
And if I told you I was forced to do it I'd be lying
I made enough to quit in 09
But we all know that trappers don’t retire
We just keep it moving till we run it in the ground
Or we run out of time or wind up with time

Tomorrow ain't no guarantees
Say its no guarantees for a nigga like me
Tomorrow ain't no guarantees
Say its no guarantees for a nigga like me
So just in case tomorrow don't come
I know its no guarantee for a nigga like me..

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Don Trip Day After Tomorrow Comments
  1. Tosha Jacobs

    Real AF👌👌 people can relate to. Rappers these days need to start rappin shit from experience so us listeners can relate and really feel it 💯💯💯

  2. ThunderHoodie Beats

    whole album facts

  3. Danny Glover

    You know the sayin you live fast or die young i move to tha beat of my own hundred roun drum 🎯🏁

  4. damutae612

    this nigga snapped 🔥🔥🔥



  6. tp mcfly

    One of the best songs ever

  7. Timothe Barr

    Soul Rap..

  8. Levar Hadden

    If I don't stand like a man how can I expect it from my son....... an I got 2 my babies is all I got...

  9. 901 truck driver Remy

    Still bumpin dis junt 2018

  10. Henderson Xavier


  11. Harley Fulks

    Man Don trip is the true rap genius IDC what y'all think that man can spit

  12. #Y.A.K_BOYZ entertainment

    That the shit keep doing your thing Don🔥💯

  13. Montrice Leon

    the struggle is real

  14. Darell Strong

    Don trip is da g.o.a.t🐐

  15. Joe Ramirez

    Don tirip!!!!

  16. Escape-e robber-e records 918

    will then get my first music back to me then!!!!!!!

  17. loso way

    Don trip ur the man bro u speak the truth keep making music like this

  18. Hydroponic J


  19. Phillip Hudson

    I first heard trip on hustle make a mill mixtape...then a few tracks with him Turk n Mac E.... Them three would've set it off before Turk got jammed up... I really only listen to Trip n Lito .....

    Tosha Jacobs

    U should! Trip and Lito is 🔥 shit Lito hisself too spits real ass shit just like trip does. I love both of them an they are so underrated and they deserve more recognition an attention than they get. They are 100xs better than the ppl they play on the radio...thats just my opinion tho lol

  20. Rob P

    wowwwww...... A1 shit

  21. Antonio Saldivar

    Here from funky town Texas trip

  22. fred mcgary

    5outh Memphis in dis bih... Wat up trip we rocking witch a

  23. Frankie Lyom

    The Best Verse At 3:18 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. React brothers Stpierre

    the part starting from 2:53 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Brent Joe

    Mimi Love i swear . i have it on repeat for hours sometimes

    Diondre Bratten

    Bruh!!! I’m wit you!!

    mishad wright

    Tomorrow aint no guarantee for a nigga like me

    Rico Laflare

    You got to practice what you preach...
    💯 Life is a test you don’t get an cheat sheet 💣🔥

  25. Friednoodleeater

    Memphis stand up and respect a real writer. I remember I first heard some of your music at Level 2 with Lito. Damn when the next concert so I can be front row.

  26. Daniel Hernandez

    where he from?

    Jamail Kines


    anthoney smith

    memphis tn east side

    Elijah Smith

    East Memphis 38118 Biiiihhhhh💪💪💯💯💯

  27. TJ Hicks

    I like Beal st y'all cool

  28. Everett Sims

    I move to the beat of my own hunnit round drum 😏👏👍

    Joshua Wright

    "Our president is black we think we won maybe im not eating last time i check this still the slums" trip is nasty

  29. Elijawhon Litt

    only lyricist working link wit jada kiss

  30. j5magetti 901Titans

    Memphis lyricist at his finest. this nigga spit like a dragon

    Deion Sharp

    j Johnson its alot of good writers here its just memphis is a slept on city

  31. Friednoodleeater

    Need to music video to this banger

  32. TOPGUN6160 #TR3GC

    real nigga