Don Moen - We Wait Lyrics

We wait
We're not in a hurry
O we need you, Lord
We wait
All our cares and worries
We lay aside for you
O how we long to see your face
O how we long for your embrace

We wait
We're not afraid to tarry
We yearn for you, Lord
We wait
For your mighty wind to carry us
Into your presence, Lord
And as we fill this house with praise
May your holy fire fill this place

As we wait...
We wait...we wait...we wait...

And as we fill this house with praise
Let your holy fire fill this place

As we we we wait...
We we wait...we wait...
As we wait...we we wait

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Don Moen We Wait Comments
  1. Victor Usoro

    January 1st, 2020, we are still listening, Lord let you holy fire fill my heart this year!

  2. Nancy Macharia

    2019 December we still listening

  3. edith oloo

    I cry ....the song...😢


    yes, don moen through you many people who is out of correct way can go back to the LORD!!!

  5. niyee sonia


  6. Faith Sakuenda

    Let your holy fire fill this place as we wait 2019 as we wait

  7. Mubiru Cathy

    God is good all the time and all the time God is good amen.

  8. Ancient of Ancient

    His embrace is hot as the sun... True.

  9. Suzan Echaat

    My God I wait here for you to use me for your Glory coz I feel I love you.amen

  10. Elijah Estevez

    This is a nice version, but Juanita bynum version was also nice

  11. Gideon Cheruiyot


  12. Josue Toh

    We wait nous t'attendons que Dieu te bénisse don moen

  13. managers class

    blessed is you who allowed God to use you,thank you again"i wait for you lord"

  14. Paulosticka Omojia

    what a song unto the LORD!

  15. Osaigbovo Aguebor

    This always touch my soul i love it so much I can't do without it my callers tune and alarm ⏰ 🎶

    Josephine Ogbeta

    I will wait on you lord

  16. lillian akinyi

    I wait teach me Lord to be patient and wait for u

  17. My System Ric

    I need your love and comfort God.

  18. Line Kenne

    God i wait for you.

  19. emma watts

    I need love

  20. Melina Mel

    Dieu fait justice à tes enfants

  21. Vicky Ahonzo

    je ne sait pa ce quil dit mais quand j,ecoute je sent la presence de Dieu . que Dieu te benisse don moen

    Anthony Samuell M'vemba

    Nous attendons
    Nous ne sommes pas pressés
    Ô nous avons besoin de toi, Seigneur
    Nous attendons
    Tous nos soucis et soucis
    Nous mettons de côté pour Toi
    Ô comme nous attendons de voir Ta Face
    Ô combien nous attendons ton étreinte

    Nous attendons
    Nous n'avons pas peur de rester
    Nous aspirons à toi, Seigneur
    Nous attendons
    Pour que Ton vent puissant nous porte
    En ta présence, Seigneur
    Et comme nous remplissons cette maison de louanges
    Que ton feu sacré remplisse ce lieu

    En attendant ...
    Nous attendons ... nous attendons ... nous attendons ...

    Et comme nous remplissons cette maison d'adoration
    Laissez votre feu sacré remplir ce lieu

    En attendant ... en attendant ... en attendant ...
    Nous attendons ... pendant que nous attendons ... nous attendons ...
    En attendant ... nous attendons ... en attendant

    Anne M

    J'allais vous traduire la chanson. Je vois que ca etait deja fait que le Seigneur vous benisse

    Miriam Kishiba

    Et Oui, quand des vrais adorateurs adorent notre Père en esprit et en vérité, sa puissance se dégage et on est rempli du Saint-Esprit. Que Dieu bénisse son serviteur Don moen

  22. wildlionministries

    AMEN :) !!!

  23. Vinny Unnclynes

    What a song. Wow Lord as I sit here, I wait in earnest expectation. Just to know you.

  24. Liz Langat

    God thanks 4 teaching  and helping me to wait... I n yearn for guidance each day.

  25. Joseph Akogun

    I humbly wait upon u lord. Let me see ur favour in every way.

  26. Dorine Isungu

    This song touches my heart.Jesus I wait on you .

  27. Sarah Kamau

    God am waiting on you My lord...quietly resting upon your promises

  28. gene sarah

    we wait on you LORD to finish the blue print of our lives you have made to built your kingdom here through us and as we live in accordance to your will...we will.... patiently and quietly wait on you oh GOD!!!

  29. Ogo Nwadi

    Lord I wait on you to fight for me since I had my wedding in january some members of my family has refused my parents and I peace. they keep practising witchcraft on us.God pls come in ur mighty power and rescue us.


    TheLord will fight your battles as you wait forHim. So keep waiting

  30. Kenneth Duru

    Almighty God... I worship you oh my God. I love you Lord. Let your holy fire fill my life and the life of my family. I dont know what more to say. I just exalt your name.
    I love you Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. Be thou exalted oh Lord.

    God bless you Brother Don...

  31. information213

    Thank you, Jesus, for this song that has blessed my heart and showed me that along with faith, I need to have patience because God is never too late. He is an on time God. Praise the Lord.

  32. ampleoppourtunity

    Am humbled by the awesomeness of our God.

  33. waseem gill

    God bless you.

  34. Juancarlin Inza Rivas

    It inclines, Oh Lord, your ear, and ear me,
    Because I am heartbroken and needy.
    It keeps my soul, because I am pious;
    You save, Oh God mine, to your servant who in you trusts.
    To have mercy of me, Oh Lord; Because I cry out all the day.
    Oh Lord, are good and forgiving,
    And great in mercy towards which they invoke to you. Listening,
    Oh Lord, my oration, And he is kind to the voice of my requests.
    In the day of my anguish I will call to you, Because you respond to me
    Oh Lord Jesus

    Joy Achas

    Juancarlin Inza Rivas 0

  35. AsTheDeer

    Yep, you can see it when Jesus shines through our faces. That's because we are looking at our Father with our eyes closed. Sweet

  36. Pastor Austin

    Lord am in no hurry. Am waiting on you.

  37. Christopher Wanya Key

    This song is so apeasing, thanx for uploading it.

  38. Christopher Wanya Key

    I Will Sing

  39. katesg

    It's from the I Will Sing album.

  40. yollins JFrancois

    HE always on time i will wait for my healing i love you LORD........

  41. Andrea Reis

    I'd like to praise the Lord for Don Moen and his worship's team for blessing me so much with this songs that are real pure prayer that comes out from my heart to the Lord and change my day, change my feelings, change my life, and get me closer to the Lord! Thanks God! Thanks Don Moen ministry!

  42. john odigie

    we will wait even if the world chooses not to receive him

  43. katesg

    God Bless You for uploading this video!

  44. Reynald Divina

    please keep on posting songs for the Lord,to God be the glory forever.

  45. Savita George

    If u wait on God, just sitting quietly and thinking of Jesus,..u will renew ur strength. Its a promise from God!

  46. george1124

    another awesome one ? God bless you