Don Moen - Here We Are Lyrics

Here we are lifting our hands to You
Here we are giving You thanks for all You do
As we praise and worship Your holy name
You are here, dwelling within our praise

For every answer prayer
For always being there
For love that hears us when we call
For arms that lift us when we fall

Oh, You have always been right beside us
Leading us all along the way
And we made it through
(We made it through)
Because of You

Here we are lifting our hands to You
Here we are giving You thanks for all You do
As we praise and worship Your holy name
You are here, dwelling within our praise

For days we cannot see
(For days we cannot see)
For all that yet to be
(So much is yet to be)

The trials we may have to face
When we'll be leaning on Your grace
It will be Your strength that saves us
Your love that makes us strong

And through it all
(Through it all)
We'll sing this song

Here we are lifting our hands to You
Here we are giving You thanks for all You do
As we praise and worship Your holy name
You are here, dwelling within our praise

You are here, dwelling within our praise
You are here, dwelling within our praise

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Don Moen Here We Are Comments
  1. Haw Chamroy

    Thank you lord for your unconditional love, even i fail you everyday.

  2. bejerly

    praise the Lord god

  3. bejerly

    praise the Lord god

  4. Joshua Solis

    I will praise you Lord till the ends of my days

  5. azim Ali

    I love all the songs

  6. jannananannana cuenc


  7. Rica Escobilla


  8. Best Praise & Worship Songs

    This is definitely a group of very talented musicians. Love their musics, very authentic and refreshing

  9. juliana lou

    I love the song thank lord

  10. Bunmi Aghahowa

    Here, I am in 2020 listening. May His praises be forever on our lips

  11. Queen Zingdul

    Spirit lifted

  12. Omr Ekjr

    Who is listening in 2020?

    I love this song!

    Jillian Vallee

    Listen to almost everyday🥰

  13. Scripture arts

    Pleasant to hear

  14. Valma September

    Amen!! Praise Yahweh for blessing us with inspiring music..

  15. stephanie saygo

    amazing song

  16. Love God - Christian Songs

    Who listening in 2019????
    Let God be the center of your life...

    Love God - Christian Songs

    @lin koko God bless you

    lin koko

    God Bless You too😊

    Love God - Christian Songs

    @lin koko thank you

    Akinyi Mildred

    I’m here

    Love God - Christian Songs

    @Akinyi Mildred Praying!🤗👍👍👏👏
    God is Love
    Jesus saves✝️🇺🇸

  17. Phina Muza

    God bless you

  18. Rolando Alto IV

    Praise. Play this song. Pray. REPEAT <3

  19. Stella Major

    Touching song

  20. Alberna Wills

    I Love this Video It mean a Lot to me (ALBERTHA ) I THANK GOD FOR HIS PRESENCE IN MY LIFE / I AM BLESS TO BE CHOSEN TO BE CALLED BY GOD /I LOVE you With All My Heart /Soul and Mind JESUS ❤Use me ( ALBERTHA ) for your GLORY ❤Through CHRIST Our LORD AMEN AMEN AMEN

  21. Magdelene Louw

    Thank. You. My. God. For. Your. Love in. My. Life. The. Words. Of this song. Is. What. I. Feel and. Thank. You. Don. For. This. Song

  22. Nsajigwa S. Mwakigonja

    I can't say much but God Himself knows much on what I feel and what my heart/soul speeks on singing these songs composed by you.

    May God Almighty bless you abundantly my dear Praise and Worship Leader.

    Let's keep Praising and Worshipping the Mighty God the master creator.

  23. Alberna Wills


  24. Gukuthegreat

    Praise Jesus!!!!!  Good Song!!!!!!   Here are some of the links of the Christian radio station I listen to when I go
    to bed.
    check your city and state if you can tune it in.
    Or call them to have them
    try to get it in your city and state if you don't have it on your radio
    The Radio Station is called W.V.C.Y.
    Here is W.V.C.Y.'s phone
    number 800-729-9829
    To me it's the best Christian radio station there is

  25. Ankit Mukherjee

    We used to sing this song back in school

  26. caroline ruguru

    Am Always Peaceful When I Listen To This Song And Other Songs of Don Moen....

  27. johnson oluwole

    Here I'm to lift up my hands to u giving u thanks for all u do in my life, I was denied visa by 16 different countries from 2014-2019 and now God did it I'm in Europe

  28. Abom Dui

    Praise tha Lord❤

  29. Pray & Praise Music

    This song touches you right away from the intro! Like if you agree!

  30. Gita Khera

    Thank you My Dear Brother Don Moen . Your voice and songs are so much full of good inspiration. May God bless you abundantly forever dear brother in Christ Jesus

  31. Andree Methusela

    still here

  32. Cynthia Bawuah

    Thank u God...
    Am so filled with the spirit this morning


    Doen is a really blessed man of God, he songs takes my spirit to higher spiritual Realm, God bless u

  34. seonya

    idk how i got here but why am i getting lion king vibes from this song ?

  35. Tina Tuja

    Awesome presence of God.

  36. Lea Mapando

    I love you Lord Jesus.

  37. Romero Pizon


  38. Moulj Sadhukhan

    This is the best song ever head. After listening the song, i feel God is here😌😌😌🌌magical song. 👌👌👌👌

  39. Hacim Ilho

    Thank you Lord for your love on me, Thank you for everything 😇💪

  40. Sandra Hawes

    I believe Jesus forgives when we ask forgiveness and I have asked for forgiveness so l'll stand on his. promise

  41. Dan Dan

    Thanks po sir Dom Moen for sharing this song

  42. Dan Dan

    Hello correct spell lang of a person must start capital letter po..Jesus, God, Lord kasi kung maliit po things po po the uses of capital letter

  43. Bine Nnoko

    Here for my daily dose. Thank You Jesus

  44. Nyambati Kwamboka

    Praise the Lord! Beautiful song!

  45. Agnes Masai

    Thax my Lord 4 everything

  46. Sandra Hawes

    Jesus is Lord,my saviour and best friend

  47. Julietté La Pearl

    Thank you Lord for your love that makes us Strong.


    Surely i have made it this far because of you

  49. A S

    Hallelujah Amen thank you Jesus 🙌🙌🙌

  50. Eleanor Maria C Monforte

    love this!

  51. TEYAM Z

    I love you, God and I'm sorry

  52. Sammayo Aywire

    I can play it 9 million times a day

  53. Chris Raisin

    Verse 2 has a line at the start (missing above):
    "For days we cannot see"
    and the line "It will be your strength, that safe's us" (fifth line after addition of line above)
    should read:"It will be your strength that saves us"

    Doreen morrison

    Thank you

  54. Frank Israel Lukz

    My God my Jesus I love you and for all the answered prayers thank you Lord here iam lifting my hands to you God bless you don moen one day am meeting you soon

  55. poni lako jada

    Hallelujah,, am lifting my hand to the lord
    I trust u God

  56. vitalis nwumfor

    because of you we've made it throught

  57. Blaise Kwondigah

    I can't stop listening to this song. It makes me hear God talk to me.

  58. Moses Memra

    Here I am , Giving You Thanks My Lord Jesus Christ, I was Broke and He revealed to me and Helped me win $200.000...I made It through because of You My Lord And God...Thank You Lord Jesus Christ

  59. Anita Kumar

    Lord hear we are to give you thanks for all you do thank you lord for being with us your love makes me strong

  60. Bine Nnoko

    Powerful ♥️🙏🏾

  61. ovode eyekpegha

    thanks for the powerful song ...

  62. Janet Ehizojie


  63. Bine Nnoko

    I give you thanks Jesus. I’m alive today because of you. 🙏🏾

  64. Tepechan YT

    I dare you to PIN this FORGODSoLoved777 If you really love JESUS :)

  65. Totsie Nelson

    so beautiful jesus

  66. Rosemarie Guinhawa

    you know god is good

  67. Njideka Ibekwe

    This song restores peace to my heart,body and soul. Lord am grateful.

  68. Princess Belicious


  69. rukundo elia

    ooooooh lord

  70. Samson Malopa

    I love you God

  71. evanso wesh

    Worship brings me closer to God, who has given me live for free, I love u Almaty....

  72. Kenyan Food

    A great worship song!!!

  73. ama anim firempong

    It is good to praise our maker.Father you deserve all the glory.

  74. Model Model

    Songs of courage



  76. Kristian Quider

    For LOVE that hears us when we call😍 Yes Lord you never fail us!

    Emma David

    Hi I love to listen you're praise song thanks a lot .it makes my heart happy when Heard the o the song of our almighty father in heaven.

  77. Mughashe Chishi

    Sometimes before sleeping in my bed I listened this song and I cry silently in happiness... Wow GOD is great! Praise the Lord! AMEN

    Charles RUIZ

    same me

    Buna Hill

    Such a powerful song..peace and reverence for our Lord and savior is how it makes me feel.

  78. Tobi Toriola

    Evergreen subject matter : Prayer and Praise, unstoppable duo ! Thank you Lord for this song and for Don

  79. Gods-star Angel

    Hallelujah....this song blesses my soul.

  80. Oscar Mukaro

    such a beautiful song

  81. william nssien song of thanksgiving and commitment.

  82. Hellen Ndunge

    Thank you God

  83. Hellen Ndunge

    This song encourages me so most

  84. john kingori blessed.

  85. cryford pemba

    Wonderful song!

  86. V. C.

    Everytime i hear these praising ,i thank God that i feel the presence of the Lord is here beside me as if He's talking to me and im so bless fir the spiritual...I thank You God ..I love You Lord in the name of Jesus!!!

  87. June Anderson

    This is a great song. Don Moen is one of my favorite worship leaders. For me, personally, this post would have been better if less attention had been given to the background, maybe just using a plain one, and more attention given to displaying the words in plenty of time so that they could be sung without waiting to see what they are. I use youtube videos in my morning time with the Lord. I don't have a lot of the songs memorized and I depend heavily upon the words being in place in order that I not be distracted from worship. Thank you for this post. Lovely song.

  88. Jhen Catriz

    thank you LORD GOD

  89. Minda Perez

    I'm so blessed listening gospel songs,it strength faith thank you Pastor don

  90. Ronjo Santos

    i Love you jesus

  91. Irene Chavez Yepez

    Endure and Persevere through it all "MY HEAVENLY FATHER LORD GOD ALMIGHTY has NEVER FAILED ME. 🙌❤️⚓️🎤🎶🎵"PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME" through it all.

  92. Remelina Gabayeron

    Christian music is the vitamin of my self amen 🙏

  93. Stella Mwakasege

    I love you Jesus,,,,

  94. Kusi Philip

    Oh my God, what a spiritual song

  95. Peter Iruna

    Thank you Lord

  96. Diseca Shim

    The songs is so sweet for the soul!thank you Lord for ur love.

  97. Roderick Martinez

    One of my favorite praise song.