Don McLean - And I Love You So Lyrics

And I love you so
The people ask me how
How I've lived till now
I tell them "I don't know"

I guess they understand
How lonely life has been
But life began again
The day you took my hand

And yes I know how lonely life can be
The shadows follow me
And the night won't set me free
But I don't let the evening get me down
Now that you're around me

And you love me too
Your thoughts are just for me
You set my spirit free
I'm happy that you do

The book of life is brief
And once a page is read
All but love is dead
This is my belief

And yes I know how loveless life can be
The shadows follow me
And the night won't set me free
But I don't let the evening bring me down
Now that you're around me

And I love you so
The people ask me how
How I've lived till now
I tell them "I don't know"

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Don McLean And I Love You So Comments
  1. gloria ertel


  2. Rose Walsh

    One of my all time favourites.

  3. anita castillo

    i reallyyyy love this song! whos with me? 2020! 👍💖💖💖

  4. Lynn Fernandes

    RI Farruko ladron.

  5. Sameoldfitup

    "Lost time is never found again."

  6. Maria Carmen Frattali Anceschi

    my love and i love you so

  7. Humanist Amer

    Pity those who cannot feel...hold them in your heart because they cannot fully live.

  8. Chen Chen

    Tatay sobrang namimiss kana namimg lahat 😭 this is your favorite song right? 😭😭😭 Kung nasan kaman ngayon sana masaya kana sobrang namimiss ka na namin miss na namin lahat sayo ung pag bibiro mo tatay napakasakit kasi bigla mo kami iniwan tatay eh. Sobrang sakit para samin kamusta kanaba tatay? Masaya kanaba jan? Mahal na mahal ka naming lahat tatay 😭

  9. Hana Sione

    Ohh sweethear thank again..
    Well 50 years is a long time.
    And we finally found each other again.
    Well this is a miracle I finally found my true love again...and I'm never gonna let go of you cause I love you so much.
    Miss you so much babe❤

  10. Sandy P

    2020 ..How I love you so has escaped my ear all these years. I'm 56 and am weeping at this beautiful melody..the lyrics, it has touched me beyond explanation, I'm weeping and I'll just leave it at that. How do you put these feelings into words..

  11. Rita de Graaf

    And I love you so. 🌹👄🎈Beautiful song.And you love me too.That is my belief.

  12. Anton Kider

    Oh no...!

  13. gbwildlife uk

    Nice but the richer deeper tones of Perry Como are better.

  14. Ramsey Barredo

    I was 19 when were in relation ship there was happened to us and he is the fisrt ..he promise we husband and wife but it not hapened ..he got married and i got married to .now i separated ....after 29 years i found him in fb ..then he add then we talk .. he sad he loveme and always think of me he will not change even he have a wife already ..i love him so much i will not change to him also now we talk to each other and chating im happy for that ..thanks to fb ..

  15. ella cruz

    Sobrang nakaka-touch ng awiting ito...napakaganda ng liriko!!!!! Oneofthebest!!!! Chriz lang poh ng pateros... salamat poh!!!

  16. Angel Lin

    His name is Patrick joy brand,,he live San Diego,we love each other 13years,,but,,we can not betogeher,,I miss u,pat

  17. Kate Maloney

    I can't decide if I love this version, Perry Como's, or Elvis'.... can I have all three?

  18. Isabela Elena Chitan

    Nam Nam, this song is for you! I'm so sad and I can't live my life without you. 💜

  19. Philip Gennuso

    Love this song, the lyrics, the great guitar work, the voicing. Beautiful work, Don McLean!

  20. Epul Saiful

    Turn the speed to 0.75
    It gives me more chill

  21. laughter Merle

    Masarap magmahal lalo na kong mahal kadin ng taong mahal mo..🙇

  22. Bernadette Castillo

    and you love me too💕👩‍❤️‍👨💋🙏🏻🙏🏻

  23. Bernadette Castillo

    and i love you so❤️💋❤️💋🌟🌟🍌

  24. Remo Gobin

    Once in a lifetime a song comes along and just touched your soul Thank you sir

  25. joe Smith

    My God!

  26. Scottish Barbarian

    Her name was eleanor T it's been 25 years since I walked away man what a complete fool I was. Walked out the door of her parents house over nothing the biggest regret of my life and always will be. I will always love her more than she will ever know.i think of her every day and I hurt that much I cant breathe. I hope someday she can forgive me. I would love to talk to her and my son at least to apologise for being a complete fool.

  27. Ingrid Akkermans

    Betifol vidio song love it good day thanks jou ingrid akkermans

  28. Thuc Anh Nguyen

    this is for you tony :)

  29. charles mann

    This is My Belief as well!

  30. Peter John Roche

    I will have this song played at our 50th Wedding Anniversary due this June. I now realise how lucky I have been to have been married to such a loving, caring, beautiful woman. We started our married life by going to live in Australia, 10 days after being married (we were just kids) we had very little money. We went to Melbourne first because I was sponsored and then after things did not turn out we decided to go up Sydney after 6 months. We arrived in Liverpool St Station and we knew absolutely nobody and we were 12,000 miles from home...we walked the streets until late that day when an estate agent was kind enough to rent us an apartment with the small amount of money we had when he realised our situation...and the rest is now all our treasured memories...and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

  31. rozaSkroza

    Too beautiful this is......

  32. Lily Bermudez

    I don't believe that is true for everyone, like I said i knew my husband for a year and a half before we married. It wasn't bam slam thank you mame. He got into law enforcement. We both continue to respect and love each other til this day. Not many friends have stayed married.

  33. Liam Keary

    I fell in love with a girl in my class, i love all aspects of her, from looks, personality to loyalty. I truly care about her and i hope to be with her in the future. I love you zuzanna.

  34. Tony Smolenski

    An update. Well another three years have passed and we have hit the 44 year mark. People ask the secret of our long marriage, I kiddingly say it's inertia. But the truth is we truly like and love each other. I can't conceive of life without her. BTW I still like the song too.

  35. Edwin Perino

    Like a personalized anthem

  36. Smile Zuñiga

    For the 3rd time...i'm broken💔💔💔😢Nov.26/19

  37. Robert Wang

    Good for you, 加油喔。

  38. Jen Mumma

    A favorite. To my sweetie now gone. "I'm just bumping around".

  39. Anita Plumstead

    I just reconnected with my cousin after 63 years. We connected on ancestry he had a picture of us taken as teenagers. And some pictures of me. I knew he was for real. I live in Georgia and he in New York and he actually visited with me a couple weeks ago. And we just bonded.

  40. Belinda Dinio

    The beauty of love when life in itself.

  41. philip tan

    And i love you so belen wong

  42. marky bernales

    25 years old still listening at this song 2019
    this is my favorite song .
    and also vincent

    Theresa Vazkovic

    I am 58 years and this is one of my favourites. So great that you love it too !!

  43. Der beste Song aller Zeiten!! Risse

    He s got the soul of Buudy!! And he is the only one!!!

  44. George Michael learns to rock

    The shadow s follow s me

  45. Suzette Zamora

    This was my dads favorite song and he died in September 2015 due to stroke, I miss him now and i made this is my ringtone for calls in my other samsung phone to have his memorial :(

  46. Danny Meyer

    What a beautiful love story to share. Those who have this true love should be together.❤️

  47. zz8sfk

    @Glen McGregor: I hope I am not too late. Miracles can and do happen. Obvious from your story. But they are very rare. The Gods smiled on you... You are fortunate, indeed. Sadly, they did not on me... I've been married twice, divorced 25 years ago... I always thought I would find love, but it's not there for me. And as I'm poised to soon enter my 8th decade on this earth, I think it is perhaps too late. One can only play the hand that he was dealt. I am happy for you and Carol, and I wish you the best. I believe there is a better world beyond the veil. I guess we won't know for sure until we pass thru. But I wish you luck, good Sir. And make every moment the best... God Bless - Edw

  48. Lynn Fernandes

    He sends to five girls. Crook Rick.

  49. Roberto Yecyec Calamaya

    Dedicated to my caring and loving wife Mrs. Marissa Villa Jimenez-Calamaya 1968 Manila City

    Our children:
    1. Niño 1985 Manila City
    2. Mark Robertson 1986 Manila City
    3. Jessica 1999 Navotas City
    4. Jena Dane 2007 Navotas City

    Roberto Yecyec Calamaya


    Today is my 60th. birthday....

  50. Fritz Pangalinon

    No matter what they say, all i can say is i love you so..

  51. Darcy McEwen

    Be free be happy

  52. Kristine Willems


  53. paulo Reyes

    Missin my ninangss

  54. paulo Reyes

    Im glad listening this like im not alone.

  55. Michael Roebuck

    I try to expose my grandchildren to this music . Our eldest granddaughter Alexis is a romantic and she really loves many of the music we play at our home . I caught her at a young age so like the Jesuits first 3 years ours for lofe.

  56. wrif wrif

    im 26 and yes i know how lonely life can be.

  57. Timothy Gasper

    One of the most beautiful love songs I've ever heard. Still one of my favorites. After so, so many years...I finally met her in Russia. Oceans cannot divide us.

  58. Jyoti Subba

    Soooo 💓 tauching song

  59. Louie Bermoy

    Just listening to this I can't help myself and started crying, the song is just so lonely... After a failed relationship of 8 years it's just so hard to get into a relationship again.. Maybe I'm just scared to end up alone for the rest of my life.

  60. Barry Irwin

    Song for my wife Was You Made Me So Very Happy. Include this one too.

  61. T E R E N C E M C K E N N A B I T C H

    I love love songs but I'm not in love, nor have I ever been or ever will be. But they're pretty songs.

  62. Jerome Taperman

    There was a commercial featuring hip hop before this beautiful song. Desecration.

  63. J Pathak

    Don Mclean is in my opinion one of greatest lyricist of my generation.

  64. John S

    It also applies to gay couples, I'm straight, but my younger brother and his partner made this song THEIR song

  65. Samuel Trinidad

    No ending song.

  66. J Lee

    ❤️🌸🌺 My Love

  67. JT Paar

    I remember my mother playing this song quite often when I was a kid, but it was Perry Como singing it. I knew the words off by heart, but they were meaningless to me at the time. It really is a beautiful song and hearing it now helps me understand a little better where my mother was at emotionally during a rough time in her life.

    Dwight Dodd

    Lyrics from the Soul..........Don nailed it!

  68. avic Park

    And I love you so
    The people ask me how
    How I've lived till now
    I tell them I don't know,
    I guess they understand
    How lonely life has been
    But life began again....the day i saw you ... i dedicate this to the guy who will never ever be mine... but only in my dreams :D

  69. stevie nicks


  70. Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation

    It’s all good! 💜👑✝️💋🌹Thank you!!

  71. jocelyne gacuma

    I wonderfully like this song I always have, it's one of the songs that seems to stay in my mind.

  72. Kathy Arancio

    Life was so lonely til I met u😣..Now I am very happy n in love.🤗😍😁🌷🌼🌻

  73. jijz

    Don McLean making us feel things😢

  74. Lucita Rivera

    ang gandang pakingan mga luma kanta

  75. stargirl xo

    Love you.

  76. Mikko Ducusin

    Im so inlove with her. "V"

  77. Allen Cuadra

    Nina if you see this, this song is dedicated to you!!!! I LOVE YOU NINA HAPPY 1ST !!!💕💕💕

  78. Luke Gutierrez

    Woow 😍😍😍😍


    Belief in loneliness

  80. Vivian Feen

    and tell us how it has ended!

  81. Emelita Perez

    " AND I LOVE YOU SO " 🌹

  82. Aman Sahani

    Am i the only teen here?

  83. Getrealpeeps

    I love t.v his song

  84. Ron Vink

    OH..Wauw...what a beautiful voice that gives true meaning to this heartbreaking song. It hard not to cry.

  85. ma. victoria cruz-lanuza

    rain,rain go way

  86. Bob Williams

    All but love is dead.

  87. John Sharma

    I love you very much Kiran... But unfortunately we can't be together in this birth. Surely I will marry you in my next birth. Whenever I listen to this song I think of you...

  88. Mel Donovan

    Looking at the words is deeper than listening sometimes... tears fall... tears always fall.

  89. MIke MIhaljevich

    His song for Vincent Van Gogh ( if you know his life story) is probably the best song video I have ever watched, complete with the art of Van Gogh himself. I am in Belgium now and heading to the Netherlands where I will spend a day at The Van Gogh Museum....maybe two since it would be great to watch it stoned.

  90. Martin Jungcurt

    Thank hou for the music

  91. ernesto marconi


  92. Charles Tillman

    Thats when my life will begin. When she puts her hand in mine. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢. And its like a hug to me is luxury. Like how you walk around, lint in pockets at an expensive ass mall overseas but only just looking and never being able to grab it physically.

  93. Danuta Sachowicz

    Beautiful song
    I Love You Don ❤💋

  94. benjamin Wagan

    Im, gona miss my wife very much! She past away 6years ago now😢😢😢

  95. sara algoriany

    I really don't know how!

  96. Seth Daniel

    That love on the beach photo hellagay