Domo Wilson - Empty Lyrics

Ion even wanna get over you
Ion even wanna move past this
I had to give away your mattress
Reminiscing about how I used to fuck
How we got it cracking, no lacking
I'm stuck on you, I'm in a daze
And I still go through your likes
And I still stalking your page
And I'm still checking your Twitter
Hoping you miss me the same
You got hella bitches on your dick
But it's because of the fame
It's some lames, yeah

I know you miss me but I know that you are happy
I feel regret every single time you look at me
And I'd wife that ass again if you would let me
But I know you better off, so just forget me
That shit been on my mind heavy since it went down
Your ex is calling your phone, asking if you in town
Like damn you single you single and how you been now
They only calling you up baby, because you in now

I remember when we used to be in love though
I remember how we used to be sprung
We stopped trying, no denying girl it's fucked up
Cause I swear that you're the one, no front
I be up all night and I be sleep all day
I be fake being happy because I am not okay
Hitting up boster and henny, I got ciroc I got remy
Throwing these dollars, got plenty
Wishing that you was here with me, like damn

I'm so fucking empty without you
Sleeping by myself, this shit ain't cool
I'm so fucking empty without you
I'm so fucking, yeah

Heard your friends are happy now
Because you're single now and you can mingle now
I guess I'm evil now, puffing illegal now
I'll never leave you now, because I need you now, yeah
Even though this break up was consensual
I still think that you're a lovely individual
I still want you to win and get your money
You're my honey, know you love me even if you do not want me

I wish the best for you
I get jealous when I think there's someone next to you
They know you up next, tryna get a cheque from you
I don't wanna hit you, I don't wanna flex on you
I wish the best for you, but the best was me
And when you fucking her, think of sex with me
Cause I love you girl, you're my ecstasy
And I still get hot when you're next to me

Send a text to me, girl I'm on my way
Let's make this work and let's vibe today
Fuck all the play, I wanna give you the work
I wanna make this work, I want you back, I'm hurt
I been sleeping alone, and I been checking my phone
And I be constantly wondering, what the hell you be on
And I'm tryna be strong but I miss you girl
I'm going mental girl, I'm having issues girl, damn

I'm so fucking empty without you
Sleeping by myself, this shit ain't cool
I'm fucking so empty without you
I'm so fucking, yeah

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