Domo Genesis - X Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Uhhhhhh, fuck
Here we go

Say we ballin' like you fixed up, ya shit luck
I'm the object of ya bitch lust, give her swift nuts
Don't get it mixed up
We know the Devil trynna kiss it
If the money make it spin the whole world is a strip club
Strollin' out the hall of flames, with the alcoholic's brain
For all the rain I ever bottled trynna swallow pain
I'm heartless show my words like gauntlets through your hallow frame
Another loss, nigga out here carrying my father's name
I'm burnin' y'all as hot as gets
I'm bout to take another win that's just some obvious shit, my hobbie's legit
Persuasion on some lobby shit
I'm poppin' thot's giving me top in the whip
Without a option gotta feel me
Pound or Marijuana gotta nigga feeling ill-y
Fuck a bitch really, i'm just trynna count a quarter-milly
Let them Eagle's fly, no significance to Philly
If a nigga pull a V.I.C, get silly
The last of a real, fuck denying man
Devil on a man, I'm jumping out the frying pan
Keep myself busy, nothing like the movie Idle Hands
I need one to hold the world and light the grams
I'm tryin fam, 'tho them Vulture niggas trynna get me
I thrived easy on them niggas like Lionel Richie
I'm just sayin', I tried to told em wasn't make believe
I made it up now, maybe it was Maybelline
And I ain't even had to show up, bitch I made the team
Making money making niggas envy gainin' green
Gainin' green gotta cut them niggas off man
Hot nigga hittin' jumpers with my off hand (Swish!)
Imma kill them niggas
Hydrocodone in my system, I don't feel them niggas
I'm trynna shine a little light on you bewildered niggas
You would cower in the power of some realer niggas
Raw classics, unfiltered nigga

What you see is what you get, right?
Yeah, i'm on them niggas tougher than a fist fight
Lord willin', i'm exactly what your bitch like
Just wait till I get my shit right [x3]


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