Domo Genesis - This Is 15 Bars I May Be Wrong I Gotta See Lyrics

[Mac Miller:]
Yeah, well
It's the cynical, comin' to your digital mind
I put my dick inside some kitten when I finish a rhyme
Need another whip, it's my ambition to ride
I'm drinkin' liquor and rackin' up DWI's
It's the, the uncomparable, who do you compare me to?
The candy paint cherry and the punch is raspberry blue
I rap circles 'round y'all this shit is spherical, hysterical
Flow creatin' burial scenes, I'm dyin'
On my back though I carry the team
And every time we out in public, shit we very obscene, yeah
Larry Fish, known to fuck a fat bitch or two
Girl me and you could be somethin', we apples and juice
I'm way too advanced for y'all
Two pack a-day smoker, get my cancer on
Can't go wrong, always been the man, no flaws
Fuck this rap shit, I'm at the mall tryin' to get a job
But my application's sittin' at the bottom of the pile
Cause the manager tell me I'm the father to her child
It's America, home of hamburgers and some old shit
Don't play me, I ain't no bitch
The flow sick, polio
No limit, word to Master P you Lil' Romeo

[Domo Genesis:]
I am I got this
Trust me dude, trust me dude

Say goodnight to the bad guy, I spit the raps like I'm baptized
I'm antsy cause I lasted where they blast 9’s
No slackin' never, have time
I'm wild unless somebody show me cash time
Press airline, fuckin' handsign, get 'em stuck up like a tampon
Move bitch, you see me gettin' over, kill it til I get some closure
Kid I been overun it plenty, now it tippin' over
Shawty wanna ride, I give her different strokes she love me
Never listen, on my pimpin', too traditional
Ill but on a different note, diggin' in this lane, leave 'em pigeon ho
I'm down to ride, even though I'm higher than the ceiling, go
Everybody hated out the gates now they trainy hoppin'
Everything so rock solid, Dwayne Johnson
Dom's on that real deal thrill land, manila
Real nigga, never timid, still drifting in his feelings, fuck
Sticking him in submissions, never plot on giving up
Shtting on you gimmicks, that's some shitty luck, sick a duck

Yeah that shit sweet
Yeah I'm feeling like dude, I can do anything
Like, I just took the limitless pill or something

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