Domo Genesis - The Red Corolla Lyrics

No longer focused on my broken ways
All I know's the only way is to get loaded paid
But funny how the changes turn page when the dough exchange
Got me trying to float away
Back to red Corolla days
Back when we used to have to scrape the door to blaze
Before the game showed us things we had the moments made
Before this shit got so insane
Before relationships called growing pains
Back when you had to let 'em know your name
Before you realize that no two niggas gon' grow the same
Live it the way you like it, but never play with time
Feel it in the spot on my own cause I never stay in line
Things change but niggas get stuck in ways sometimes
Minutes turn to days sometimes, and love turns to hate sometimes
And to the time limits stay in the game
We just playing, we [?] creative
Found a way in this maze
Pray the vision out the way
I see the shit in my brain
While I'm gripping grain down memory lane
In my red Corolla

Switching lanes in my red Corolla
Switching lanes in my red Corolla
Switching lanes in my red Corolla

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Domo Genesis The Red Corolla Comments
  1. Jonny Fuckin Blaze

    Always come back to this. Legendary

  2. Jonny Fuckin Blaze

    Time flies....


    y’all need to hear the ChopNotSlop version. I been bumpin it for a year or two, just now decided to listen to the OG version. Peep it ⬇️

  4. $ensesay.Dre

    What song sample did LB use?

  5. Jacob Adkins

    How is this entire album not more popular?!

    logan neese

    Ikr. On his last album DAPPER got like 2.5 million views

  6. Donte W.

    Wheres everyone at? 2019

  7. Thaspacegoat Æ

    Sad how og odd future fans either stopped listening completely or only care about what Tyler’s doing now with his fairy ass. Domo and hodgy been dropping straight fire with no recognition.


    Thaspacegoat Æ not a fan of hodgy....but doms is fire. His new ep tight too

  8. Lenin Dominguez

    This Beat is FIRE 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. SouthFlorida’96

    Sound like sum 90’s shit. In a good way.

  10. Dkp_773 yeah

    Is this really a left brain product 👌🏾 this shit fuego 🔥🔥

  11. waynewilli49

    U can't thumbs dwn this on purpose....u cant mean it

  12. Roman Mario

    This is Art. This is Hip Hop.

    Charlie Johnson

    i have song m=hip hop

  13. Ice King

    left brain is insane

  14. Kiwi

    I hate how little publicity this album got

  15. BasedCorey_ _


    Charlie Johnson

    fast car!

  16. Elen DAn

    Busdeez brought me here! #busdeez #bassimaestro

  17. Bouvvieau

    people don't understand that this mixtape is a classic

  18. O K

    Left brain comin thru

  19. multiversal r i c e farmer

    Greatest instrumental ever

  20. Uriel Cinema


    Charlie Johnson

    uriel Cinmea

    Charlie Johnson

    hwo si this not mpopular ((((( hey this is it this is who i am and i dont knwo you but you knwo me and i am in love please love me, i have been waiting for your sweet touch of love and inidna esence i love yu ui llvoe you so mch my besft friend is john lennon he will give you money and kises for fre if you say you are my sweet lovely partner inc rime in the WIKCED worl dof zCRIME produce left bran

  21. Windowlicker63

    left brains production is crazy


    Such an underrated producer

    Charlie Johnson

    i haeva song left brain

  22. Wolf Gulley

    Who's da 1 mofo dat disliked this?

    Andrew Romero

    Wolf Gulley there’s always that ONE guy, smh

    Charlie Johnson

    disliek vidoe

  23. Noah Sadhana

    this is dope

  24. pookie Locomotion

    domo oddfuture still around! yes!!

  25. DingoBrad #EZLIVIN


  26. Benigno Garza

    finally coming back

  27. 4music2power0