Domo Genesis - Sing Me A Song Lyrics

I hope I got a 16 for this
I hope I got a-, aye
Shut the fuck up, aye

Man, you niggas ain't get no peace until my niggas get they pieces up
For these reasons they tell me to keep dreaming
When honestly I don't even get the sleep enough
I keep my worries in the streets too much, I guess
I walk heavy hope the devil can handle these steps
Feelin' so blessed, I leave hell with a settlement check
Walking through fire with a shark face sweater on deck
Money can't pay for what you owe, you forever in debt nigga
No money can't pay for a day of respect nigga
And money can't change the view between you and the next nigga
If we viewin' in the grand scheme of things
Nigga we can't dream, we makin' shit moves like a dance team
Pardon 'cause I ain't with the [?]
This is one man song about the road that the man been

Yeah, this is one man song about the-

Ima just sing me a song about sittin' all alone
And day dreamin' 'bout a million (a milli, a milli, a milli)
But dreaming ain't gon' take it alone 'cause if it's taking too long that's when it break a nigga's feelin's up, and
I ain't got to answer to shit but got these voices in my head that always sound so appealing, like
I can't promise you gon' make it to the morning, till the morning comes and we gon' have to try to make it real tonight
Whatcha feelin' like
What's niggas problems if they runnin' out of options
Minds only on the dollars
And they fumbling

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  1. deeznuts91



    Meant to say. "Fucking incredible

  2. deeznuts91

    Thanx domo



  4. Twin Kill

    Some gifts are better than others

  5. da azn1

    Mannnnnnn domo too underrated.


    So underrated it doesnt make sense

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  7. Victoria Lawless