Domo Genesis - Go (Gas) Lyrics

[Wiz Khalifa:]
Fuckin' put on a wrong head pair of headphones and shit, uh

Just took ten shots and I ain't passed out
Spent a hundred grand and I ain't cash out
If you smoking OG, bring the grass out
These niggas filled up, bring the gas out
Talkin' bout some shit that you know you stole
I have my fuckin' way with this game, no remote control
Drinking on some gin cause I like alcohol
How the fuck you sposed to win, you don't know how to ball
Turnt up but still smoking
Tryna drive but my eyes barely open
See the cars, see the watch, see I done moved up
In my condo smoking out watching True Blood
Tryna take Taco to the strip club
Tryna take Tyler to the dealer bruh (I'm right here guys!)
Tryna take Domo to the weed spot
True pothead so I need pot

[Hook - Tyler, the Creator (Wiz Khalifa):]
Go, I'm so fuckin loaded
Pockets and the smoke and all the bitches
Tell em
Go, faded and I'm floatin
I hope your lungs is open
All the bitches, tell em, go
(Now I been around the world before
But I never thought it'd be this way
And I smoked up all this weed before
But I never thought it'd feel this way)
And all the bitches be like, "Yeah"

[Domo Genesis:]
Celebration shots got me really faded
Kind of famous, enough to laugh like I really made it
Drunk enough to stir some controversy, bitch let's fucking tape it
I feel amazing, making digits off my fucking cadence
Suck a dick hater while I selfie with the Eifel Tower
Five star general, the Odd Future I'm Eisenhower
Said I couldn't make it, I show you niggas to fight the power
Igniting sour, watching Chowder in my finest hour
A clearer mix of acid jazz and blue grass
Niggas still stuck in the past, opening new scabs
Me and Wiz matching bottles nigga, open two tabs
Stumbling out with six models, my nigga order two cabs
We ain't worried bout rivals, them niggas too trash
Fuck what niggas think, I'm the illest one in the new class
And I don't give a fuck what niggas ain't fuckin' with
OFWG run with the team or suck a dick

[Hook - Tyler, the Creator (Wiz Khalifa):]
Go, I'm so fuckin loaded
Pockets and the smoke and all the bitches
Tell em
Go, faded and I'm floatin
I hope your lungs is open
All the bitches, tell em, go
(Now I been around the world before
But I never thought it'd be this way
And I smoked up all this weed before
But I never thought it'd feel this way)
And all the bitches be like, "Yeah"

[Tyler, the Creator:]
Guitars sound like some Kill Bill shit, watch it
That's that church tambourine shit
My grandma used to play that
Golf Wang

[Juicy J:]
(Turn up) Yessir
I got old money, I got new money
Put 'em together, I got huge money
Bank teller call my phone, she tell me I'm putting on
Twenty years of success, let's toast to the best
Sip on some ace then I pour out the rest
Fuck bitches, get ends
Drink gin, fuck their friends
Juicy J three hoes in a white on white Benz
I stay sipping codeine
Blue dream I'm rolling up
Looking for a bitch with bank statements like Oprah
These black diamonds racist, Louis V no laces
My plug on call coming straight up out the basement
All I know is money, it don't look like you
One shot from the chopper make you look like two

[Tyler, the Creator:]
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go

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Domo Genesis Go (Gas) Comments
  1. Anthony Nava

    This song still underrated asf 2020 it rises even higher


    Tyler's style with nice clean mixing is really something else.

  3. Caron Rayford


  4. Xalted

    Tyler's part is so sick

  5. Davonni Wright

    Domo genesis is cold 🥶🥶🥶

  6. motha fucka

    why ain nobody talking bout juicy j part

  7. Sharkiaha

    Who here in 2019? The OG's come here for this one

  8. Noah Caporuscio

    Hidden gem right here

  9. lord kuSo

    Fuck dude earl would kill the fuck out of this beat following genesis. On some o.g. o.f. shit.

  10. justin barajas

    Yeah Tyler did good, Wiz Khalifa fucking killed it. So much nostalgia from his old songs.


    This shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Lick Me

    3 years later shit still hard

  13. Kim.

    tch, cmon ma nigga you dont even SMOKE!!

  14. Cale Coleman

    Hearing Wiz Khalifa over a Tyler beat is so weird yet so satisfying.

  15. Samori Battle

    Ply at 1.25

  16. Alan Valdez

    Smoke a fat j on this one

  17. Lucas

    Just hit 1 million

  18. Marcos Mora

    So close to one million views. Any Day Now

  19. NyzFreeThinker AKA SaintThomasJoseph

    This song is something that I am actually laughing out loud in real life, I don't know I'm super baked and I'm not fucking with this song, whole album aside from this is dopest wish they got this without the obscene lyricism from Snoop Mac and Tyler haha kills the vibe right away

  20. Jarrod Redman

    how did i just hear this

  21. Mr.Insane Beast

    WOLF GANG x TAYLOR GANG!!!!!!!!!

  22. LIL sUnGOD Official

    ODD FUTURE x 900000

  23. Goy Dyybuk

    Lol wiz have a driver........poser

  24. Aixjee

    Wheres the million ?!

  25. Goy Dyybuk

    Wiz basic af.....fuckin wack burg

  26. Swaze

    This beat sounds empty

  27. Lukas campbell

    taaaaaaaaaaaaaa porrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  28. cha boi

    tylers hook has a ifhy vibe to it

  29. YoungStoney420 #420

    here bc of wiz

  30. GoFapOnACoconut

    domo is the man, that was a sicckkk verse

  31. MF STEEZ

    Tyler Earl Domo Frank Syd. Dey all Tier 1 in OF

  32. Shawn Burks

    How Tyler make this whole song his and only do the chorus 🤔😂

  33. Drew Mata

    I think if they put Hodgy on here her would probably kill it but Earl on here that would be sick!!!!! And I'm still listening to play it cool from gta

  34. Alex

    This came out 1 year ago and wiz still garbage

  35. Kaylen Š.

    I found out today my teacher likes tyler

  36. TheRadioShower

    That gassss

  37. Vicente Sousa

    bué fixe

  38. MF STEEZ


  39. Alex Xander

    easy 10/10. the production is so fuckin good

  40. Sage


  41. Kayla Money

    jay is ass in this song my nigga

  42. Matheus B. Campos

    Muito foda

  43. Kameron Richardson

    hope to here this in fast 7

  44. Kayla Money

    where is juicy j?

  45. zac nunya

    only juicy j rap fast after drinking codiene

  46. zac nunya

    never heard juicy j rap slow

  47. Kameron Richardson

    that was earl 1:40

  48. BigTreeSteve

    this song go, but i died when I heard Juicy J 💀

  49. Slice219

    anyone else think juicy j made everyone else look bad??

  50. Qbuxxi


  51. ravenjmain

    I got this song stuck in my head. Tyler makes some slick addictive beats and the chorus is dope

  52. AkatsukiGodX

    take Taco to the stripclub

  53. ChupaCu-666

    Viiish olha essa batida nooosss

  54. Trinity Woods


  55. Evi z


  56. Peter Griffin

    Did not like juicy J part

  57. Peter Olsson

    this sounds like something you would hear on Wolf, i like it

  58. cesar220793

    2016 people be like "i was here before it was made"

  59. Wade Pav

    Tyler's voice is MADE for grime music!!!

  60. HBGxGRM


  61. Zero Gravity

    It should have just said tyler was featuring wtf he would have been great on this track

  62. Andres Villarreal

    domo is underated I think

  63. Jacob Anderson

    That was good I'm surprised this song isn't over a million yet

  64. SeeTheKarma

    damn this was some real shit! i haven't gotten into a lot of music like i just did lately. This was a hidden gem but not like it was made a long time ago tho. can anyone recommend shit like this thats a must listen? like seriously no fucks given tell me your favorite tracks and ill listen to it. i am in need of some REAL shit like this.

  65. None Ya Business

    don't feel it too much tbh :/

  66. DatBeachBum

    The only problem is the features. WIZ R U SERIOUS, his verse was shit. JUICY J, his verse was shit. I'm not a dickrider but Domo's verse was the only good one

  67. Lowryda Thraks

    This is legendary

  68. star 98

    fuck the rest

  69. star 98

    dopes funkin track

  70. Cesar

    can't stop playing juicy js verse

  71. JIm Lahey

    Rolling papers 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Syberius

    kurwa co tak mało wyświetleń w sumie to kurwa dobrze bo zjebane dzieci tego nie słuchają i nie ma zjebanego fejmu pis joł po kurwy

  73. Long Vibez

    Ya i know this guy he has xb1 and he"s one of my friends friend

  74. i dont really like Tyler, The Creator, nut after this song i do XDD

  75. Maitre Judas

    f u e g o

  76. Armani McKoy

    damn.. this song really fucking sucked...

  77. Derp Derpinson

    this collab omg. how did i miss this

  78. Savage Hippie

    My two favorite groups my nigga

  79. Satch Bell

    Yo this is dope

  80. Miguel Borboa

    This shit GO I been sleeping on Homie he sick tho

  81. TXDA

    I really wanted Tyler to spit some bars

  82. Dubberz

    if tyler had a verse and wiz wasnt on this shit i'd love this song

  83. OutLikeJudas

    So dope seeing Deladeso's art as the cover!

  84. ShaneTheOutlaw

    Who else noticed that wiz played Frank's role

  85. Corvus

    trying to take taco to the strip club

  86. Lucas souza

    Is Earl not in OF anymore?

    Lucas souza

    +give it up for jackson hights own mr randy watson what hap?

  87. Alexander Skaar Olsen

    damn this beat is so lit af

    Alexander Skaar Olsen

    +Alexander Skaar Olsen ayy lmao

  88. maycrash dub

    tylers the best beatmaker ever

  89. Owen Callahan

    Listing to this song as school started, fuck

  90. Fit2beStoned d

    Don't you ever hate on TGOD bitch! Taylor Gang!!

  91. Genesis Ramos

    Why do I think of rattle snakes every time I listen to this

  92. The Claudio

    Damn am I the only one who thinks that Juicy J is trash?!!?! "Take one shot from the choppa, make you look like two." what a terrible line to end on here bruh L

  93. Acherz

    Tyler best out of all of them tbh. Wiz n Tyler was pretty dope too hear would never think theyd make a song together. Domo was great too. But fuck Juicy J hes wack asf, Everyone else on point with beat and hes just like "Juicy j making Money smokin weed" Doing it at 100Mph Lmao

    Footballers HD

    juicy j is a fucking legend

  94. Johnny Sands

    love this beat

  95. Nick Rossol

    Hahahahah khalifas part was the funniest shit ever

  96. Elliot