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I'm a black man and I don't know how to sing and I don't know how to dance and I don't know how to preach to no congregation. I'm too small to be a football hero. And I'm too ugly to be elected mayor. But I watch TV and I see all them people and all them fine homes they live in and all them nice cars they drive. And I get all full of ambition. Now you tell me what I'm supposed to do with all this ambition I got

[Domo Genesis:]
I know this feeling like my right hand
A nigga claimed he never changed is not a wise man
Bro, there's levels to this life, gotta devise the right plan
You never never buy greatness, still we hoping the price scan
Its now the crews, you gotta do your homework
You never do right without doing wrong first
Learn from your moves that don't work
Even with trouble feel I'm better off
I'm just saying
How you planning on finding yourself if you was never lost?
Whatever cost, I pay it, all the scars I walk away with
Given sparks of faith in the darkest places I hardly made it out of
Though I'm grateful to be the outcome
Lost so many you around 'em
Guess my dreams are screaming loud
And they got lost in the volume
I'm still rolling it up with Eazy even knowing they doubt him
It's just something about him
You lust to roll these dice on the floor
Intuition don't think twice anymore
Like what is life anymore?
I knew that this was real when we had dinner with Hov
See niggas where I'm from don't even get a glimpse to be, yo
Just a young nigga sick of having to deal what he's told
Everyone that wasn't down just gotta picture me rolling
I'm drawing out of line, running out of time
Just tryna smoke these voices out a cloudy mind
Speak the real when all these connoisseur crowd behind
That nostalgic feeling sending chillings down their spine
Yeah, like this is just how we remembered it
Claimed the shit over and over and now I'm living it
If I cried a river, man, my death would be continuous
But I just roll the pain and burn it down for the remembrance of
When I was doing this to get that feeling I love
Writing while we selling innocence from my lungs
[?] when I'm old, but I'mma live since I'm so young
Trying to give them something to remember me from

[Tay Walker:]
Oh, can't somebody tell me where to go?
Cause I can barely tell my right from wrong
And lately I've been feeling kind of lost
But I'll find a way, just follow me
Just follow me

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